3 Idiots is Bollywood’s Biggest HIT Overseas

Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots has broken all overseas records to become the highest grossing Bollywood film ever!

The Aamir Khan – Kareena Kapoor starrer has won the hearts of the Chinese audience, who just cannot seem to get enough of Ranchodas Chanchad and Silencer, characters played by Aamir and Omi Vaidya.

3 Idiots, which was released during Christmas 2009 in India, was released in China just two weeks back with 900 prints, by far the biggest release for a Bollywood film in China. The movie has become an instant hit with the audience and has collected around Rs 11 Crore in just 14 days.

Sameer Rao, CEO of Vinod Chopra Films, tells us “China is the second biggest film market after the United States but it is very difficult to enter because only twenty foreign films can be screened in China in a year. After its success in just two weeks, the Vidhu Chopra camp has built high hopes that the movie will have a very long run in the Chinese market.”

We also spoke to Anil Arjun, the CEO of Reliance Media Works, who said “The message in the film has been the pull factor in the film. Such a great response from a non-traditional territory like China is a welcome phenomenon for the Hindi film Market.”

This extra ordinary success in the Chinese Market has made 3 Idiots the highest grossing movie in the overseas market with a total of Rs 121 crores. It’s success has opened doors to other Indian movies in the Chinese market.

Audrey Lee, who leads the Chinese distributor firm Ekdo Films, said “Films from various countries are given a chance to be released in China under the quota system. As 3 Idiots is doing very well, Indian Films now have a better chance to be released in China. The local distributors too shall try hard as they have seen the response an Indian film can get.”



  • Fake article the production house is pumping fake figures so its becomes the highest grosser overseas. even MNIK producers said MNIK ww gross 1st phase is 110 crores. Its all bullshit.
    MNIK id highest grosser

  • This is an old drama of SRK fans first dey say SRK movie will break the record & when it couldnt dey come with excuses like SALMAN movies work only because of good music, nw tell me who stops SRK to put good music in his movies & RA.1 had many good songs & good effects den y it couldnt cross READY’S business

  • This is fake …u go and visit any x..y..z site(wikipedia, boxofficeindia.net,etc.) the overseas collection of MNIK is 93-95 crores and that of 3 idiots is 72-74 crores so even if it earns 11 crores in China its total will increase to 83 crores then how can it surpass mnik…and still 2nd phase of mnik overseas release is left…this will only further boost the collection….so the news that 3 idiots toppled mnik in overseas is totally baseless..

  • AAMIR KHAN IS THE KING.HE IS PRIDE TO INDIAN CINEMA.HE IS TAKING INDIAN CINEMA TO NEW HEIGHTS.srk sucks.ra.one is the biggest flop in india.just collected 115 crores with 200crore budget.don2 already sucked.SRK KO WAAT LAGI.srk created huge controversy drama for MNIK to get good openings.srk is king of hamming and bragging.its true.he has become comedian,laughing stock.he deserved that golden kela worst actor award.

  • haha…indicine ur gr8…u guyz didnt blv whn eros published the boxoffice report abt Ra.one …whn 3 idiots got 15 cr…u say tht its biggst…gr8…

  • indicine…thr r articles abt films tht collected 100 crores world wide and about top overseas grossers in BOI…y u guyz not putting thz articles…hooo…srk factor…

  • Great achievement for 3 Idiots! $2 M mark crossed in just 18 days in China! Still running in Hong Kong even after 16 weeks! And already completed 25 weeks in Taiwan! Those who doubt its box office collections are most welcome to check out Variety, Box Office Mojo and Entgroup.cn for each and every count of its collections in each and every country. Even BOI has now confirmed that 3 Idiots is officially the highest grossing film overseas.

    Congratulations to the entire team of 3 Idiots! Great achievement, well deserved! They never hyped themselves as making some global film. The film made waves on its own merit!

    Aal izz well!

  • 3idiots was good only because of Sherman n Omi…Sherman stole the show, similarly Omi n Boman were equally good. Its the character of amir,madhavan is strong not their acting but
    in comparison to Sherman’s performance its nothing. Sherman n Omi rockssss a big time…About amir’s role he looks old(remember joy lobo’s funeral moment in rain n amir’s face looked like his character from fanaa, hirani should have casted ranbir or shahid to give 18years boy look)… Still its good movie:)

  • MNIK did well only in muslim dominated countries….. but it’s content will not work in China. 3 idiots has also not been released in many regions by the end it wll b 3 idiots miles ahead of MINK….all these SRK fans can’t digest other’s success…. accept it guys SRK’s time is gone….

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