Christmas 2014: Ranbir Kapoor film to hit screens

The trend of blocking holiday release dates, a year or more in advance, continues. Anurag Kashyap has announced the release date of his film with Ranbir Kapoor titled ‘Bombay Velvet’. The film, also starring Anushka Sharma, will release during Christmas 2014.

Anurag’s Phantom Films will be co-producing the film with Fox Star Studios.

“We are delighted to partner with Anurag Kashyap on his next directorial venture ‘Bombay Velvet’. What will make this cinematic journey unique will be the presence of Ranbir and Anushka as the lead protagonists,” Vijay Singh, CEO of Fox Star Studios said in a statement.

Bombay Velvet is set in Mumbai in an era spanning from 1950s to 1970s. It is the first film of a trilogy on how the city became a metropolis.

Anurag has been working on the script for over 4 years and now that it is ready, the director will begin calling the shots from July this year.



  • WoW Bollywood is becoming more and More exciting.. Never knew this could happen in Bollywood.. Now booking nearly 2 years before slot for movie.. Great.. And i think Anurag Kashyap wil not move his movie in any case..

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  • thats not fair, big holidays like EID,DIWALI,CHRISTMAS etc are for huge superstars like akshay,hrithik, aamir,salman,srk etc, its not for kids like ranbir !!!!! we need a big film on christmas !!!

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  • “Bombay Velvet” on Christmas 2014 means “PK” will not release on Christmas 2014 maybe it will release before otherwise Anurag Kashyap or anyone else will not release their movie in front of Aamir khan-Raju hirani combo.

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  • Big holidays like Eid, Diwali, Christmas etc should have movies of superstars like the Khans, Akshay, Hrithik or Ajay. Baqi sab bachche logoo ka!
    Thuppakki remake on Christmas 2014 is a perfect treat as it’s the lucky date for Murugadoss.

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  • @opop do you know when Rakesh Roshan booked Diwali 2013 for Krrish 3?! back in march 2011!!!..yea 2.8 years before…

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  • PK could release as early as next spring so no need for it to release later during Christmas 2014.

    By the time 2014 comes round then I believe many more movies may be eyeing up the Christmas festival period so Anurag may not move his movie but there will lose screen space for sure.

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  • What the hell he can’t speak one dialouge properly n they put him in leauge of khan….first take sm acting lessons frm shahruk khan,n sm perfection fr aamir khan n sm energy frm salman khan…..

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  • @r20, it’s cause of people like you that the younger generation of Bollywood actors such as Ranbir, Imran, Shahid, Ranveer, Ayushmann, etc. are having a tough time moving forward in Bollywood, despite being enormously talented! The Khans, Kumars, Devgns are on the verge of turning 50, is it really normal for them to be playing 20 year olds in their films and be romancing girls who half their age or even younger? Also, Ranbir’s last film Barfi!, despite being an offbeat film, still went on to being a bigger boxoffice success than Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Son Of Sardar, Bol Bachchan, Khiladi 786, etc (which all star your so called “superstars”)! So how is Ranbir any less than them? Also, if the Khans, Kumars and Devgans can keep on playing hero roles at the age of 50, then actresses like Kareena, Aishwarya, Kajol, Vidya, Rani and Preity shouldn’t be called “buddis” or “auntys” and they definitely shouldn’t be told to quit films after they turn 30!

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  • This ranbir is an overhyped actor…….its a joke that he wants his movie to be released during Christmas

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  • It might face competition from PK or other big Christmas release. None of our problem anyway. We will be fortunate enough to see more clashes!

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  • jm
    no yaar,thupakki remake will release jan24
    aug 15 is the perfect release date for gabbar,because it is about corruption.
    akshay have to book these dates

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  • Ranbir deserved the special recokning. He is not far away from khans or kumars. He and hritik are deafintly ahead of Ajay. Emraan Shahid John or Saif etc. etc…

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  • atlleast we’ll get to see a good movie from kashyap instead of watching crappy movie from those 3 superstars who makes crap movies.

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  • Confirmed News : Aamir Khan ‘s movie P.K with Rajkumar Hirani to release on X-mas 2014 . So Anurag kashyap will have to look for another date .

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  • I think P.K will be first 300 crore movie . What do u thnk guys ? anushka sharma said in an inteview dat It’s d best script , she has ever heard .

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  • @riya:very good reply.ranbir is nt less than ajay devgan in terms of popularity. . .he is also much more talented than akki and salman. . .if ppl r calling him kid,then they shld knw dat that kid has won two best actor awards where as oldi papa like sallu n akki hvnt won 1..

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  • @riya, oh really ?? ranbir is a kid okk !!! the only two noteworhty films he has done are rockstar and barfi while rockstar was average at box office , it was only barfi which did huge business and that too we all know how plagiarised that movie was. apart from these two films, ranbir is nothing, nobody knew him before rockstar and barfi. he has still a long way to go, and speaking about newcomers, ranbir kapoor is the most overrated, why he is been given special attention ?? guys like ayushmaan, arjun, varun etc are also equally talented as him but why only ranbir is given special attention ?? because he is from the kapoor khaandaan. he has still a long way to go to prove himself.

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  • let ranbir release his movie in christmas but if akshay or aamir movie releases at that time, ranbir would be the one begging for screens. hrithik has already booked his holidays, shahrukh’s happy new year will release early 2014, so either one of akshay starrer or P.K might come around christmas 2014, tab dekhenge kitna talented hai ranbir. barfi could have never done 100 crore, it was the oscar hype that pushed audience to watch the film. we all know how it was kicked out of oscar nominations lol, a completely plagiarised movie, instead of barfi, kahaani or paan singh tomar should have been sent to oscars but as we know the kapoor lad born with a golden spoon in mouth, taking full advantage of kapoor dynasty. his father rishi kapoor at this age is far better than he will ever be

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  • Totally agreed with @Riya..well said… Y do ppl have so much of negativity for talented young actors like Ranbir..and y do they constantly compare him with Khans… He’s just 5 years old in the industry and has done some amazing stuff that many cudnt do…. Y is this negativity…. These young actors are the future of Indian cinema.. You cant rely on Khans,Kumars forever.. I agree..It’s really difficult to touch the stardom Khans have… They cud achieve that coz theres no one to challenge them at that time.. But now for young actors..there are still Khans here to challenge.. Please please dont compare young actors with that much of experienced actors..its not at all fair… Why ppl become this much of haters when a young actor wins an award over senior ones…. No one gives awards for lineage… Ranbir has earned the stardom and awards on his own…purely on his CANNOT deny that he’s talented… There were many other star kids..Y cudnt they achieve that much then… Where is Sonam today??? Where is Ahishek today..(He is the son of a Megastar..So y cudnt he do what Ranbir did????).. This negativity towards young brigade just ruins the industry… Industry wont go forward with ppl like u @r20 and @Fastus … Please be mature enough to accept that so called superstars cannot rule forever.. They wil b remembered forever…It will b difficult to touch the stardom they reached..But the reality is they dont hav much time left… They all are almost 50… Just accept that and help the young actors to come forward…….

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  • @jitu fake awards are not going to help you in long run ses srk is d best example ..Ranbir is not even 1/10th of Aamir & Salman ..even Nana patekar won best actor award very early into his career fake filmfare no sign of stardom .stardom = box office numbers

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