Dangal crosses 1000 crore worldwide, could beat Bahubali 2

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has crossed the 1000 crore mark worldwide and the film could challenge the worldwide record of Bahubali 2 – if it continues it record-shattering run in China.

Bahubali 2 will soon cross the 1300 crore mark worldwide, but the worldwide business of the film is likely to slow down in the next couple of weeks. But the trend of Dangal in China is extraordinary and the collections continue to improve.

The second Saturday collections was nearly 3 times more than the first Saturday. The film could more than double its China collections from here, which would mean Dangal is now targeting a 1500-crore worldwide total.

If it continues to outperform, Dangal could soon surpass Bahubali 2 by a big margin in the next few weeks.

It’s Aamir Khan once again, single-handedly leading by example for the Hindi Film Industry – amidst all the criticism that it is facing after the super-success of Bahubali 2.

Check out the worldwide collections of Hindi films, Dangal leads by a huge margin.

1Dangal1401 cr
2PK761 cr
3Bajrangi Bhaijaan625 cr
4Sultan583 cr
5Dhoom 3561 cr
6Chennai Express406 cr
73 Idiots391 cr
8Dilwale386 cr
9Prem Ratan Dhan Payo374 cr
10Bajirao Mastani362 cr


  • Bhed ki Hahakaar ke badle sher ki ek dahaad hai pyare DANGAL DANGAL

  • He is a legend. Hit like if you think Dangal will Cross the worldwide collections of Baahubali 2.Hit dislike if you think it will not..,,

  • Aamir khan once again proved that he is indias biggest superstar. .. it is not sheer craze thar rajnikant has… in tamil nadu ….its not the tremendous fan following salman and srk have… it is something extra ordinary and impossible. .. I had always been a aamir khan fan right from qayamat….. bt now he has broken all expectations. … it’s true he does very few films and keeping in mind the tremendous run of salman khan and also back to back hits from akki I can quite easily say that not only in india bt aamir is one of the biggest superstars of the world.. kudos to him

  • And DANGAL is not an Magnum opus like BAAHUBALI…
    It is just a 70 cr budget film made with honesty, sheer hard work and brilliance of Aamir khan..

  • Dangal definitely cross bahubali2 worldwide collection…Dangal is crossing hollywood big movies ,then what is the matter of bahubali2..
    After china release ,aamir dhoom3 mode,” bahubali2 ko lgta tha ki jeet uski ho rhi h lekin jeette hm h hmesha.”/..hahahahaha

  • History has been Written by Aamir
    85cr Single Day,
    (Even in Bollywood Highest Single Day belongs to Aamir)
    Beats Hollywood Movie GOG2,
    And Biggest Achievement
    1st Bollywood Movie To Cross 1000Cr .
    And Few More Unimaginable
    Records on The Way.
    “Jahaan Pana, Tussi Great Ho.”🙇🙇

  • Misale di jaati hai bhuli nhi jaati..
    Misaal bn Gyi Dangal pr aise hi nhi Pyaar Se mehnat se Lagan se..
    Very easily people say he made one movie in 2 years but this one movie is saving the face of Bollywood people

  • wat hindi belt did for baahubali 2 china is doing even better for Dangal

    so the million dollar question now is
    When will south indian audience accept a bollywood movie in the same way? ?
    bolly is so large hearted that our no.1 producer backed & promoted a regional film & entire nation gave it deserving love but south is yet to do the same for us😔
    bolly hits always work in south india but never earn the amount regional films earn there..from bengal to punjab to orrisa to gujarat to even china despite presence of local industry & regional language, bolly got whole hearted acceptance everywhere except our southern india.

    bolly business as well as south indian film business has grown everywhere around the world but our southies continue to not give us the deserving numbers

    koi baat nai
    apno ne jo na kia vo paraye ne kar dikhaya
    Luv u china, usa, uk, Taiwan, australia

  • Unbelievable.. Aamir khan single handedly challenging or possibly beating a mega blockbuster like bahubali 2 is something that needs to be admired and acknowledged by one and all..Its been 9 years since aamir khan is leading by an example for bollywood when it comes to lifetime collections..
    This man is a Legend..

  • Thanks aamir for giving a mouth shutting reply to bahubali 2 and south industry … It was must because from last 3 weeks they are Bollywood is nothing in front of tollywood .. This reply was must now want salman Bhai and king Khan srk to show the stardom they have and give another mouth shutting reply to south peoples .. !

  • Where is ur source of China collections @ Indicine? Keep hyping it up from Dangal team just because of Bahubaali 2 release.

  • Aamir khan comes up As A Savior Of Bollywood.

    All The Bollywood Fans (Salman Srk fans etc) Should Be United For DANGAL.

    Don’t Forget How They ( Southies) Criticized Bollywood.

    TOH TUBELIGHT TZH REHNUMA Will show then What Strength Bollywood Has.

  • Dangal ka china me second week ka collection dekha ke aisa lagra hai ki wo abhi release hui hai China me.I m proud to say that dangal is Indian film

  • @indicine
    This is not fair
    Dangal-1st Bollywood Movie to cross 1000Cr
    1 Special Article to Banta he
    Aamir & DANGAL Par.

  • I can’t even think about these numbers but it ain’t Aamir or Prabhas it’s Dangal & Bahubali2….. But that’s not mean that Aamir or Prabhas is bigger than Salman & SRK.

  • I can’t even think about these numbers. These figs are insane, beyond the reach… unreachable. PK wss highest with 790 crs but Dangal doubled it… it’s unbelievable. …… but it ain’t Aamir or Prabhas it’s Dangal & Bahubali2….. But that’s not mean that Aamir or Prabhas is bigger than Salman & SRK.

  • A biopic is challenging the most Expensive & high class action budget movie is due to its Quality+Starpower. #Classic

  • Those critism was just by some trade industries wanna be in d news , some naive fans…For once I never took them serious. I know who Aamir Khan is so all those hypes were irrelevant considering the way he controls the box office domestic and worldwide.

  • Ni vfx no known face except aamir khan…absolutely an offbeat film and even indicine which is the one of the best movie websites… had predicted that it will cross only 200 crore now it oroved everything wrong… such craze is not only for aamir khan bt the sheer following he developed… the trust he had developed from the audience. .. that he always surprise them and after years of hard work he had proved his mettle.. lost my words…moneywise it is much more profitable comparing to b2 because it was made only on 70 crore and lower distribution price and b2 production cost was 250 crore truly hats off aamir khan

  • Are these collections of dangal r real???
    Y no one is questioning it??
    Just bcoz of bahubali 2 success….dangal team is hyping their numbers and some people r believing them…..strange!!!
    Amir is genius.. he knows how to take attention away from other people….

  • @indicine
    Where is ur source of China collections @ Indicine? Keep hyping it up from Dangal team just because of Bahubaali 2 release.
    Also theatrical rights has already been sold to chinese distribution company and only 25℅ vl come to aamir pocket .
    Means if china collections 700 crore so only 175 vl add up to total collection that 1000 crore is still out of reach for tinny khan.

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