Don 2 Movie Reviews from UK

Don 2 released in UK today and here are some of the short movie reviews from those who have already watched Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release.

  • Harika Chadha’s Review: My Don 2 verdict: absolutely fabulous, clever script, slick production, brilliant acting and outstanding dialogues 9.5/10 (- 0.5 for Priyanka Chopra). Brilliant from start to finish! Excellent first and second half. Bollywood signs off 2011 spectacularly with Don 2. It exceeded my expectations by far, and I had very high expectations to start with!
  • Mansoor hafeeza sent a tweet to Farhan Akhtar saying: Hey farhan .. The response is amazing in uk.. Just came out after watching don 2 in Wandsworth London .. What a movie year
  • Will Sheppard’s Review: Watch Don 2 to see Shahrukh Khan and Boman Irani give amazing performances, priyanka do her usual rubbish, explosions, car chases and only one song!
  • Mahendra Kumar Giri: Nice work done by Farhan Akhtar! Made a man make switch over from Cartoon (R-1) movie to action thriller Don 2 !!
  • Javed Kana: Premiere of Don 2. Nail-biting first half. SRK ROCKS!! And Farhan Akhtar’s direction is first rate!!!

Jay Mamtora’s Don 2 review and impressions spread over several tweets. Some interesting points, do read.

  • Don 2 (at) Interval: slick and gripping movie and the 3D is very effective! Let’s hope the curse of the second half doesn’t strike!
  • Shahrukh Khan makes a great villain and the action sequences are outstanding – they put Ra One to shame.
  • Don 2 totally kicks ass! What a film great action, suspense, coherent plot, interesting characterisations… Very Hollywood!
  • SRK performed really well… None of his usual hamming… Very restrained and stylish being a villain really suits him!
  • Priyanka Chopra was good in whatever she had to do and aced the action sequences but I wish there was more of her! The interaction and her relationship with Don is very interesting
  • And what I loved was the fact that there were no unwanted songs and so there was no interruption in the plot. It was waay better than Don 1!
  • The supporting cast were good too especially Boman Irani. Kunal Kapoor and Lara Dutta were average
  • Essentially Don 2 is a boys film. Great action and explosions and an interesting plot too. The characters were very grey nobody was black or white! They should definitely have a third part
  • I didn’t really count the action sequences but I loved how there was a certain consistency abt the film – no bakwas!
  • On Don 2’s Runtime: it was about 2hrs 20mins I think :-)
  • It’s so cool and slick and really shows that Bollywood can make good action films too
  • I’d say about 3.5 to 4 stars… I really enjoyed it was hooked didn’t get bored at all
  • Not killer suspense. no, but I liked how everything fell into place. It wasn’t stupid suspense like say Race (Abbas-Mustan film) it made sense.
  • it (theater) wasn’t completely full.. But people were laughing at SRK’s witty remarks and saying how much better it was than Ra One
  • On Hrithik Roshan’s role: He didn’t have that big a role but was okay in whatever little he had to do. He was dapper and dashing as usual but i was slightly disappointed about the way he was used (in Don 2)
  • No Don 2 won’t break Bodyguards record I don’t think but I’m hoping it does well as it was really well made
  • I liked the story it followed through nicely from Don 1
  • second half was better than the first for a change
  • It’s a thousand times better than Don 1 I didnt really like Don 1
  • I want to watch the first one again as it refers back to the first quite a bit I would like to watch in succession
  • SRK was restrained and subtle not his usual over the top acting that’s why I enjoyed it
  • I must say 3D was very well done
  • Hrithik was in for about 5 mins this is an out and out SRK movie
  • Not slow paced at all. The action kicks off in the first 5 mins that’s what I liked no time wasting
  • Very mission impossible (Hollywood movies), slick and believable no dishum dishum like standard Bollywood films
  • On Sahil Shroff: the newcomer was handsome but his performance was nothing to write home about
  • I have a feeling it will definitely do well and help SRK reclaim some lost glory post Ra One
  • I think it won’t break bodyguards record because people were so disappointed with Ra One
  • I liked the climax it was exciting and the way it ended

We’d like to thank Jay Mamtora for giving us his consent to publish his tweets here on Indicine.  He covered most of the points – right from Hrithik’s cameo, the action sequences, performances to the box-office performance of the film. Quite obviously, most people were keen on knowing if the film will break Bodyguard’s record. He thinks it won’t, but if it’s a well-made film and liked when it releases in India, it had good chances.

If you have already seen the film, post your Don 2 reviews in the comment section below

More on Don 2 soon, stay tuned!



  • My Don 2 Review

    First half was okay.. second half was great! SRK rocked as Don, Priyanka was irritating, Boman was awesome. Hrithik’s special appearance was mindblowing.

    Action scenes were great, dialogues were the best part.

    My rating 3.5

  • Watched Don 2 3d in west india quays in docklands. Wow this film is a world beater, i watched in 3d Hritikh Roshan was a surprise but all eyes were glued to the evilness and slyness portrayed by don in the movie. 10/10 OUTSTANDING

  • Of course Don 2 won’t beat Bodyguard records….Don 2 is for the intelligent audience, so that excludes half of India.

  • Awesome movie….no flows in script….perfect everywhere…quick screenplay…great performances..n ever best direction. After a long time intelligent movie from hindi cinema.just a humble request, bodyguard lovers dnt go for this, i doubt u may understand this one.

  • Now excitement for the movie is on the sky. Its a surprise there is no single negative review. I srk nd don 2 team deserve this applause frm viewers.

  • was a higher worldwide grosser than bodyguard and don 2 seems to have better content so it wwill beat both ra1 and bodyguard

  • It seems that, At Last SRK comes back with a BIG BANG :) LIKED IT…… may be before doin don, he might have had some glimpse from baazigar n darr :P bt jokes apart, personally happy to see positive responce :) FARHAN ROCKS>>>> one more person to share the credit along wid srk is himself the director…. :) KUDOS

  • haha…ol thz wtchd don2 r praising d muv srk n farhan…n d dirty minded indicine teams tries 2 bring out negative comments abot d muv evn if it is written by salman khan…u guyz shuld grow up…d critics r praising d muvv…bodyguardz record will b ntg in frnt don 2…

  • i watched film 3d is good srk is better than bloody ra1 and bodyguard both fucking bodyguard just earned 229 crore and ra1 stopped on 240 crore but don2 will hatch more

  • Now that’s called an action packed thriller… Best bollywood movie in recent time.. U can watch it on and on and on

  • boring?? em shocked to hear this. I think these kinda ppl dont have sense and they can only see senseless movies of salman Khan. Shahrukh Khan .. you simply did a fantastic job. just because of you ..
    mujhe bhi junglee biliyan bht psnd hain :D :D my fav dialogue of the film is “taaqat ek nasha hai aur main us nasha banane wali factory ka ikhlawta maalik hun :D :D :D ;)

  • The reviews are ‘ek dum positive’ frm all over d places were Don2 was released. . . .
    Gud signs 4 d film. . . .
    SRK as always, ROCKS. . . . !

    As far as, Salman fans r concerned, Guys. . . grow up. . . . . Sallu ki time pass movies dekh dekh kar tum logon ka Quality Movie Sense hi kharab ho gaya hai. . . . .

  • Jst wait nd watch…sallu fans,dn’t go for it,u r nt matured enough for this kinda action thriller…and also there is no ‘teri meri’….

  • Don2 is going to break 3 Idiots record.The action scene of Don2 is by far the best.It’s close to Hollywood action scene.Hrithik has mesmerised the audience in his only 5 mints role.Srk gave his best but Boman irani has fetched all ovation from the public.I honestly one thing is this year is for only Farhan akhtar.What a multi-talented guy.Keep it up.

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