Force 2 Movie Review

Force, which released in 2011, just about managed to recover costs which made the producers opt to make this sequel called Force 2. This time John Abraham is joined by ‘Akira’ girl Sonakshi Sinha. Abhinay Deo who made a mark with action thrillers in 24 has been put in charge of directorial duties. The promos have promised an added dolop of high voltage action. Does it work? Let’s find out.

Story: ACP Yashvardhan (John) lost his wife 5 years back and doesn’t feel pain anymore. His world is rocked once more when his friend, a RAW agent in China, is killed. He is amongst 3 RAW spies who were killed. Before dying his friend leaves a clue to a bigger conspiracy. Yash discovers that the leak has been coming from a low level embassy worker in Budapest called Shiv (Tahir Raj Bhasin). He teams up with RAW agent KK (Sonakshi) to nab Shiv and to find out his motive behind betraying his nation.

Review: Abhinay Deo has clearly been inspired by western action thrillers in the way he has written and shot the film, but he has added a Desi patriotic touch to the movie which makes it more identifiable. Force 2 moves along briskly for the most part devouring through its story and is largely an entertaining sequel which betters the original film in many ways. The second half gets a bit jarring with all the action but the interaction scenes between the protagonists and the main antagonist makes up for the shortcomings.

Force 2 has been very well shot and looks like a much bigger film than its budget will suggest. The action choreography of the movie which has been shot mostly in Eastern Europe, is breathtaking and very stylish. The cinematography technique employed in the climax which reminded us of Hardocre Henry was a cool idea. The production design and costume design suit the nature of the movie. The background score is decent too.

Acting: John Abraham is the Indian symbol of brawn and it makes sense for him to spearhead such movies where he has to flex his body muscles more than his facial muscles. He is predictably solid. Sonakshi Sinha stands on her own feet and doesn’t play the typical damsel in distress. That was a welcome change. Tahir Raj Bhasin provides another dimension to Force 2 because the movie wouldn’t have worked at all if the villain wasn’t convincing. After Mardaani, he delivers another knockout performance in Force 2.

Conclusion: This sequel goes one up on the first film and makes for an entertaining action thriller which actually has a story to tell behind all the brawn and high adrenaline action. The demonization issue might affect the movie to an extent, but Force 2 has all the tadka to be liked by the youth of the country. Family audiences will probably be jarred by all the action. So decide accordingly and give this movie a watch.


  • The action scenes are complemented by the story
  • Tahir Raj Bhasin is amazing once again
  • John Abraham and Sonakshi jell well
  • The pace of the movie doesn’t falter much


  • The climax sequence can cause some annoyance
  • Vague links with the first movie
Rating: ★★★½☆


  • force2 is receiving reasonably good reviews for a commercial film. if it fails at d box office it will b only bcz of cash crunch and will also b bad news for upcoming movies like dear zindagi kaahani2 & maybe even befikre.ffingers crossed

  • The movie is looking interesting.
    Day1: 5.2cr
    Lifetime: 40-45
    It will be affected by Demonetization and Dear Zindagi next week.

  • Well This movie soundss good.
    But it will not collect much at Box Office.
    They should have cast Akshay kumar instead of John.
    Akshay presence must give this movie a chance to score 60 crore.
    Becoz Akshay kumar is the King of 60 crore club. :)

  • watched it today,dont miss it for anything,i truely enjoyed it and so were the other audience,planing on watching it again.


  • I alresdy knew Force 2 will receive positive reviews because it is a patriotic movie. If this movie was directed by Vikram Bhatt, then Indicine should have given 1.5 stars
    #True Salman Fans

  • Execellent movie grt action sequences & also d car lifting scene is amzing a sure shot paisa vasool movie, superhit!

  • movieblast Funny comment. Preparation for the first of April? The success of recent films Akshay not gives haters live in peace. Not one of your idols will not be compared with Akki, none of your idols could never give three films 100 crore in one year

  • ohh great…i follow indicine and i can trust indicine’s review anyday.
    though it wasn’t in ma list…but now i may give it a watch.

  • I have watched It!! John is awsm..and so is Main Antagonist & Action…Gene đź’™wish she would be there for more time…Rocking Faduu Movie đź‘Śbut attendance was very less…It should be Hit!!

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