Dangal targets 1000 crore in China, 2000 crore globally

The unprecedented and historic run of Aamir Khan’s Dangal in China has meant that the blockbuster is now targeting records that truly justify the word – ‘unbelievable’.

The film has collected nearly Rs 730 crore in China and it recorded its best ever day on its 3rd Saturday (16th day) at the box office – collecting more than Rs 100 crore on a single day. This means the word-of-mouth is driving the film to insane levels of business and it could even add Rs 300 crore (nearly $50 million) or more to its total before the end of its run.

This would mean, Dangal will cross the Rs 1000 crore mark in China – a country where no other Indian film had previously crossed the Rs 125 crore mark. In fact, a film without Aamir Khan hasn’t even crossed the Rs 15 crore mark in China and here we have a film like Dangal that could do one thousand crores!

It also gives the film a fairly decent chance of grossing more than 2000 crore globally. Dangal has already grossed nearly 1500 crore. It’ll beat Bahubali in next 3-4 days and become the highest grossing Indian film of all time.

‘Bahubali 2’ destroyed ‘Dangal’ at domestic box office recently. It’s Dangal’s turn now.



  • What a joke16th day 100 crore. Yaar Kya chutiyapa h. Fakne ki b had ho gyi h. Roj kuch b figure de dete. Kamal ki setting ki h dangal team ne. Bahubali ko b likh dena chahiye Sunday 100 crore unbelievable. Or dangal k sath samil ho jaye.

  • Dangal has not done better in south than Bahubali 2 doing well in hindi belt…this shows that acceptance of hindi movies is less in south. Despite that Dangal will beat Bahuball-2 globally. Budget wise Dangal is small compare to Bahubali-2 and Bahubali-2 was released in more than double no. of screens in India. Dangal has content which is why it’s still ruling and connecting well with audience unlike Bahuali-2 which has mass hype associated with it due to its prequel. Without the prequel Bahubali-1 was folded under 700 Cr. This shows that Bollywood has potential to shine indian cinema globally and shun Hollywood’s movie if it gets it due support in indian southern belt.

  • Bahubali 2 never destroyed Dangal nor does Dangal owe Bahubali 2 any reply. Dangal a sport movie is in its own league that gives no room for comparison with other movies.
    Well done Aamir Sir, phenomenal!!!

  • OMG!!!! Can’t Believe….

    Only Aamir Rule King Of Box Office

    Will cross Bahubali worldwide Collection definitely

  • Hit like if you think Dangal is the biggest blockbuster of Indian Cinema.
    Hit dislike if you think Baahubali 2 is the biggest blockbuster of Indian Cinema.

  • ‘Bahubali 2’ destroyed ‘Dangal’ at domestic box office recently. It’s Dangal’s turn now


  • @ what a joke, bahubhali2 has crushed, steamrolled, bulldozed dangal in india, there is no comparison, 1100 nett collections and still running and 390 nett collections, that is three times the collection, you continue to live in denial, that is the fact, we are indians not chinese, even worldwide collection bahubhali2 is still bigger than dangal at present and that too in just 20 days after release

  • Dangal will not be received as the biggest hit because of Bahubali.
    If it weren’t for Bahubali, Dangal would have been considered as The mightiest Blockbuster.
    But sadly, apart from industry and few people who read box office sites, not many of general public will consider it’s achievement.
    Dangal’s 1000 cr in China is great.
    But, Bahubali’s 900+ cr in India is truly UNIMAGINABLE.
    The common public opinion is that BAHUBALI IS THE GREATEST HIT EVER.
    like dilwale is considered a below average though it did huge in overseas…..
    Sadly, Dangal can never destroy Bahubali.
    Dangal’s record will be an Underrated Achievement

  • Mark my words… thugs of hindostan prediction.

    Opening day:- 65-70 cr net nd around 120 gross including tamil tulugu nd other version.

    Weekend:- 450cr gross in india

    Lifetime:- 1200-1300 cr gross in india + 600-700 cr overseas(exclude china)

    China:- 700-800cr if its avg movie can go to 1500cr or more if movie vl b osm .

    2500$-3500$ pretty much on card..

    Omg cant wait for thugs of hindostan.. bharat mata ki jay…

    All records vl gonna shatter whatever bahubali2 has now.

  • We r Indians a country where baahubali destroyed it..why should we care for Chinese collections ?..let Chinese jump !

  • Haha
    Bahubali 2’ destroyed ‘Dangal’ at domestic box office recently. It’s Dangal’s turn now
    Yes obviously @indicine
    Kyunki champion is always a champion
    Lovin ittttttt💞💞

  • The world’s highest populated country and our trade analysts are receiving daily figure so early and that too of foreign country. We can’t able to publish bo figure so early in over own country. How is it possible? Manipulated..

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