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Ek tha Tiger Comics!

Salman Khan launched the Ek Tha Tiger comics, as part of the YCOMIC series, with the video (below).

Uday Chopra also launched comics of the Dhoom and Hum Tum series.

At the launch event, Uday said “Comics on Dhoom series and Ek Tha Tiger cater to all the segments and is not just confined to kids. I have begun with action because the genre is the safest deal amongst the audience who has been very receptive towards it. But, soon we have plans to venture into romantic ones like I have plans to present DDLJ or my dad Yash Chopra’s films in altogether different avatar however, retaining the essence and the brand DDLJ.”

Currently on sale in Hindi and English, Chopra is also planning to launch the comics in regional languages.

Watch the Ek Tha Tiger Comic Launch video below

Ek tha Tiger Comic – Saving The High Seas – Teaser – YOMICS
Editor: Uday Chopra
Writers: Tarun Tripathi, Vinit Bharucha
Production: Division 91 Studios Pvt. Ltd.



  • @indicine is it true hrithik was first choice for ek tha tiger coz if you google kabir khan he says hrithik was his first choice

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  • Kabir khan was right, film will have long promotion, anyway I still now even if this film has 0% promotion it will be super hit, btw don’t u people think salmanazars should be compared to Bruce Willis or Stallone, cuz wer Willis has die hard thts wer salman has dabangg and our favourite charter chulbul pandey, wow Weneva I think all this makes me proud of being a salman fan

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  • Thumbs up if y0u are 0nLy here because 0f saLman khan <3 <3……..!!!!!!!!!! hrithik , saif , srk wh0 cares and give a shit abt them……..!!!!!!!!! :P

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  • @mj yes hrithik was his first choice even he said he wants to work with hrithik and everything will be clear once ek tha tiger release

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  • @mj
    what first choice first choice…?
    Kabir Khan said in his interview that “Salman is first & last choice for ETT.”
    Also check Kabir Khan’s tweets,when a fan asked him,”why you choosed Salman for this role?”
    In a single line he said,”Who is tiger other than Salman in bollywood?”

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  • doesnt mater if hritik was first choice the movie is getting hype because of salman but imagine salman was in agneepath film would crossed 200 crore and mind you in reality salman was the first choice for agneepath but he didnt have dates

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  • Salman copy this idea from Srk movies. India mein pahali digital comics ki thi and then don -- the origin. Try something new copycat.

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  • @nagesh I’m not arguing or have problem with salman bhai as I said if you don’t trust me then just google it mate

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  • @Nagesh well said, There iz only 1 tiger in Industry.. After Ek tha tiger Yash Raj will never sign Sharukh khan, as they will taste d flavour of 200crore..kabir will want tiger 4 every movie..

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  • @manish honestly do you think salman can play roles which are require acting I strongly don’t think salman is a good actor forget about better actor like hrithik mate salman is superstar rather then good actor
    Current good actors in bollywood

    Shahrukh khan(8 filmfare awards)

    Amir khan(always experimenting 2 filmfare awards)

    Hrithik roshan(same as amir always experimanting 4 filmfare awards)

    Ajay devgan(national awards and very intense)

    Ranbir kapoor(grown very fast 1 filmfare award)

    These are actors who can realy realy act in my opinion thanlks

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  • Hrithik Roshan shooting for film Krrish 3 at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai on Tuesday, June 19. Photo Credit:
    July 22, 2012, ( -- After making a tremendous buzz with his third YRF film, a spy thriller called Ek Tha Tiger headlining Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, the director will follow it with a movie for Sajid Nadiadwala with Hrithik Roshan in the lead.

    The film will be, reportedly, announced after the release of Ek Tha Tiger on August 15. Kabir had a three-film-deal with YRF starting with his Kabul Express which was followed by New York. The Salman starrer is his third film with the producers, and he plans to move on after that.

    “While there were rumors that Ekta Kapoor wants to sign Kabir for her next production, it is Sajid who has managed to sign him for his next. Hrithik, who is already committed to Sajid for his next will be doing the film. However everything about the film will be announced after Kabir’s film with Salman and Katrina is released on Eid,” a source told Mid-Day.

    Incidentally Kabir originally wanted Hrithik for Ek Tha Tiger, but the role went to Salman as Hrithik’s dates were full for home production Krrish 3, says the source.

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  • 1st there were rumors dar Srk was 1st choice, now haters barking again.. Who would not want 2 do ETT, kabir said Salman was d 1st and last choice 4 ETT.. All speculations must have died after this!!

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  • @king of kings

    yes i agree with you,all the actors Ajay,Aamir,Hrithik,Akshay also are better than Salman in acting & awards held by them are honour for them except Srk who doesn’t get a single National award or like that & you know how the filmfare is biased now days so no wonder Srk gets 8 filmfares.
    RK also improved in acting.

    But Srk is far below in acting comparing others.He may be good in comparison with Salman.
    But Salman is a style icon & thats why he is rulling the BO.

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  • Someone here crack a joke that salman was the first choice for agneepath…hahaha…we all know that srk and karan johar are best freinds and so karan will never cast salman in his movie…

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  • what bullshit people are talking… salman khan was the original tiger… kabir khan has confirmed he had never approached anyone else… he said only salman khan can carry off the role of tiger n he cannot imagine anyone else in the role… stop spreading rumors… had agneepath been made with salman khan it would have made 200 crores easily… he would have taken the role to the next level… he is damn good in intense roles… as far as awards are concerned everyone knows they are rigged!!! it is already confirmed by actors like aamir khan n ajay devgan… its a universal truth that everyone knows… salman khan is no. 1 without any awards… now thats what u call SUPERSTARDOM!!!

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  • This trend has been introduced by the King SRK. He was the 1st man to come up with dis idea in Bollywood. He had launched Ra.One and Don2’s Comics. Same thing is followed by Saif in Agent Vinod. Now by the makers of ETT.
    In other words Every1 follows KING KHAN SRK. He rocks.

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