I am against city tours, television events to promote films: John Abraham

Actor John Abraham has said he is against city tours, television events and ‘blowing kisses in malls’ to promote his films. Ultimately, the actor says, it’s only the content that makes a difference at the box office.

“Speaking in the capacity of a producer, when studios are attached to a film, there are certain commitments that one must fulfil. But I am totally against city tours and television events to promote a film”

“I will never stand around in a mall, throw T-shirts and blow kisses. Ultimately, it’s the product that counts, not how much you sell it” John added.

Talking about award functions in the industry, John said he doesn’t understand how actors don’t get bored at such ‘live shows’.

“With award functions, it’s a complete no-no for me. But to each his own. Award functions are live shows where actors get paid to perform. The same actors win all the awards every year. I don’t know how that actor doesn’t get bored. I am one actor who doesn’t get that chance.”

When asked about the impact of demonetisation on the business of his film ‘Force 2′, John said “To be honest, we have been very practical producers. We have worked out the numbers so that we are financially safe even before the film’s release. That’s one part of it. The other more important part of the film is the audiences’ acceptance. I bow my head and say in all humility to the audience we’ve made a sincere film”

Force 2 released in theatres today.



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