Dangal enters Top 30 Highest Grossers of All Time In China

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has entered the Top 30 list of All-Time Highest Grossers in China – beating the collections of several Hollywood, Chinese and other films that have released in the most populous country in the world.

Dangal is currently the 6th highest grosser of 2017 in China and should finish its run as the 2nd highest grosser of the year.

The historic run of the Nitesh Tiwari directed classic is the biggest box office achievement of an Indian film, overseas.

Check out the Top 30 Highest Grosser of All Time:

RankMovieChina Gross
1The Mermaid3.39 billion
2The Fate of the Furious2.67 billion
3Monster Hunt2.44 billion
4Furious 72.48 billion
5Transformers: Age of Extinction1.99 billion
6Kung Fu Yoga1.75 billion
7Mojin: The Lost Legend1.68 billion
8Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back1.65 billion
9Lost in Hong Kong1.61 billion
10Zootopia1.53 billion
11Warcraft1.47 billion
12Avengers: Age of Ultron1.46 billion
13Goodbye Mr. Loser1.44 billion
14Jurassic World1.42 billion
15Avatar1.34 billion
16Lost in Thailand1.27 billion
17Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons1.24 billion
18Captain America: Civil War1.24 billion
19The Monkey King 21.20 billion
20Operation Mekong1.18 billion
21The Great Wall1.17 billion
22Breakup Buddies1.17 billion
23Jian Bing Man1.16 billion
24Kong: Skull Island1.15 billion
25xXx: Return of Xander Cage1.13 billion
26From Vegas to Macau III1.12 billion
27Resident Evil: The Final Chapter1.11 billion
28Transformers: Dark of the Moon1.07 billion
29Duckweed1.05 billion
30Dangal1.05 billion


  • can’t blv that b grade film starring sonu jackie disha KungFuYoga is the 6th highest grossing film of china😨😨😨


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  • जो दुनिया को नामुमकिन लगे…
    वही मौका होता है… करतब दिखाने का!!!!!
    Aamir Khan Does it Again.👏👏

  • There is no point in posting these Chinese figures. There are many movies in bollywood which are avg hit in india but huge blockbuster in overseas. so why are u overhyping it. Neutrals audience have nothing to do with overseas collection.
    why are not you posting TV premier movies ratings?

  • HAHK made a Huge Impact in Overseas Market Opened Overseas Gate and after
    23 YEARS
    Bollywood Movie beating Hollywood Biggies,
    1st Indian Movie to Cross 1000cr Overseas(Overseas-1200cr+)
    Dangal is now Among World’s Top 500 Grossers,
    Biggest Hit in Overseas!!!!
    Historical Milestone in Indian Cinema!!!

  • what a hysteria dangal has created in china ………great pride for india but our policy is product with a gurrentty………….kodos

  • Support as much as you can to crap movies of khan’s.. but ur khan will will get retired of breaking record of Baahubali2 india nett collection
    Non holiday release by our khans
    Fan 85 CR (April release ,same as that of baahubali2)
    Jai ho 114 cr
    Taalassh 90 cr
    Megastar prabhas 1050++crore
    That too after working experience of 25 years by our khans

    Now u have little sense then compare and chose the real megastar out of them
    No doubt prabhas is the baap of khans

  • Slap on indian box office what it should have collected in china that should have been indian collection!!! But then we all know about this taxes and we know exactly how much profit its made!!! But not once have we been told how much profit its made in china???? Thats one thing hidden we only looking at collections!! Indicine too much hypocrisy

  • 2 years earlier, I asked a question to Indicine that Don’t you think that overseas success of Bollywood films are overrated as that time Highest grosser of all time was D3-31m$ followed by Pk-26m$. The reason was the expected footfalls. We don’t have any market in most populated country, In US PK hit 10m$ first time which means very less people watch our films in USA,UK and other big countries.
    We need this kind of success in overseas to celebrate when our films has been watched by over 3.5crore non Indian audience. Dangal is sholay of India in overseas market.
    The impact of Dangal success is that BOI removed the dubbed version of overseas from their top overseas grosser list. Just imagine Dangal stand at 200m$ total overseas while apart from PK, Bahubali 2 and Dhoom 3 none have crossed 30m$ yet.
    Aamir has achieved that thing in overseas which was needed for Indian cinema but never expected / predicted by any one.
    Aamir you made my dreams come true for overseas business. You are the sole leader of Bollywood when it need the most in Bahubali 2 wave.

  • Return.of Xander cage above dangal… :0 … So whats the big deal if Dangal doing business there too :D.. Stop overhyping Indicine

  • Hahhha Xander cage above Dangal.. Jbhy Dangal b doing business… Sbhy krlety hain china mai :D… btw Deepika is > Aamir in china :p stop overhyping Dangal INDICINE :D

  • If SS Rajamouli has conquered north india region. Then aamir has conquered all over China. #Always follows excellence. Success will come easily.

  • Lots of people think if baahubali 2 release in china then this movie can beat dangal……….china is not india it is international market………….where is aamir nd where is bahubali……..aamir is global star world knws him …..bahubali release hua tha kya hua uska …1 crore b paar nahi kr paayi thi nd usi time pk ne 140 crore ka bussiness kiya………toe bhaiyo……..dangal ko thugs of hindustan hi tod skta hai……..

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