Dus Kahaniyaan Movie Review

Introducing Dus Kahaniyaan

Dus Kahaniyaan as the title suggests has 10 stories, directed by 6 directors, stars about 24 actors, written by 10 writers and the music is composed by 4 music directors!! Huge isn’t it?

Review – Dus Kahaniyaan

Story 1 – Matrimony (Mandira Bedi, Arbaaz Khan and Sudhanshu Pandey)

The Sarin couple (Mandira Bedia and Arbaaz Khan) have been married for 5 years. Without kids and happiness, Mrs Sarin gets involved in a extra-marital relationship. Matrimony is about how love makes a fool out of us.

The story is interesting and directed well. Mandira Bedi acts well. Arbaaz Khan and Sudhanshu Pandey are average.

Rating 3 / 5

Audience Reaction: Thumbs Up. The twist in the tale worked.

Story 2 – High on the Highway (Jimmy Shergill, Masumeh)

A violent, unpredictable love story between two reckless, uncontrollable people. He calls her *itch, she calls him bastard!

Boring and doesn’t connect. Too brutal, a lot of blood and is strictly not for the family audience. The weakest story in the movie. The performances of Jimmy Shergill and Masumeh is good.

Rating 1 / 5

Audience Reaction: Thumbs Down.

Story 3 – Pooranmashi (Amrita Singh, Minissha Lamba)

Poornamashi is a story of a mother’s unconditional love for her daughter, who is engaged to get married soon. But the mother ends up being responsible for her daughter’s death.

Again pretty boring, but does tend to get a bit emotional in the end. Amrita Singh is superb, Minissha Lamba is good.

Rating 2 / 5

Audience Reaction: No response from the audience as the story is a bit emotional.

Story 4 – Strangers in the night (Neha Dhupia, Mahesh Manjrekar)

On every wedding the couple have to share a personal secret. Its the wife’s turn this year. She narrates a encounter with a stranger at a public railway station, that could change their lives forever.

Quite interesting for most parts, but the twist in the tale is weird and isnt convincing. Dialogues are good. Neha Dhupia looks extremely hot and acts well. Mahesh Manjrekar is funny, maybe its just his face.

Rating 2 / 5

Audience Reaction: So – So.

Story 5 – Zahir (Manoj Bajpai, Dia Mirza)

Two strangers meet on a lift. They are instantly attracted towards each other, the bond of friendship grows. Soon he discovers a bitter truth of her life, he takes a step which changes his life forever.

Very interesting with a lot of shock value. Directed brilliantly by Sanjay Gupta. Dia Mirza looks extremely sweet, perfect for her role and acts well. Manoj Bajpai is splendid.

Rating 3.5 / 5

Audience Reaction: Thumbs Up. They just loved the consequence of the mistake.

Interval! Phew.. Its been quite a roller coaster ride. A few stories good, a few disappoint. Sanjay Dutt hasnt made a appearance yet, maybe he is a part of just one story and you feel probably it could be the last of the 10!

Story 6 – Love Dale (Anupam Kher, Aftab, Neha Oberoi)

Neha is traveling by train and she meets a woman with just one ear-ring. The story behind the one ear-ring changes her life. Love Dale is about fate and destiny.

The writing could have been much better for this story, it tries hard to convince the audience but doesnt. Performances by Aftab and Neha are good.

Rating 1.5 / 5

Audience Reaction: Thumbs Down.

Story 7 – Sex on the Beach (Dino Morea, Tareena Patel)

Dino finds a old book on a beach and signs on it, instantly he sees a woman half-naked in the water. He’s attracted to her, they have a great time together but all of a sudden things change…

The horror and suspense thriller is interesting in bits but far from gripping. The performances are average.

Rating 1.5 / 5

Audience Reaction: Cold.

Story 8 – Rice Plate (Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah)

A hindu woman who hates muslims. Its her journey with a Muslim man over a plate of Rice. The muslim stranger is consuming her plate of rice. Will she place her hardcore beliefs over hunger?

Without doubt the best part of the movie. The story has moral and is sensitive, emotional, gripping. Two legends share screen space and their performances are top-notch. Shabana Azmi is sheer brilliance. Nasseruddin Shah in a comparatively smaller role is good too.

Rating 4.5 / 5

Audience Reaction: They loved it!

Story 9 – Gubbare (Anita, Nana Patekar, Rohit Roy)

Husband and wife, travelling on a bus, have a argument. An irritated Anita sits next to a interesting man holding 11 red colored balloons in his hand. He is carrying them for his wife… The story behind the balloons carries a very important lesson in ones life.

Must watch! A very emotional and touching tale, written by Gulzar. The execution is perfect and the story leaves an impact. A brilliant Nana Patekar is in form. Anita and Rohit are good.

Rating 4 / 5

Audience Reaction: They loved this one too.

Story 10 – Rise and Fall (Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty)

Rise and Fall is a story of two gangsters, their childhood friendship that finally leads to betrayal. There are 2 stories running simultaneously both on the same two gangsters.

The last story would make the most impact and if its good, the audience would leave with a smile on their face, unfortunately that isn’t the case here. The 10th story disappoints. Neither the performances nor the execution is upto the mark. Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty are average.

Rating 2 / 5

Audience Reaction: Everyone was glued to their seats throughout the movie, none left the theatre. The reaction to the last story was pretty dull.

Indicine Verdict

Dus Kahaniyaan is different. There are no song and dance numbers except for the title track during the credits, the background music is good. The movie has a twist in every tale, each story is unique, different and in no way connected to each other. Also each story has an average run time of just 12 mins, with the total movie runtime being 2 hours!

Among the 10 stories, 4 succeed in making an impact. Rice Plate and Gubbare are the best and that itself is worth the price of the ticket. Performance-wise Nana Patekar, Shabana Azmi stand out. At the box-office, Dus Kahaniyaan could succeed with strong word of mouth.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ Good. Watch it once.




    Very Good – that’s my rating as a whole.

    I would rate the stories as under (the following are categorised according to the story content, again my personal view only …) :

    To look out for :
    4 – Strangers in the night
    5 – Zahir
    6 – Lovedale
    8 – Rice Plate

    Of these, ‘Rice Plate’ was my personal favorite, given that its directorial debut of Rohit Roy. The
    acting and the theme was phenomenol.

    I would have probably put ‘Gubbare’ in the same league, but unfortunately, one senses the twist
    before it arrives.

    Good :
    3 – Poornamashi
    9 – Gubbare

    Herein comes my moment of the movie – the kissing scene involving Nana Patekar. You can almost
    feel the tear trickling down your eye.

    Average :

    Bad :
    1 – Matrimony (theme not clear)
    2 – High on the highway (the only story
    that has been dragged unnecessarily)
    7 – Sex on the beach (again disappoints
    you with the climax)
    10 – Rise and Fall (briliant technically,
    but the story a fuss)

    Overall, the editing and background music are the highlights of the movie, with brilliant acting by everyone – ranging from the newcomer Neha Uberoi (in Lovedale) to the indispensable part of Sanjay Gupta – Sanjay Dutt.

    The best venture from one of my favorite directors – Sanjay Gupta. A must watch, but only if you think you like the different !!

    Ajay Garg

  • Matrimony’s punchline was that Arbaaz’s character was no putz. He knew of his wife’s infidility but never showed that he knew. He smartly let Mandira know that he also could do as she did by giving her necklace to his lover…. his secretary! Very smart, non voilent, and subtle ego-bashing between husband and wife.

    Neha Dhupia’s story was especially brave and original. A very rare woman, to save an unknown childs life, appeals in body launguage to the baser instincts of a marauding fanatic killer, giving the child precious moments to escape alive !!Her husband is rightfully ashamed at his own self serving sexapades!

  • Overall rating of this film Dus Kahaniyaan for innovation….5 stars.
    Performances…. 4 stars.
    Styling and packaging….5 stars
    A must watch surely, very hollywood style film , showing us that there are many kinds of relationships and different kinds of love, the self sacrificing as well as the self serving, that disloyalty too can be factored into a relationship with the right amount of intelligence1

  • Thank God!

    For sometime I’ve been thinking that Indian cinema is in the hands of
    filmmakers and audiences whom have either lost their senses or parked them in
    the toilet!

    But after seeing Dus Kahaniyaan I’ve heaved a sigh of relief ……!
    It proves that stories can be narrated with a heightened sense of style, having
    With punch, pace, yet not compromising on values, love and ethics or
    Remarkably refreshing, entertaining, and intelligently satisfying ten tales!
    Keep it up Bollywood. Hold on to your Buddhi……don’t make buddhu cinema

  • I think all the stories definitely had a qualitative quality about them.
    Excellent direction in all and performances wise all are merit worthy.
    Definitely a must see in terms of freshness of concept and innovation in Indian

  • Puranmasi is a story of unconditional love of a daughter toward her mother…not
    the other way around as your team suggests!

    And Lovedale is one of the best most sensitive, higher mind stories. Suggest
    you all watch the film again in a broader intelligence mindframe!
    Great movie overall. Great narrative and styling too.

  • I just saw the movie, and I really appreciate the comments here above. However, why is no one talking about “Sex on the Beach”?? It was SO stupid! It should have just been nine stories. God, that was the worst 10 minutes I’ve ever spent in a movie theater.

    I thought “Matrimony” was awesome. Zahir was great too, and I really did cry during “Gubbare”. A good film, but I wish there was some kind of red thread running through it to tie the stories together.

  • I saw the movie this Saturday with a lot of expectations…
    Thankfully.. this one didn’t dissapoint me..
    Im pretty much convinced with the ratings given by you’ll…
    Just not happy with your Pooranmashi rating.. that should have been 4/5..
    Along with Pooranmashi, Gubbare and Rice Plate were Awesome..
    Zahir was really good… especially the end.. i was in splits..
    So was matrimony…. i could guess the end much before though..
    Rise and Fall leaves u confused and bored all the while… Only when you realize the 2 parallel stories are of the same ppl do u understand what all that was about…
    Stranger in the night was pretty decent..
    The worst of the lot was High on the Highway… it shud have been 0/5…
    Sex on the beach seems to be a deleted story 4m Darnaa Zaroori hai…
    Lovedale was pretty cold… kinda boring…
    Overall i liked 7/10 stories…
    that means a 3.5/10…
    Can be generous enuf and make it 4/10 for the concept of clubbing 10 short stories in 1 film…
    Kudos to the producers… This has come as a gr8 relief 4m the disasters in the Box Office… (who are the self proclaimed Box office blockbusters)…
    Go watch it… n don’t go by any1’s reviews…

  • :)took it all with a smile…
    definitely better than OSO mindless drool…although…this one could have done better…but no issues…paisa wasool…i think not…but..still a different movie…worth it if u enjoy…a different taste… :))

  • it is a must watch movie just bcoz of its uniqueness..gubare,rice plate were awsum……gr8 job….n zahir was also gud….but sex on d beach was d worst….senseless n borin….n rise n fall also didnt leave an impact n was a dissapointment…..but leavin these all d othr parts wer pretty watchable…. :yeh:

  • This is a ridiculous movie !! Really disappointing one !! Though it says there are 6-7 directors, I doubt whether there was even one director involved on this !! You should give the name as “Dus Bakwas Kahaniyaan” !!

  • I liked only 3 out of ten stories, but the best of all was: Plate of Rice: Shabana and Nasseruddin Shah, 2nd one was Nana Patekar, 3rd best bas Diya Mirza’s story, that’s all.

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