Baar Baar Dekho Trailer

The theatrical trailer of Baar Baar Dekho starring Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif in the lead is out. Directed by Nithya Mehra, the filmhas the look and breezy feel of a Dharma Productions’ film, but Sidharth’s character in the film moves ahead in time.

The makers of the film have confirmed that Baar Baar Dekho is not a ‘time travel’ film, but a ‘high-concept’ love story.

Talking about the concept of the film, producer Farhan Akhtar had said “Hindi film industry is known for making love stories. Moving forward, I think we have to speak to a younger audience in a new kind of way. Present a love story in a way they have not seen before.”

Karan and Farhan summed up the concept of the film: What if you were giving a chance to see the future of your relationship? What if youcould see the future, how good or bad would that be? And having seen that, what would you do differently? Baar Baar Dekho has a situation and also has a solution.

The film releases in theatres on September 9. Watch the trailer below.



  • Better then expected trailer…surely work with Urban audience …after the viral “Kala chasma” this trailer will surely keep the momentum for “Baar Baar Dekho”

  • This Dharma production produces the same old story most of the time and call it high concept love story. Only Agneepath and Brothers were different baaki sab old wine in new bottles.
    Not a hater but I didn’t like the chemistry between the lead pairs. I hope the film is entertaining.
    This Diwali no more Dharma because I am going after action packed Shivay.

  • Good trailer. The chemistry is lacking, but Katrina is looking yummy. Music will be high point of BBD.

    When Dharma talks about high concept am somehow not convinced, but lets wait and see.

  • @Dr.Mashoor Gulati Brothers was different???a pathetic remake from Warrior was different!joke of the year!

    P.S:Superb trailer…Sidrina Rocks

  • Music will sail the film, concept fresh genre niche however multiplexes will take big opening .. Movie hit hogi better than nightmares i was expecting

  • WTH. I mean seriously man, how long will dharma banner keep making same stereotype rom com movies? Grow up and do something different man. The trailer is just a regular rom com feel. Not much excited.

  • Its nothing but the concept is stolen from Hollywood movie “Premonition”. Same concept but diffrnt story. Only Kat looks hot in bikini.

  • Supppppppper . electic lead pair, good production values, sizzling songs, very urbane this gonna rock .

    no wonder EXCEL believes in this project more than Raees

  • Trailer is fabulous katrina looks so hot
    Will open at 12-13 or may be even more bcoz of katrina kaif

  • Great trailer, movie seems really to have something new to tell.
    And stop barking that Dharma isn’t original, you were all saying the same for Kapoor & Sons and it was far away from the love triangle that many expected ! In fact it was one of the best film of the year..

  • Another fab trailer after kapoor&sons for sid. His 3rd superhit in 6 films old career. Fab start

  • to be honest bakwas trailer … this is going to be biggest flop. songs will be blockbuster but movie is gonna be flop. indicine show my comment .

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