Don 2 Review – Analysis

Jay Mamtora, was one of the first few to watch Don 2 in UK and he was kind enough to share some interesting details on the film. Here is our analysis on his Don 2 review that was published just a few minutes back.

When a film is over-promoted – as was the case with Ra One – it makes it pretty evident that the makers are not confident of their product and are trying to cash-in on the initial weekend to recover most of the films investment.

Don 2 was adequately promoted, infact the promotions were quite similar to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, which was a good sign. As it turns out, the initial reviews from UK are all positive. The film has been liked, SRK’s performance has received immense praise (even from those who are not die-hard SRK fans) and the second half has been liked more than the first, which is always a great sign.

Apart from SRK, who has received the maximum praise as Don, it’s Boman Irani’s performance that has been liked the most. Not many have liked Priyanka Chopra in Don 2.

Some reviews on the performances from Twitter

  • Will Sheppard says “Watch Don 2 to see Shahrukh Khan and Boman Irani give amazing performances, priyanka do her usual rubbish”
  • Harika Chadha decreased her Don 2 rating by 0.5 because of Priyanka’s performance: “brilliant acting and outstanding dialogues 9.5/10 (- 0.5 for Priyanka Chopra)”

Moving on, Hrithik Roshan seems to have a 5 minute role, which won’t be revealed as it might ruin the suspense element.

The 3D version of Don 2 also seems to have come out well – “the 3D was effective and was very well done”.

The Don 2 runtime is approximately 2 hours 20 minutes and the film has only one song, which is again great. The last thing you’d want to see in a fast-paced action thriller is a typical Bollywood song-n-dance number. In Ra One, the three songs – Chammak Challo, Dildaara and Criminal – were all awesome tracks. But while watching the film, it looked pretty stupid.

Overall, a good film is what excites us the most and we can’t wait to watch Don 2 now, with all the positive reviews coming in.

We have a lot more coming up. Our Don 2 review will be published on the day of the film’s release. Do follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Update: Few more Don 2 reviews coming in..

  • Aashish: Watched Don 2.. SRK at his best.. scintillating action movie with beautifully penned script.. way better than don…4 stars out of 5..
  • LostMindinWood: Don 2, only one word Outstanding. Brilliant Acting, Brilliant Direction, Brilliant Story, Brilliant Screenplay, Brilliant Dialogue, Everything Brilliant
  • Sandi Hirani: Wot a wicked film! I wanaa c again!! Don 2 think theres a 3rd one soon.. picture abhi baakhi hain mere dost, kyoun ke Don ko pakarna…..
  • Sandeep Nimmala: Don 2 very well crafted movie n technically superb. Farhan Akhtar and team made a super sequel must watch movie. Technically well made n off course @iamsrk rocked as usual
  • Prashant R: Just finished watching Don 2 and all I can say is Shahrukh Khan is the man! Priyanka Chopra looking hot as ever (feisty) and Boman Irani boh saras
  • Javed Kana: Just like the last scene of Don 2, SRK has the last laugh closing 2011. A brilliant performance. Trust me, you will forget all about Ra.One after watching Don 2.
  • Tejalini to Farhan Akhtar: Watched Don 2 n left speechless… amazing work u have done!! loved it hepzzz.. best wishes from fiji… :) it shall be a blockbuster!!! :)
  • Dheeraj: Don 2 3D is wasted! Some illogical bits but high octane sequences, loving SRK’s witty lines & great Hrithik cameo!
  • AdzLOWD: Everyone should go watch Don 2 in 3d its sick, even though I had to read the subtitles

Update Two: We also asked Jay Mamtora about the repeat-value and this is what he said “I would watch it again but with Don 1 – as you might miss some of the wit and banter and I missed some bits of the plot. “.

If it does indeed carry good repeat-value, then get set for a box-office monster!



  • West India Quays was booked, it was a cold day people came to watch a typical indian film and all were stunned they were talking about it on the way home. My friends want to watch it again. This film will do monstrous business outside India. SRK boasted about which was a average film, when he should have boasted about don 2. Mindboggling how good it was. DAMN :)

  • uhu…. Now see to sallu and amir fans.
    i’m sure they will also watch this movie to see how many differents between SRK and Sallu, Amir.
    i’ll watch this movie minimum 5 times..

  • Ohhh…!!!shit again Indcine pridiction comes wrong…my god when will they popular their site…???U R SO STUPIDD INDCINE…IS THERE ANY BODY TOLD U BEFORE..MAY B MANY” U guys had been said that HRITIK comeo appearance is the sign of his main role in Don3… Its bcom completely shame…let me clarify this 1st if SRK died in this sequel thn it will probably chance to b hritik in the lead role in Don3….!!!oooh bura lagya…ja ja bacha thoda badam ka juice pile akkal aaiygi…!!!

  • king khan rockk,, my frind frm uk was in fb told tat movie have got amazing script great acting by srk boman is great too total entertainer…

  • We must appreciate mr. Don because of his hard work.even his last movie (RA One) was not such good and turned his fanfollowing into some others this movie will surely change them. IMP – people compare SRK with other wich we think is not a correct thing because he is maintained at no. 1 and given most of the blockbuster in bollywood then anyone else. When aamir’s movie is released it is compared with SRK , Salman’s movie is released it is too compared with SRK . Akshay kumar’s movies even are compared with SRK’s . Which proove’s SRK is best. Luv u from ur fans Mr. DON

  • srk rockz
    i am sure now that don 2 will break all the records
    and ranked no 1 in the boxoffice for the year 2011;;”
    cant wait for the christmax gift frm srk which is don 2
    luv u srk
    god bless u….,,,.,,,

  • Srk is always best. Can’t wait to watch Don 2, even if it cud get negative reviews. I love his acting. Don 1 was also great. Liked it. The worst thng for me is that there is no cinema here. I have to buy dvd or download don 2 from net. Surely won’t get the original version and this hurts me a lot. Stil love to waste money for unclean dvd. This is love for SRK. Best wishes for him.

  • I m so excited to watch don 2 after reading all these reviews. I m going to watch don 2 again nd again. Love u srk. Right now its tough to wait for don 2.

  • to my dear friend who jst mentioned Don 2 is crap
    ask ur salman or aamir khans to do something like this the will piss in their pants. hahahaha


  • Can’t wait any more .. . . After hearing reviews of UK peoples….m damn sure it ll b a ATBB movie ….srk rockssssss

  • “When a film is over-promoted as was the case with Ra One it makes it pretty evident that the makers are not confident of their product and are trying to cash-in on the initial weekend to recover most of the films investment.” – Are you a student of marketing? If you are, you would know that when there’s something new or exciting, something you’re certain the public has probably not seen before, you would launch your product in the most exciting way possible. How many times must SRK say it, that massive promotion was necessary for a film like Ra.One? It’s not because he is not confident of his film and thus ‘over-promoted’ it. Please don’t let your bias, envy, whatevercrapitis, show.

    Well, thank goodness Don 2 is helmed by a brilliant director. Otherwise people will start putting the blame on SRK again.

  • Can’t wait for don 2….its a sure ATBB..opening may not be huge like bodyguard..but as content is excellent..its business will grow day by day..all the best SRK.

  • @Ladyrae, still don’t get what was so different about Ra One apart from VFX. It was nothing more than a regular Bollywood masala film. And if you don’t remember, SRK went all out to promote Don, but with Don 2 the promotions were low-key.

  • I just watch Don2 in Dubai, and it is a Great Movie, Blockbuster, all indians should be pround on bollywood, must watch movie. 10 out of 10

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