Aa Gaya Hero First Weekend Box Office Collections

Note: Due to some technical issues, the QnA session last evening ended mid way. Articles today were delayed for the same reason.

Govinda’s comeback film Aa Gaya Hero has performed poorly at the box office, with collections of less than 1 crore in its first weekend. The film was a washout pretty much all over with Mumbai circuit contributing 19 lakhs and Delhi/UP adding 12.5 lakhs to the weekend total. East Punjab was extremely poor throughout the weekend.

All the controversy that Govinda tried to create through media interviews, made no difference at the box office.

The film will fail to even recover its release costs, as the lifetime business will finish at around the 1 crore mark.

The collections of Aa Gaya Hero is as follows:

  • Friday – 22 lakhs
  • Saturday – 20 lakhs
  • Sunday – 28 lakhs
  • Total – 70 lakhs


  • “All the controversy that Govinda tried to create through media interviews….”
    Quite biased…how can u directly attack an actor ?Since he is no more a star,is the reason?

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  • Govindas arrogance led to his downfall.. Both sunny & Govinda- 2 big stars of 90s witnessed their career coming crashing down but Anil & especially Sanjay Dutt managed to gain success bcz they were always honest abt themselves, happily played second fiddle or supporting roles in good films & at times gave a munnabhai type cult blockbuster or 24 type popular TV series in lead role. ..!!

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  • Bad news. Govinda should do multistarer movie rather than solo.
    All 3 movies has dissapointed at bo. Bad week but BKD is still going strong. Waiting for bb2, Tbl &
    3Diwali 2.0.

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  • They r attacking govinda because Govinda insulted Their God Varun Dhawan.. That’s it @Naveen

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  • Partner will remain his only hit this century. But for many morons, it was a hit bcse of GOVINDA

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  • @indicine will you continue the question and answer segment? It was a fun segment. It was the first time for me bcoz i have been following your site from a long time but never noticed it.

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  • Indicine like:salman khan,shahrukh khan,varun dhawan. 2) Like little bit:akshay kumar,ranbir kapoor,aamir khan 3)doesn’t like:ranveer singh,shahid kapoor,hrithik roshan.such a biased site

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  • Imagine Govinda saying ‘Varun Dhawan should not be arrogant, and that he can never be like Salman Khan’. The youngster has now kicked him into the box office trash bin. So much fun …. 😃😜😆😄

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  • It’s retirement time Mr Govinda! Please, do it fast while u still have some pride left.

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  • @indicine… Why did you waste time for this movie ???

    Ha ha ha… How and why such movies get made and even how and why did they get a release will always remain a mystery ??????????
    I don’t think any of the critics had dared to watch it, they had just given the review by the title only… I mean who on earth has the power to withstand such a torture like ‘Aa gaya *ero’

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  • Woh Gaaya Hero !!!!!! :p

    Govinda should realize his time as a lead star is gone. Instead of attacking Megastar like Salman Khan and insulting an upcoming superstar like Varun he should know what roles he needs to do to come back. He has lost his senses.

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  • He has abused David Dhawan, Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan for not helping him during his tough days and comparing with him. Salman & David Dhawan gave him partner but he failed to capitalize on its success and continued doing some b grade movies and he expect them to help him every time.

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  • But according to few Idiots Partner was Hit because of Govinda……then why his AGH was disaster…LOL

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  • @ms..



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  • But d question remains how many comeback this man will have. 2007 in was partner but in reality in 2006 he was part of superhit film bhagam bhag with Akshay kumar. N he starred in saif n ranveer singh just 2 yrs back. So many comebacks.someone plz tell him to Do some elderly n it’s 15 yrs now dat he is been outclassed by Khan’s n Kumar. Don’t try to compete them even in ur dreamz.

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