Full song video of Raghupathi Raghav from Krrish 3

After breaking every record with the theatrical trailer of Krrish 3, the makers of the superhero film have finally released the full version of ‘Raghupathi Raghav’.

Even though the song and the choreography reminds you of ‘Its Magic’ from Koi Mil Gaya and ‘Dil Na Diya’ from Krrish, ‘Raghupathi Raghav’ has catchy fast-paced tunes. As expected, the ‘God of Dance’ Hrithik Roshan impresses with his moves. It’s amazing how the actor, with the physique that he has got and his recurring back pain, manages to pull off quite a few complicated dance steps.

Watch the full song video of Raghupathi Raghav and tell us what you think in the comments section below!



  • GOBSMACKED!!! Hrithik is at his Best.He is The Best Dancer…Love You HR..Haters Burn In Hell HRITHIK>>You ROCK!!!!

  • Song is good and different,dance is killer.
    Ha ha..hrithik was dancing faster than side dancers.
    Dont no if it wil have meledious songs like aa sunaun pyar ki ek kahani from krrish

  • Song is Catchy i guess . Hrithik is best dancer of india and he Again prove this . Rajesh Roshan known for Slow n melodious song bt he done very gud job in this song. Neeraj shridhar is very good choice for hrithik’s voice but monali thakur sucks . Overall this song will gonna rule for Some time :)

  • I am Aamir fan but loved the song and Hrithik’s dancing….
    The best dancer in India…..
    Waiting for both Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3….
    Srk fans stop spreading negativity against both movies due to ur insecurity ..
    Both will crush CE flat…

  • mano ya na mano this song is too catchy . actually i don’t like this too much bt ek bar sunne k bar bar sun ne ka man kar rha h ..

  • lyrics ki kami ho gayi h kya aaj?? i mean´╗┐ wat is dis shit … raghupati raghav raja ram .. aaj ki party nonstop party celebration tere naam.. worse than shit… Only Hrithik’s dancing is saving grace….

  • Song probably needs time to catch up. I initially thought 1234 would be a flop song but after repeated hearings, the song was good. Same goes for this song. Not very impressive at first but I’m sure it will pick up. As for dance, it’s hrithik roshan!! Do I have to say anything else. Amazing !! Hope the album comprises of some nice melodies too like Krissh. All the best to the entire cast and crew of Krissh 3 as the release date is coming closer! Be sure that I’ll book my ticket for the first day first show and if its there, the premiere show!

  • @Nolan -what makes u think SRK fans are spreading negativity? U think all fans are idiots? Even we like Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 first looks and wish well for both the films.

  • Gud song with a great dance performance …
    No doubt Hrithik Roshan is best dancer of this world after my favt MJ .. this song will defintly a chartbuster only because of Hrithik Moves

  • song is catchy but some may say its not dat melodious bt i want to say them that its a party song and most party songs r not melodious,but its awessuem and hr made its g8 i just cant stop myself to see this song just wow

  • Nolan, no srkian spread negativity about Krissh 3 on this page! U were the one who spread negativity on ce pages. Sorry to say that it didnt stop ce from becoming the highest grosser ever!! So stop bringing srk into everything! I’m sure both Krissh 3 and dhoom 3 will rock so lets just sit back and enjoy the movies. It would take more than a huge star and a hyped sequel to beat ce or 3 idiots. Lets see if either of these movies do it! If they do, it will be very good. I like srk, aamir and hrithik a lot!!!

  • Song is nt too gud bt yes it is catchy :)
    Dance Moves of Hrithik is very impressive . the best part of this video was when hrithik roshan is dancing and wrost part of this video was when PC is dancing Sorry bt it’s true !!
    No matter how gud u dance bt u always felt himself bad dancer against Hrithik

  • catchy tune,fabulous dance,superb lines=CHARTBUSTER !!!!

    haters ki jal rahi hai. this song has no dirty moves,no dirty lyrics,only pure lyrics with awesome dance !
    Hrithik again proved why is he called the king of dance ! rajesh roshan songs always grow upon you, first it’s magic,then dil na diya and now raghupati raghav !!!! KRRISH 3 ATBB coming……………

  • No matter how much hrithik dances k3 aint gonna cross even 170crore.
    It is a serious film not a comedy like chennai express.

  • Dis song has bombed on youtube 110 dislikes !
    Music is an integral part in film’s succes.
    Rajesh roshan cant make song dat will appeal to youth.

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