Ek Tha Tiger Japan Release: March 7th

Kabir Khan

After a historical run at the domestic box office, Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger is all set to release in Japan on March 7th 2013.

Kabir Khan is in Tokyo to promote the film ahead of its release in the country and says he can’t wait to see Salman Khan speaking Japanese.

The film, also starring Katrina Kaif, released on Aug 15 last year and collected Rs 32 cr net on it’s opening day at the box office.

“Flying to Tokyo tonight for the release of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ in Japan. I can’t wait to see Salman speaking Japanese on screen. Ek Tha Tiger’ is releasing all over Japan. I will be travelling to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo for interviews and publicity. Looking forward to it” Kabir Khan tweeted.

Here’s wishing the entire Ek Tha Tiger team the very best for the Japan premiere.



  • So now japanese have to bear this “insermountable” mental torture…plz plz plz…don’t do this….we r getting latest technologies and highest net speed bcoz of these japanese…so plz don’t deviate their mind…otherwise we ll have to lose all these stuff…bcoz we r not able to generate these by our own as we already lost our mind bcoz of these ultimate “craps” including ett….i ll request yashraj not to release it in japan…at the same time..i ll request japanese pm to ban it in japan…:P

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  • on march 16 6 year old movie of srk oso will crush ett..i hope ett atleast earns half of oso vich luks impossible..srk d nly king

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  • After Aamir khan’s “3 idiots” becoming hit in East Asian countries like China and Hong kong its time now for another khan Salman’s “Ek tha tiger” to rule another East Asian country Japan.Srk’s movie “om shanti om” was also slated to release in japan but looks like the movie did not got any distributors and now Salman’s movie is releasing first.lol

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  • Salman’s “Ek tha tiger” is releasing in Japan after 6 months of its release and Srk’s “Om shanti om” which was slated to release in Japan has still not released after 6 years of its release.lol.what Srk does in 6 years Salman needs only 6 months to do that.lol

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  • Haha month back when oso released in japan that time Srk fans told salman should dream to release in japan market. . .

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  • @sachin11…u started it again….u r provoking me to show ur real “aukat”…remembered last time?? so don’t try to be oversmart…ur cheap tricks won’t going to change the truth….i guess…u got what i said…
    @navin….ur “besharm” “sanaki” frnd sachin11 is speechless against me….better ask him wat is the reason….

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  • @xzone Great news bro- ETT releasing in Japan will increase the relationship between our 2 great nations. YRF are trying to bridge our cultural gap so are releasing Indias 2nd biggest hit ever there in Japanese so people will know what a Real Tiger looks like.
    Thank god Om Shanti Om isnt releasing there otherwise it would have completely ruined our hopes of a better future together. OSO would have made Japan ban future Indian exports and stop its imports coming to India. SRKs unbearable sheepish shivering would have given Japanese people the wrong impression of Indians whereas Bhai will make them see that Indians are real men and noone can mess with us. Tiger will do us proud.
    PS Thank god YRF saw commonsense and are doing India a massive favour in releasing ETT.
    @Japan Nation- Please enjoy Tiger Khan as much as we did.
    @star bhai will rock Japan too!!!

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  • @sachin11 lol so true what you said but its very easy to know why OSO still hasnt released there as of yet.
    The biggest Reason is that in the studios, the dubbing has hit a snag. The artist voicing over srks dialogue was struggling to get the gibberish sounds spoken by srk in the hindi version to match in Japanese. Its a torturous process so now the creative team are currently organising a casting operation where all the sheeps in Japan will be auditioned to find one which can mimmick srks gibberish noises like ‘raaaraaaaa’ to perfection. The firm responsible for dubbing OSO are hooeful that a sheep will be found sooner rather than later.
    @xzone Please be patient and as soon as dubbing is complete then your pyaari OSO will too release in Japan.
    @star Srk rrrrrraaaarrrraaaaaoxxxxXxxxzzz

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  • Truth of the decade . . Srk need 6yr to release his masala film oso in japan but salman just do that only in 6 month Haha poor Srk loosin overseas fans too Haha. .

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  • @xzone i am speechless against u bcoz i don’t wan’t to degrade myself by replying to a fan of a small star.lol

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  • @xzone just look at this no good in life is on every salman’s article showing hatred. dont know what he is gonna achieve by doing this, may be he hasnt achieved anything in life thats why hating on those people who are successful and are beyond his reach and imagination. anyway its tiger for tiger to unleash in japan

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  • Navin ya bro if oso was released in japan then japanees would had wrong impression of true indians by Srks shivering goat voice dialogues . . But now happy that japaneese would see Whts the power true indian man by looking salman in ett . .

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  • @xzone : forget about negativity about salman. U dont even deserve to be called as our indian compatriot. Ur thinking shows u believe indians r inferior to Japanese (i know Japanese techno is much advanced than ours) but u doubting capabilities of all Indians. Jo apne desh ka nahi ho saka woh kisi ka bhi nahi, srk ka bhi nahi!!!!

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  • After watching ett
    i bet no japanese will watch a salman kahn film again,
    UK,USA,Australia,Newzealand,China already rejects salman khan 10 years ago
    now this time japan will reject salman…

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  • This article just belongs to salman khan fan or neutral currently salman is No.1, an individual opinion is not national opinion. In every back to back movies we can see the BO numbers of all actors nd that shows everything so plz stop fighting and accept the reality

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