Khoya Khoya Chand Movie Review

Khoya Khoya Chand Introduction:

With Khoya Khoya Chand director Sudhir Mishra re-creates the magic of 50ís and 60ís to pay tribute to all those who existed in the film industry during that era. Most of Sudhir Mishraís movies were critically acclaimed while commercial success eluded him. So does Khoya Khoya Chand succeed in capturing the attention of the masses for a change? Read further to find out.

Khoya Khoya Chand Story:

Khoya Khoya Chand brings out the harsh truth lying deep inside the all-so-glam film industry. Set in the backdrops of bygone era Khoya Khoya Chand talks about Nikhat (Soha Ali Khan), a striving actress who gets her big break after warming the bed of then popular actor Prem Kumar (Rajat Kapoor) and Zafar (Shiney Ahuja), a talented writer aspiring to enter Bollywood. The movie in depth deals with the muddled life and relationship of Nikhat and Zafar.

Khoya Khoya Chand Review:

Sudhir Mishraís Khoya Khoya Chand fails in grabbing the attention and making an impact. This time the movie fails not because of its behind-the-time story line but due to many other imperfections that speak loud. Although Mishra’s execution of some sequences is first-rate, the flaws in the rest is over powering. The movie fails to make an appeal because of its inconsistent pace. Also at constant intervals you find sequences that just add to the run time and have no significance. You also find it difficult to understand the relationship that some characters share. Take for instance the relation that Shaymol (Vinay Patak) and Nikhat share in the second half of the movie. They donít seem like bhai-behan and if Shaymol took care of her in bad times as a boy friend (thatís what I understood from the scenes), then why doesnít he revolt when Nikhat decides to get back to her lost love Zafar. Also the feel of the 50ís is not created effectively.

On the whole, Khoya Khoya Chand is a let down. Approximately 20 minutes from the movie could be easily chopped off to make it easier for the audience to sit through. Cinematography by Sachin Kumar Krishnan is good. Music by Shantanu Moitra is fine. The title track stands out among the rest.

Khoya Khoya Chand Performance:

Soha Ali Khan is a surprise. She has managed to put across her act pretty well. She is a beauty with talent. Her acting needs a bit of fine tuning.

Shiney Ahuja is occasionally good. His acting appears forced and artificial at times.

Rajat Kapoorís performance is good. He has the looks and the personality of the character. Vinay Pathak is excellent in his role. Saurabh Shukla is good and makes you laugh at times.

Indicine Khoya Khoya Chand Verdict:

Overall Khoya Khoya Chand, atypical to his other movies hasnít got what it takes to appeal to the masses and isnít engrossing enough for the classes. If typical Sudhir Mishra movie is your cup of tea, then go with no expectations and you might end up liking Khoya to a certain extent.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆



  • I didn’t like this movie, Soha Ali Khan doesn’t fit as a heroine, she should be in 2nd category only. She lacks charm and can’t compare her with her mom Sharmila Tagour.

  • A worthless movie, bad in direction, Soha Khan is not attractive to be a heroine, only in 2nd category, and I can’t compare her with her amazing mother Sharmila Tagour. She was best actress in Bollywood, how she performed in Aradhana with Rajesh Khanna.

    I don’t think her daughter can step in her mom’s shoes ever.

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