Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Movie Review

Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara starring Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol and Kalki is one of the most anticipated films of the year. And for good reason too. Zoya made her directorial debut with Luck By Chance, a film that didn’t do too well commercially but received tremendous critical acclaim.

Zindagi.. is one of India’s first big budget road trip movies and much like Luck By Chance, the film is likely to hold more appeal with the big city urban audience. There in lies the problem for Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, for if it is not a well made film, the high costs would be tough to recover. So, is it worth the price of your ticket? Read on to find out.

Kabir (Abhay Deol) is engaged to Natasha (Kalki) and decides to go on a 3 week long holiday before he gets married. During college days he and his best pals Arjun (Hrithik Roshan) and Imraan (Farhan Akhtar) had planned a road trip where each of them would get to pick a ultimate sport of their choice and the other two would have to do it with him. Whether they like it or not. That holiday didn’t happen back then.

Now, years later, they decide to break free from routine work and visit Barcelona for their biggest adventure. A holiday that changes their lives forever!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Review

Why ZNMD is a must watch

  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a film that you connect with on a person level. Its easy to identify yourself with one of the characters  because they are so real.  Their feelings, emotions, banter, those nostalgic memories of the moments they spent together in the past are so easy to connect and identify yourself with. Kudos to Zoya Akhtar for avoiding  melodrama and cinematic cliches.
  • The performances and the chemistry that the three boys share is fantastic. Farhan Akhtar gets the best lines and he’s outstanding. Abhay Deol is a natural like always. Hrithik Roshan’s character has limited scope for histrionics here, still he  does very well.
  • Katrina’s performance is improving with each film and she looks stunning, yummy and gorgeous. We could go on and on about the way Katrina looks here. Her dressing is casual, cool and err.. lost for words! Watch out for her scenes with Hrithik, their chemistry together is rocking. And yes, the much talked about kissing scene is very much there!
  • Zindagi.. is an absolute visual treat and this alone is worth the price of your ticket. Indians are likely to flock Barcelona in the coming months for a Spanish holiday.
  • Farhan’s dialogues are superb. In fact, the actor-director has smartly reserved the best lines for himself.
  • Music is effective and goes well with the film. Senorita lives with you long after the credits roll.
  • Kalki and Naseeruddin Shah in a special appearance are good too.
  • An utterly deserving mention for the film’s cinematographer (Carlos Catalan) for capturing Spain so beautifully and the costume designer (Arjun Bhasin) for Katrina’s clothes.

Reasons to skip Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

  • Unfortunately the pace is slow and the length (2 hours 30 mins runtime) is long. This could go against the film as urban audiences these days, don’t really have the patience to watch films in excess of 2 hours.
  • The editing could have been better, especially the second half where the film begins to drag a bit.

Overall, we loved Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Its a light hearted slice-of-life film that is meant to be watched and enjoyed with a tad bit of patience. When utterly non-deserving masala flicks are raking in the moolah at the box office, well-made films like this deserve much better.

Do watch it this weekend and post your reviews below in the comments section. Long or short, do tell us what you think of the movie. Your views are important to us.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Must watch on the big screen!



  • The main problem of this film is the cast of Hrithik Roshan.
    HR definitely doesnt look an ordinary fun loving guy..his physique is like a super hero..warrior..king etc..
    Amir played role of college kid in DCH convincingly because his body structure still make him look like a college student. HR etc cannot even play that role in this age when they are even younger than Amir.
    You had developed your body like Casanova, you looks extra ordinary even in still pic and then u want to prove your self a actor by playing ordinary guys.
    Whenever he will play role suits to his frame , his movie will work. else he has to change his looks, his physique. Play King, extra ordinary fighter, super hero, he will succeed. But an ordinary guy, he is not convincing at all.

    Even i have not liked the jokes..They do fall flat for me as well..Doordarshan sequence is totally annoying me…And when HR says “please shut up yar to farhan”… god in our flat we act more dramatic with my flatemates with more expressions…HR looks expression less and really looks artificial in cracking buddy jokes…His comedy timing does not convince me at all..I think DCH was MAGIC when we talk about buddy joke timings…i mean

    1.) Aaj puja kal koi duja..
    2.)Saaman kaha hai tera hotel waale ko daan kar diya..
    3.)Tujhe kya lagta hai me roj takiye pe baithata hu.. ..
    4.)Mujhe achchi filme pasand nahi..
    5.) Koi mar gaya hai kya…haan tum..
    6.) Hello..me wo..suno to..lekin me…kabse kya…usne phone kat diya(Saifs best comedy timing)..
    7.)Kya kar raha hai ..MARD BAN..BE A MAN…

    all the jokes were very laughable…and legendary we used them so many times in our college life among our friends…

    DCH was unique nothing could touch it, but still ZNMD was not a bad effort, it had its moments too.

  • Sawssen, whether we agree or not we love to read every opinion. :) Don’t agree that Hrithik doesn’t suit the role of a normal guy.. Honestly, two of his best performances are in Lakshya, Koi Mil Gaya, Fiza and Mission Kashmir. And in all these films he was a normal guy.

    About those dialogues, the way you have put it it really sounds dumb. But in the film it worked quite well, Farhan was excellent with his dialogue delivery and his was the best role

  • Indicine Team, thank you for replying. Yes it was just my opinion and didn’t expect from you to agree.
    But this is what i feel about Hrithik, it wasn’t to put him down, he’s a good actor no doubt.
    It’s just that i don’t find him convincing in such roles, his phisics does not suit them. And about the performances you mentionned above the only one i think he was exellent and so natural and convincing it was in Fiza, i liked it even more than KMG. In lakshya his performance in the part(30 min) was poor in my opinion, but after that he did very well in the other scenes, it was one of his best performances also.
    Also in those films he wasn’t exactly a college guy right?, Also another film i liked him in was KNPH he was so natural and charming esp for a newcomer. In KMG, i just didn’t like that performance i found it a bit exagerrated and overacted(same with Guzaarish) and don’t agree with those who say it’s his best, i think his best was Fiza.
    Every actor has his own strenght, SRK for exapmle, no one can beat him in romantic roles and no one can emote them the way he does.
    Aamir is the best actor in Bollywood to play college guy to the perfection, from QSQT, Dil, JJWS, DCH, RDB and even after 20 years in 3 Idiots he was convincing as a college boy.
    As for Hrithik he’s the best to play roles like in Dhoom 2, Krrish…no other actor can do justice to them more than him, that’s why i’m not excited about SRK’s Ra.One.
    Hope you understood my point.
    No offence please.

  • Loved your review Indicine team.. Thanks a lot..

    I am watching it in the night today.. will come back and post the review first thing.. love you guys..

  • Sawssen, there is no question of offending. Opinions differ from person to person and we love reading them :)

    You make valid points. But frankly, it should never be about who can play ‘college roles’ better. I guess even actors like Shahid and Ranbir are too old to play such roles.. Imran, maybe. But it should be best left to youngster in their early 20s. Actors in their late 40s playing such roles is embarrassing and shows the lack of talented male actors in our industry. All superstar are either in their late 30s or 40s.

    But agreed that among all those Aamir looks young enough to still do such roles. He was good in 3 Idiots.

  • Wonderful movie… heart warming and soul touching.. want to watch it again..

    Hrithik is fabulous even though i am not a big fan of him i liked his performance. Katrina is HAWT

    Really liked farhans and abhays character too.. zoya akhtars direction is award worthy, no exaggeration on anything. Everything is simple, cool and real.

    Watch highly recommended..

    4 / 5 stars

  • Yes.. 2nd half drags a little.. but as indicine said.. watch the movie with patience people.. not every movie needs to be fast paced..

    relax yourself and enjoy the ride.. once in a while such movies are great…

  • “And when HR says “please shut up yar to farhan”… god in our flat we act more dramatic with my flatemates with more expressions…HR looks expression less and really looks artificial in cracking buddy jokes”

    What made u think Hrithik was cracking joke there ?? Have u even seen the movie ?? just don’t talk out of context….doesn’t make u sound wise.

  • @Rex: Hey there it was my opinion and i maintain it, i’m not expecting anyone to agree with me but i have all the right to express my opinion as i’m not offending or bashing anyone here, you might not agree with me and that’s OK.
    And of course i watched the film otherwise i wouldn’t post that comment, but don’t expect everyone to love it. I liked the film to some extent and i mentionned that it was good but also had flaws.
    I’m living in a dimocracy world and have the right to express my opinions.
    So just chill out and don’t take it personnaly :)

  • Oh,really?This movie is that good?Didn’t think so.Want to watch it after reading the reviews & users’ comments.But unfortunately here in Sri Lanka they aren’t showing it in big screen.Don’t like DVDs of camera copies too.So I’ll have to wait till the original DVD releases, which will take few months if this movie is goona be a hit. Sob sob sob…..

  • Indicine: i am happy that ZNMD is goin to be a superhit… can u pls tell me why hrithik denied the offer of remaking telugu blockbuster Magadheera.. bcos in bollywood only he can suit tat role..

  • @Indicine ,y’day i saw the movie and it was a excellent movie. you know what i like about the movie is that it concentrates on the life of the friends and how they let go their resistance to themselves & their fears rather than showing obscenity that normally rules movies which are based on bachelor party trips.

    all the main leads were brilliant but Abhay is the most impressive among all. His screen scene was immaculate. but its not that others are bad, in fact i amazed by seeing the comic timing of Faranh and at last Hrithik..superb ….Another thing i like about the movie that all three of them got equal screen space , not that Hrithik dominant on others. Naseeruddin Shah was intense and strikes a chord with his guest role. The others didn’t have much to offer.

    Somehow i don’t feel the spark on the romantic angle of Hrithik & katrina.

    * Brilliant performance by all the lead actors
    * Dillie-full Locations
    * Cinematography
    * Narration
    * Screenplay

    * Length of the film, which can be shorten by some smart editing
    * Pace is little slow
    * Not enough depth in few emotional scenes between Hrithik & Katrina
    * I think how the movie ends could have been better but song at the end of the movie with the credit makes up for it.

    Over all its a must watch movie to know about the beauty of life, its not the life is full of struggle… Life is like a blanket too short. You pull it up and your toes rebel, you yank it down and shivers meander about your shoulder; but cheerful folks manage to draw their knees up and pass a very comfortable night. So find the Happiness around you , live the life with out running after money and forgetting the friends & their values. This movie will surely prove all the above, true.

  • @Indicine

    Glad that you are writing reviews as well as other bollywood stuff.

    I visited other sites but nothing compares to u guys…

  • @Vinshal – HRITHIK is quite busy buddy with his shooting for forthcoming films AGNEEPATH of KARAN MALHOTRA and KRRISH 2 of his dynamic dad, when SS RAJAMOULI, ALLU ARAVIND & MADHU MANTENNA visited to HRITHIK, there was no reason for HRITHIK to cancel the movie after all it is one of the bests made in INDIA till date, he was ready to do that role but makers were uncomfortable with the flexible dates of HRITHIK. The only time he could act just for them was after the completion of KRRISH 2 which is releasing in 2012 and makers hadn’t so much of time to make the movie after 2-3 years, they have another projects too. So, non available dates of HRITHIK was the main reason for his cancellation of the role of KALABHAIRAVA & HARSHA names may be changed. Again there were rumors that the role is now going to AAMIR KHAN but rumors are rumors and the biggest rumor is that everybody is considering RANBEER has been final for the remake of MAGADHEERA, no one is finalized yet, you can understand SS RAJAMOULI is a very busy director and there is list of his films yet to release and yet to complete. Again if you won’t believe check out the interview given by KAJAL AGGARWAL, lead lady of MAGADHEERA to TIMES OF INDIA that if MAGADHEERA would be made in HINDI then she will prefer SALMAN to act in it . Again it was a rumor that KATRINA KAIF is playing the role of KAJAL AGGARWAL in the same. What I exactly meant to say, is that no work is going for the remake of MAGADHEERA in HINDI !!!! The work will go on as soon as SS RAJAMOULI complete his remaining projects within 5-6 months !!!!!

  • dude the film was awesome i just loved it!!! and superb acting by all of them. i do think that kat’s role didn’t have much scope but she was also really good in it. overall its a must watch!

  • Every movie is a combined team effort of actors, direction, cinematography , script , music and many minute things. It would be unjust if a movie or a actor’s performance is compared or rated to its previous performance. Importantly when the movie is presented before the audience it is likely that there will be difference in tastes and opinions varying from outlook and and other things from a urban place to that of a rural place. It is highly possible that the same movie may do badly in a rural place.

    For me the movie is simple and good. In a way, other than bachelors outing and a Spain tour, it relates with many real life incidents and the pain,struggle one fights within self. Its a perfect movie. It has tried to cover most of the dimensions of life. The poetry of Farhan (compiled by his dad) adds to the movie .Abhay as usual was natural. Hrithik too was good and ofcourse not to leave out other characters in Katrina,N.Shahji , Kalki ,Everyone was good. Life is not only about humor, fun and masti. It has a painful side too where everyone tries to supress,fear and run away from the problem. This movie also throws light on how to deal with such events and be stronger. For me , its a good movie,watchable,enjoyable . It might have minor flaws but then who doesnt have flaws :) Thanks to Zoya,Farhan one & all for making such a movie. Only reco – People have now got used to 20-20, so reducing time duration will help do better..

  • @Subhu – Excellent review.. But thought Farhan had the better role of the three and better lines too. Felt Hrithik had the smallest role, but looking back it was only because we are so used to watching Hrithik in solo-films that here his role appeared smaller than usual.

    Overall, great movie by Zoya Akhtar. For her next, she should just quicken up the pace a bit and hire a better editor.

  • Mukeshh Agarwal, very well said. Movie making is a team effort, if one slips the whole ship might sink. You might have the best of actors, but without a coherent script and a good director, its hard to save any film. With better editing, ZNMD would probably have been even better, especially the second half.

    PS- does not apply to Salman Khan films!

  • Its a must watch guys.,…………… go for its visual treat, farhans poetry, and some soul touching moments……. that may change your life forever. Films like this shows how our indian minds are getting developed day by day.. I have watched it once and would love to watch it again & again………….

  • If you observe keenly,Abhay is really natural, understated & good.Farhan is excellent with his comic timing & emotional scenes too-sis has favoured him with a naughty, likeable role.Infact, Hrithik tries hard to play the’NORMAL GUY’.He should have tried not to show off his usual dance skills-would have seemed more natural.I agree that his comic timing isn’t the best.Moreover the brown hair did’nt really suit him.That said-speaking with the eyes comes easily to him & the vulnerability he shows in the scuba diving scene is endearing.I guess you somehow expect more from him & that isn’t fair.
    Katrina looks really sensual in casual dresses & has done justice to her part & the petite Kalki is annoying as she should be in the film- so quite natural & subtle too.
    Overall ,a great watch-causes ‘stirrings’ in the heart.

  • Hi,Indicine, May be the movie distributors here in Sri Lanka heard my preyings. They finally released the movie on big screen after 2 weeks. And I’m glad that I could watch it on the very first day. U r absolutely correct. Movie was awesome, mind blowing, fantastic. Very very meaningful movie. Worth watching. It was well above my expectations. All 3 actors(HR,Farhan & Abhay) have done maximum justice to their characters. Katrina was hot & suits the character. She shared a good chemistry with HR. Must watch movie. 5 out of 5 stars. Wanna watch the movie again.

  • i just love this movie…. Everytime i watch it, a love for life,friendship,travelling and discovering pops up…the poems in the movie are too good. Its kind of an inspirational movie for me…and i simply love it <3

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