Full song video of Raghupathi Raghav from Krrish 3

After breaking every record with the theatrical trailer of Krrish 3, the makers of the superhero film have finally released the full version of ‘Raghupathi Raghav’.

Even though the song and the choreography reminds you of ‘Its Magic’ from Koi Mil Gaya and ‘Dil Na Diya’ from Krrish, ‘Raghupathi Raghav’ has catchy fast-paced tunes. As expected, the ‘God of Dance’ Hrithik Roshan impresses with his moves. It’s amazing how the actor, with the physique that he has got and his recurring back pain, manages to pull off quite a few complicated dance steps.

Watch the full song video of Raghupathi Raghav and tell us what you think in the comments section below!



  • how did they even approve this song? song is not so impressive and lyrics are so silly and singing sucks. only saving grace of the movie is hrithik and his dancing. no body can hold a candle to him when it comes to dancing.

  • Frankly speaking song is average, neeraj shridhar lift the song very well and it become catchy, for hrithik he is the best dancer in bollywood, no doubt about it. He did great job in the song but i m little disappointed with his dance in the song because first time you not scene new dance step which he did in his each dance no. every time we got to see some new marvelous step and after watching fire song from kites my expectation goes higher this time, but we have to accept that after kites to k3 hr undergone from two surgery and both body part back and brain plays big part in dancing and still he is best in business. Hats off to him and he is the best part of this song p.s: all k3 haters songs won’t affect the buzz of k3 whether they are good,avg or poor because k3 will shatter boxoffice this diwali on doubt about it.

  • Average song, may be hrithik is the best dancer in bollywood with best moves n all but I personally feel sharukh danced better in 1234 song, I think it has something to do with the energy which srk brings while dancing

  • Awesome dance by hrithik as always.pc is looking hot in red.it has a catchy tune.
    But composition is average,nowhere in front of vishal-shekhar and pritam’s pop numbers.

  • i am expecting 2 Movies 1000 crores worldwide krrish 3 – 500 crores dhoom 3 – 500 crores Hrithik and aamir rocks

  • those who r saying hr is grt dancer, they should watch jhalak dikhlaja on tv the two kids is out of world amazing they are.

  • Honestly nothing gr8. Hrithik dancing is superb but same as we seen in K3G, Lakshay, KMG, Krishh etc. Song is boring and not up to the mark. Setup and picturizing looking impressed from Criminal song. But Criminal was Very Color Full & Nice song. But here……………. Anyways hope for the best.

  • hahaha haters just get out from here you little piece of morons ! this song is very cathy and its a sure shit chartbuster, krrish 3 will be all time blockbuster ! thos e who are complaining about this, listen it for 3-4 times and you will be addicted to it !

  • Brilliant..Super…Chartbuster…HRITHIK is No.1 in acting, dancing, looks, physique….The best actor in bollywood alongwith Ranbir..

  • Awesommmmmm song :)
    God of dance is back with a bang….
    hats off to rajesh Roshan sir for melodious song…
    hats off to remo desouja for mind blowing steps…

  • am sure i wont break the record of C.E…below average song… flop for papa roshan…dhoom-3 will also less thn ETT and YJHd

  • is it dance??? lol more of gymantics…there are so many actors down south are far better or equally dancers thn hritik like junior ntr dance in yama donga(telugu film) or allu arjun(arya-2)or vijay thupakki fame list goes on…god of dancing???? my foot…

  • @K Z Really Know that your are in Bollywood site there is nothing to do with Alpacina or Hollywood if it comes for hollywood at present there was Tomhanks,Daniel Day Lewis,Colin Firth,Bradely Cooper,Sean Penn,Jeff bridges of todays trend you are mentionining yesteryears actors exhibiting that you have a great Hollywood knowledge it shows your stupidity and insecurity on hrithik better stay away You FOOL dont be insane Each and every actor and critic will praise his dancing skills even prabhudeva told many times hrithik is best dancer than him even though he was ahead of him first of all know the spelling of KRRISH 3 while talking here

    Shah Rukh Khan

    When I think of dance, I think of Hrithik. For me, the two are synonymous with each other. I cannot say much about Hrithik’s dance, except that it is magic. Duggu is the best dancer we have. What I like about the show’s format is that it gives HR fans and the public a chance to interact with their screen idol. If there ever is a dance show, the judge should only be Hrithik Roshan.

    Akshay Kumar

    Hrithik Roshan is a one-of-a-kind actor/dancer. He must know he makes us envy his moves. What that man brings to the dance floor is refreshing. He is extremely talented and has everything the youth needs to see in a hero. If he opened a dance school, my son Aarav will be his first student. Hrithik has performed some of the most memorable and difficult dance steps in the last decade. I will never enter a dance competition with this guy because he will win hands down, but I’d definitely love to make an action film with him.

    Deepika Padukone

    For a show of this calibre, there is no better judge than Hrithik. He is definitely the best dancer we have. Not only is he passionate about his craft, he is also the best. Like Madhuri Dixit, Hrithik invests a lot of emotions in his dance.

    Karan Johar

    There could be no other choice for this show but Hrithik. What he brings to the show with his sheer presence no one else can. Not only is he the best dancer we have, but also someone who is dedicated and sincere. He’s a perfectionist. For contestants to live up to the expectations will be a hard task.

    Sonam Kapoor

    I hardly watch TV but Just Dance was an exception thanks to Hrithik Roshan. He is the only one I know who dances with rhythm and soul. When he is dancing you don’t even want to blink. He is such an amazing performer. His TV debut is as rocking as his screen debut.

  • Prabhu Deva – Hrithik is Bollywood’s best dancer

    Q. You have worked with India’s biggest stars. Who is the best dancer in India?

    A. When it comes to dance, you cannot easily classify someone as India’s best dancer. Each industry will have its own talent and taste. In the south, I have always been a very big fan of Chiranjeevi. In Bollywood, I think Hrithik Roshan is the best dancer.


    Saroj Khan has choreographed thousands of songs in Bollywood films and has worked with many great dancers in the industry.

    When asked about her favorite dancer in Bollywood – she replied ‘Madhuri Dixit‘ saying, “I have repeatedly said this and my answer has not changed. It is Madhuri Dixit.”

    From the current generation who she thinks are the good dancers, and Saroj Khan takes names of Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor. “Hrithik Roshan dances very well. Amongst actresses, I think Kareena is good,” says Saroj Khan.

    Like this list will go on like Farah khan,Vaibhav merchant ,Shahid Kapoor,Salman Khan,Aamir Khan,Akshay ,Chiranjeevi and SRk everyone likes his moves

    So all haters just shut up your bloody mouths by bringing worthless facts

  • Really MJ`s Soul had entered in to Hrithiks Body While He was Dancing
    What a Dance Yaar He had kept his Heart and soul while performing these Steps
    I forgot myself while watching this ,automatically Jaws were dropped and also Heart beat increased from normal to abnormal
    Cant Let my eyes off from Hrithik to PC for first 10 views as i had concentrated and focused only on Duggu where this was the experience for many people also
    What makes difference between Hrithik and Good Dancer means
    Good Dancer Can dance well and he will be more precise on steps
    But Hrithik will Precise the Steps,Grace,Emotions,Looks,Beautiful BOD and Face that makes Hrithik Unique from rest of the world dancers
    Finally in Bollywood He is God of Dance Hope his Youngsters Like Ranbir,Shahid,Ranveer,Varun may take inspiration from him and let them prove in this department Lets see who wil be next Hrithik in Dance Department

  • 0:48 to 1:02 and 1:11 to 1:25 so Totally 29 seconds of Mind blowing performance Which was very rare in bollywood a new kind of choreography Thums Up

  • ‘Krrish 3’ teaser: Hrithik Roshan shows killer dance moves
    Beat it! Hrithik Roshan shows terrific freestyle dancing in ‘Raghupati Raghav’ track
    By Sonali Kumar
    Tue, Sep 10, 2013 13:10:36 GMT

    ‘Krrish 3’ teaser: Hrithik Roshan shows killer dance moves
    A moment of exhilaration for all the fans of Hrithik Roshan! After eons, the actor is in his elements and flaunts his incredible dance moves in the track Raghupati Raghav from his film Krrish 3.

    Hrithik Roshan is doubtlessly the best dancer Bollywood has ever seen. The actor is a dancing phenomenon ever since he made his debut in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and mesmerized the cine buffs with his power-packed effortless dancing style, something choreographers and others are fan of.

    The nimble-footed Hrithik never fails to stun his fans with his agility even while flaunting that beefed-up look. The dance steps in Raghupati Raghav has the actor showing his foot-jugglery once again. Also the use of floodlights, and the setting of the song, is breathtaking.

    The teaser of Raghupati Raghav doesn’t give out the entire composition. However, the dance track, loaded with electronic beats, by Rajesh Roshan sounds peppy, and a chartbuster material. The song also features Priyanka Chopra, but the actress is missing from the teaser.

    Krrish 3 directed by Rakesh Roshan, is releasing on November 4. Catch Hrithik Roshan doing what he is best at:

  • yes prabhudeva said he is big fan of chiranjeevi’s graceful dance moves but hrithik is no 1 dancer among bollywood heros

  • @aki:what your comment means! !totally senseless. .how can you compare jhalak kids with hrithik? ?i am damn sure that the kids are fans of hro.

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