Aamir Khan’s Best Movie Scenes

Aamir Khan – the name says it all, doesn’t it? Probably the only actor in the country today, who has earned the ‘trust’ of his audience. Fondly known as ‘The Perfectionist’ of Bollywood, the actor has started many trends and redefined the theories of Bollywood with several path-breaking films, including the Oscar nominated Lagaan.

Aamir made his silver screen debut as a child artist in ‘Yaadon Ki Baaraat’ and as a lead actor in ‘Holi’. But he rose to stardom with his 2nd movie ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ and since then there has been no looking back. His contribution to Indian Cinema and social causes has been immense.

Today on his 48th birthday, we have some of Aamir Khan’s most memorable scenes.

Rancho’s Demo – 3 Idiots: As Rancho, Aamir accidentally enters the wedding of Virus’s (Boman) daughter with his 2 friends Raju and Farhan. He teaches some fundas to Kareena and then when he is caught by Boman, Aamir tries to explain that they actually belong to the department of Science. It’s one of the most ‘fun’ scenes that Aamir has been a part of.

ACP Rathore – Sarfarosh: Aamir portrayed the character of an IPS officer to perfection in Sarfarosh, a movie based on cross border terrorism. He sounds so real when he explains his reasons for joining Police to Mukesh Rishi. Watch it to believe it!

Tapori Munna in Restaurant – Rangeela: Now this one is special. Aamir Khan played a tapori Munna who sells movie tickets in black. What happens when a tapori fellow takes his dream girl to a 5 star Hotel for the first time? Must Watch!

Ya Jhakaas Amar – Andaz Apna Apna: In one of Bollywood’s best ever comedy films, Aamir’s tickled the funny bone of the audience by displaying his superb comic timing. Watch him change colors when he gets to know that Salman’s pistol is actually empty. Hilarious!


Akash in True Love – Dil Chahta Hai: Akash (Aamir) shows his true love and pain when he confesses his love and speaks exactly the same lines to Shalini (Preity) as he did earlier in one of the light-hearted scenes in the movie. Brilliantly directed by Farhan Akhtar and equally well enacted by Aamir.


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  • Amir khan d best actor in d whole universe. No one can beat mr perfectionist..every year I eagerly wait 4 an AMIR film 2 come coz i know that film will undoubtly d best ! Wish a very very very happy b day 2 my dream man Amir khan <3

  • Aamir Khan is probably the only actor who gives importance to scripts. even his not so successful films have attained a cult following. his films are liked by both critics & audience alike, which is a rarity (ranbir is the only other current actor who’s managing it to some extent).
    one of my favorite comedy scenes of all-time is from Andaaz Apna Apna, while he explains how he was a great footballer to the rest. that was indeed a gem of a scene. infact Aamir’s performance in AAA was one of the best performances in that genre by any actor.

  • last scene of Rang de basanti..what an act..aamir shows his brilliance perfectly..what a scene! Best scene ever in a bolly movie..aamir u r da best..many many happy return’s of da day.congrats..love u..

  • Happy Birthday to Perfectionist,Genius,Activist,Patriotic,Singer,Director,Oscar nominated producer,One of the greatest actor and one of the biggest superstar of all time=Padmabhushan Shri Aamir khan.

  • This scenes above are not just Best Movie Scenes of Aamir khan but also each scene is one of the best scene of bollywood.Well done.

  • Audience does not always trust him. Dhobi ghat and Talaash proved it. Happy Birthday to him. Momentous year for him as he has a multistarrer, big banner franchise film like Dhoom 3 lined up for release which is sure to earn him his first hit since 2009’s 3 Idiots, his son Junaid turns 20 and Jaan turns 10 this year. Proud star and proud papa! :D

  • Apart from this the other innumerable best scenes of Aamir khan are from
    Ghulam=10 10 ki daud in which Aamir running towards a train.
    Lagaan=Aamir hits six to win the match
    Ishq=Where Aamir and Ajay gets hanged in between 2 buildings.
    Raja Hindustani=In Joker disguise
    Baazi=In Girl’s disguise
    JJWS=When Aamir wins the race.
    QSQT=Aamir and Juhi in forest.
    RDB=Emotional Climax
    HARPK=Egg throwing scene
    Dil=Replacing boards of public toilet
    Ghajini=Aamir in front of mirror with tatoos all over his body.
    There are many more best scenes of Aamir khan but the only worst scene was from
    Mangal Pandey=When Aamir was hanged.

  • Andaz apna apna is a classic…. Amir had more dialogues but man salman’ best comic acting lifts the the movie up… Both Amir and salman gave two of the best performances in Bollywood .

  • i am not being rude by saying because its a fact. people talk all the lengend like mr bachan, dilip kumar and raj kapoor but i see only actor above everything in bollywood is aamir khan, not even those lengends had the class and stature of showcasing cenima like aamir did, i guess thats why they call him perfectionist because he does eveything perfect. besides salman if there is any guy that i am fan of is aamir khan because of unique cenima and acting. aamir is unique in his own way of expressing his personality through his movies and showing class. he is unreachable interms of cenima standards.

  • Indicine always miss on the deserving stuff. Train scene from Ghulam should be in Top 5 scenes of Aamir.

  • where is the climax scene of Tare zameen par, dieing scene of Asin in gajni. i think actually there isn’t best scene in Aamir’s movie. Cause the all his movies are great itself. hbd master of cinema.

  • Happy Birthday Aamir, we salute you and will continue to showcase our unconditional support for you in everything you do.
    Aamir Khan is:- “The Best there is, The Best there was and The Best there ever will be…!”
    (sorry Bret Hart for borrowing your tagline but you too would agree Aamir is Bolloywoods BEST.)

  • Now that I have congratulated Aamir sir, I can now turn my attention to a certain hater who is embarrassing herself everywhere with petty remarks about Aamir.

    @Deepu clearly my comments left on ‘Aamir on Femina’ cover article hasnt gotten through to you so here it is again for you in crystal clear English which even an imbecile like you can understand.
    Stop hating on Aamir and take your double meaning snide innuendo comments to a SRK page where you will find other imbeciles agreeing with you. I dont know what your problem is with Aamir and I frankly dont care if its the fact your husband divorced you or papa abandoned you as a kid or whatever but in life things dont always follow a straight path from birth to death. Tough decisions have to be taken and Im sure Reena and Aamir would not have wanted to stay together in an empty marriage with no love which would have inadvertedly affected the upbringing of their children. Its best everyone is happy and content in life and we all should try to lead as happy a life we can. Live freely without compromising that happiness for selfish small minded imbeciles like you who like nothing more than pretending to sit on their high horse loving to criticise and ridicule. Get a life, learn the whole story and then try to understand what you would do in a similar situation rather than jumping the gun and looking to villify individuals.

  • The best thing about Aamir is that he could have continued doing the dil-vil kinda films, but he stopped and assessed that it is not what he should be doing, and took a big risk of doing different films, and he finally succeeded.

    Kudos to his bravery and the social causes that he indulges in.

  • Best scene: RDB in the very end, Sid and Aamir smiling as soldiers approach ready to kill them. Wow what a way to go out with a Big Smile on your face and your best buddy next to you, brothers til the very end. The baby skin colour joke too made it a complete scene showcasing numerous emotions. Perfect…!
    A classic image I will keep with me forever.

  • wishing a very warm birthday to my all time favorite actor aamir khan, i am the huge, huge fan of aamir since my childhood, am not missing his any films or even ad, i like his every scenes from all the movies, so its quite difficult to choose one performance among all…

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