Baar Baar Dekho Trailer

The theatrical trailer of Baar Baar Dekho starring Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif in the lead is out. Directed by Nithya Mehra, the film has the look and breezy feel of a Dharma Productions’ film, but Sidharth’s character in the film moves ahead in time.

The makers of the film have confirmed that Baar Baar Dekho is not a ‘time travel’ film, but a ‘high-concept’ love story.

Talking about the concept of the film, producer Farhan Akhtar had said “Hindi film industry is known for making love stories. Moving forward, I think we have to speak to a younger audience in a new kind of way. Present a love story in a way they have not seen before.”

Karan and Farhan summed up the concept of the film: What if you were giving a chance to see the future of your relationship? What if you could see the future, how good or bad would that be? And having seen that, what would you do differently? Baar Baar Dekho has a situation and also has a solution.

The film releases in theatres on September 9.  Watch the trailer below.



  • These media made directors like adi and kjo r producing and directing softcore movies like this…such talentless people r waste as a directors…in all there movies kissing…lovemaking scenes r increasing with each movies….

  • stupid crap stuff….!!!!….adhm is also looking crap…..same old boring rom com…..!!!!.. it is destined for flop tag…. i will watch shivaay….!!!…grow up …. make somethinggood…!!!… just relying on stardom of actresses like kat,, alia,, sharaddha for hits…..!!!..

  • One of the most overrated trailer i ve ever seen, its the power of paid media who r appreciating it like a master piece but its just an average trailer

  • Guys …guys …guys… Have you seen ‘The travelers wife’? It’s a total copy of that movie…the hero is a time traveler !!!!! The English movie is pretty good …hope this is too….

  • Trailer itself proves its title. Amazing and a different trailer and good to see that siddharth acting has been improved!!!!

  • Not impressive, and what a rubbish concept, they say it’s now a time travel movie….Yaa Shirf Time Travel Machine hi to nahi thi….LOL..
    Another thing which I notice is Katrina looks older than Sid…don’t know why she wants to work with young actors, where she looks older than her co-star….1st Aditya in Fitoor and now Sid totally mismatch….Maybe it’s just me and others not seen this…

    So trailer is not good reminds me of 2050 love story with a little difference….hope movie will be good…2/5 for Trailer

  • And now all experts will say that it copied all english movies that talked about time travel… Grow up guys !

  • Love these feel good movies. Too much violence in the world. Looking forward to the movie. Hats off to Katrina for acting with the up and coming stars.

  • Come on… this looks like ‘click’- an adam sandler classic movie. Why producer always think that no one else from them watching hollywood movies?
    I am not against inspired from a good movie. I am against steal the ideas without permission.

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