Films that Shahrukh Khan rejected!

Everyone wants to work with Shahrukh Khan, but few get a chance as he usually prefers working with friends. But did you know SRK was Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s first choice for Munnabhai? That Rakesh Roshan was initially keen on casting him in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai?

Infact due to various reasons, SRK rejected several films that went on to be cult classics.

  • Kaho Na Pyaar Hai – Shahrukh Khan was Rakesh Roshan’s first choice for Kaho Na Pyaar Hai after Koyla failed at the box-office. When things didn’t work out, Rakesh decided to cast his son Hrithik as the main lead. The film went on to create history at the box-office and won several awards. Most notably, Hrithik won every Best Actor award that year.
  • Lagaan – Ashutosh Gowariker first offered Lagaan to Aamir, who initially didn’t want to produce the film. He then went to SRK, who wasn’t too keen either. Ashutosh then convinced Aamir and the rest, as they say, is history. Lagaan remains the only Oscar nominated Hindi film in the last 2 decades.
  • Jodha Akbar – Not many know that Ashutosh Gowariker wanted SRK for Jodha Akbar after the failure of Swades. Some say, he wasn’t too happy about the film’s shooting locations as it wouldn’t allow him to spend time with his kids during their vacation.
  • Munnabhai MBBS – It’s hard to even imagine anyone else playing the iconic role of Munnabhi apart from Sanjay Dutt. But both Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra wanted SRK for the film. Infact, Sanjay Dutt was to play the role of Zaheer, which eventually went to Jimmy Shergill. We have always wondered how SRK would have played the character of Munnabhai?
  • Rang De Basanti – The classic Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra film was also first offered to Shahrukh, who wasn’t keen on doing the film.
  • 3 Idiots – After two Munnabhai films, when Rajkumar Hirani wanted to adapt Chetan Bhagat’s book Five Point Someone into a film, he again wanted SRK to play the character that later went to Aamir. Post release, 3 Idiots went on to be the biggest grosser in the history of Indian cinema.
  • Robot – Tamil director Shankhar wanted Shahrukh for Robot, a film which Rajinikanth eventually did in Tamil. Enthiran also created history grossing around 375 crores worldwide!

Some other not-so-huge films that SRK rejected are Sajid Khan’s Heyy Babyy and Mani Ratnam’s Raavan.



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  • this is list of good fims but @indicine you are forgetting how many films which other actors rejected but srk did!!!

    The first two movies which established srk as an over night star BAAZIGAR & DARR was rejected SALMAN & AAMIR respectively .

    Also the best two perfomances from SRK’s two decade cereer are from films which HRITHIC & SALMAN was rejected ( SWADES & CHACK DE respectively ).

    The other movie you didn’t include in the list is SLAMDOG MILLIONIER .

    GOOD DAY GUYZ………….!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • that shows how srk afraids to take challenges he only trust yash chopra and karan johar if CDI and MNIK were not produced by these filmmakers srk would never accept these films so srk fans apni soch ko improve karo tabhi shayad srk b khud ko improve karega

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  • We are proud of Shah Rukh for rejecting such movies well done boss

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  • Srk is the best. But no doubt srk should do work with other banners other than his friends. This movies would hv been mega blockbusters with srk.

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  • I can’t understand why Indicine always tries to bring srk on spotlight??Well thank god he didnt do KNPH,MunnaBhai,Jodha Akbar,3 idiots he would have ruined these movies…can’t imagine srk play as Akbar or Munnabhai

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  • Aamir to SRK ke tukdo pe palne wala insan hai…SRK is all time Gr8est Actor.
    1.Dilip Kumar
    2.Amitab Bachchan
    3.Shahrukh Khan
    4.Shah Rukh Khan
    and he’ll continue till her last breath

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  • 1 se lekar 5 tak tha Dilip ka number

    1 se lekar 10 tak tha Amitabh ka number

    1 se lekar 20 tak hai Shahrukh ka number

    bollywood mein sirf Shahrukh Aur Sex Bikta Hai

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  • Shahrukh woh film mana krke..Doosro ka ghar banaaya hai..
    Aur is baat pe Baadshah ko khud fakar hoga..
    Sanjay Dutt ka career Munna Bhai se bachaya
    Aamir ko top 3 ki race mein RDB LAGAAN aur 3I se laayagya…
    Hrithik ko ATBB waali career start mili..
    Rajnikanth ko ek aur sammaaan mila..Robot ke taur pe

    he also refused Slumdog Millionaire…
    aur aaj Anil Kapoor itna akardta hai..woh SRK ki wjha se hai..coz he declined it too

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  • someone has to reject so tat others get a chance.imagine if srk did all tese films what will happen to all the other actors?

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  • this all films do not need king khan all this were good films king khan was not the requirement of this movies he is really king this actors made this films hit but king khan made OSo ,main hoon na,RBND,RA.1 a hit he is simply the hughest figure

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  • @vinay ok so king khan is declining and salman is at his peak still king khans ra.1 and don2 have higher worldwide gross than bodyguard and ready do you want to say anything

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  • @vinay ok if king khan losses fan one or two according to idiots like you but only i am enough to fight with all the fans of lallu in the world

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  • @vinay so every producer wants king khan why they did not approached others before him because you know that he is the best

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  • king is king even after not doing so much films think about them

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