Films that Shahrukh Khan rejected!

Everyone wants to work with Shahrukh Khan, but few get a chance as he usually prefers working with friends. But did you know SRK was Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s first choice for Munnabhai? That Rakesh Roshan was initially keen on casting him in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai?

Infact due to various reasons, SRK rejected several films that went on to be cult classics.

  • Kaho Na Pyaar Hai – Shahrukh Khan was Rakesh Roshan’s first choice for Kaho Na Pyaar Hai after Koyla failed at the box-office. When things didn’t work out, Rakesh decided to cast his son Hrithik as the main lead. The film went on to create history at the box-office and won several awards. Most notably, Hrithik won every Best Actor award that year.
  • Lagaan – Ashutosh Gowariker first offered Lagaan to Aamir, who initially didn’t want to produce the film. He then went to SRK, who wasn’t too keen either. Ashutosh then convinced Aamir and the rest, as they say, is history. Lagaan remains the only Oscar nominated Hindi film in the last 2 decades.
  • Jodha Akbar – Not many know that Ashutosh Gowariker wanted SRK for Jodha Akbar after the failure of Swades. Some say, he wasn’t too happy about the film’s shooting locations as it wouldn’t allow him to spend time with his kids during their vacation.
  • Munnabhai MBBS – It’s hard to even imagine anyone else playing the iconic role of Munnabhi apart from Sanjay Dutt. But both Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra wanted SRK for the film. Infact, Sanjay Dutt was to play the role of Zaheer, which eventually went to Jimmy Shergill. We have always wondered how SRK would have played the character of Munnabhai?
  • Rang De Basanti – The classic Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra film was also first offered to Shahrukh, who wasn’t keen on doing the film.
  • 3 Idiots – After two Munnabhai films, when Rajkumar Hirani wanted to adapt Chetan Bhagat’s book Five Point Someone into a film, he again wanted SRK to play the character that later went to Aamir. Post release, 3 Idiots went on to be the biggest grosser in the history of Indian cinema.
  • Robot – Tamil director Shankhar wanted Shahrukh for Robot, a film which Rajinikanth eventually did in Tamil. Enthiran also created history grossing around 375 crores worldwide!

Some other not-so-huge films that SRK rejected are Sajid Khan’s Heyy Babyy and Mani Ratnam’s Raavan.



  • @ishqjade when i was in third year in civil branch of iit bangalore ddlj released what to say about that movie i watched it continuously for three months without missing a day than exams came otherwise i would have seen it for one year no movie with such a craze has released till date three idiots also has craze but not as half as ddlj

  • @ishqjade TMH for maths ,PV ATKINS for physical chemistry ,SOLOMONS for organic chemistry ,JD LEE for inorganic chemisty all the best for exams

  • @megha true no movie with the craze of ddlj has arrived till date not watched sholay in theatres but as far as i remembere r no movie such iconic released

  • salman khan is at his best he can not get any better now but still can not beat movie gross of ra1 and don2 poor salman i hate you

  • asi movies reject krnay k baad b wo king khelata hai,agr sulman,aamir, hartik etc ne ye movies rejeck ki hoti to aaj koi un k naam b na janata aur saari zindgi unhain asi movies chornay k dukh rheta jesay sulman ko aaj tk bazigr ko reject krnay ka dhukh hai

  • sharukh ke fano tum yeh nahi jante ke sharukh ke bacche khud salman ke fan hai yeh baat khud sharukh ne ki hai yakeen nahi aata to internet pe search kar lo ya YouTube pe video dekh lo



  • @power star is liay to ham shahrukh ko great man khetay hain k us ne khud midia ko btaya k us beta sulman ka fan hai kia tumara sulman aisa krta? kbi nhi

  • @ fart so idiot he made life of anil kapoor but king khan is still biggest charmer what do you want to say now

  • @santosh right point if salman khan can not defeat king khan in his golden days what we should call him i have a good name lallu mucchu

  • sir made big mistake by refusing these movies because if he had done his movies these would all be all time blockbusters and than nobody can even think of comparing anyone with srk.
    still he is king and will remain because its matter of legacy not a year or two or one movie or two movie.
    anybody if aamir khan or salman khan wants to be king they have to deliever big hits for long time as srk did as he has most all time blockbusters overseas and higest hits in industry.
    if srk did these movies than no will be thinking of comparing our king.

  • who is pawan kalyan vinay.Never heard his name.There are many more popular actors than him,You list is fully biased and by the way its “Telugu” not telagu .

    King khan is going through bad phase of his life(not really but compared to his consecutive blockbuster spree in 2006-2008) he will bounce back very soon.If a film like ra-one can collect 115 crores ,a good film can easily sail past that golden mark set my classic “3idiots” 200 crores

  • I think munna bhai role note suiteble for srk rest of all srk can do very well 3i, knph, rdb, lagan, jodha akbar

  • SRK………….ke paas wo Crown hai…..jise koi cheen hi nahi sakta……….

    hamesha SRK ka Comparison hota hai..dat which bolly actor is superior.

    SRK or Amitabh
    SRK or Aamir
    SRK or Salman
    and now RK is following the step of SRK…..

    conclusion is SRK is all time best, superior, ideal, handsome, smart, sexy, dearer since he entered Btown…

  • Achchha hua in sari filmo me shahrukh khan nahi cast hua other wise just imagine if munna bhai was shahrukh, if rohit was shahrukh, if akbar was shahrukh, if dj was shahrukh or rancho was shahrukh or robot was shahrukh……….. seriously all were disaster of indian cinema……………… since u can see history shahrukh was ashoka biggest flop of history, super man shahrukh in Ra one- everyone knows the result…………………. so although it was a coincident but but it all was for good cause…………… otherwise ye sare director ro rahe hote anubhav sinha ki tarah……………..

  • @ megha aisa kya thriller tha movie me jo tumhe 1-2 bar me samajh nahi aaya. movie samajh me nahi aayi thi kya jo 90 bar dekhne jana pada.

  • I am srks fan since his fauji days.and i am sure ter are many like tose who r saying srk lost his fan followoing , it will happen only in ur dreams.

  • i agree wid vinay on what he said abt SRK “HER name will b rememberd”
    god ab to SRK fans ko bhi uske gender pe doubt hai

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