Sandhya in dubbing process

The audio release of ‘Sandhya’ is expected on May 21 and the film on June 8.

Dubbing work is in progress for ‘Sandhya’ directed by Ganamurali and produced by Bairaiah on the banner of Trimurthi Celluloid with Baladitya and Gayatri in the lead. Executive producer Subrahmanyam says, ‘We are yet to can two songs for the film. We will complete the canning of these two songs in Hyderabad soon. We are planning to launch the audio on May 21 and release the film on June 8. Regarding the storyline, our heroine Sandhya has a lot of interest in education. However, all the parents could not afford good education to their children. But our film proves that if one had a firm commitment, their wishes would be fulfilled by God’s grace and someone would come forward in completing their education. Who came to the rescue of Sandhya in completing her educational pursuit is the story.’ Chandramohan, Kovai Sarala, MS Narayana, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Ananth, Sangeetha, Jhansi and others are in the cast.


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