Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Best Film of The Year?

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara released last weekend, without much hype or expectations. But like we mention in the box office predictions, the ZNMD team was quietly confident.

Business started slowly but steadily on Friday (Rs 7.5 crores approx) and Saturday when most big films witness a slight drop, Zindagi picked up by more than 20% (Rs 9 crores approx). On Sunday tickets were hard to find almost everywhere. The film is a craze on social networking sites like Twitter where its been trending for the entire weekend. On Sunday, it was at #1 and there were hardly any negative reviews.

The word-of-mouth is super strong, even better than Delhi Belly which was liked only by the youngsters. The family audience is coming out to watch the film, which is a good sign. And surprisingly, many have expressed their desire to watch it for the second – third time.

So, is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara the best film of the year so far? The last few weeks have been good for the industry with the success of films like Ready, Double Dhamaal, Delhi Belly and Murder 2. But quality wise, apart from Delhi Belly the other films suffered from mediocrity.

Zindagi.. is a polished class film that has worked big time with its target audience and has been accepted in a big way overseas too. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • i watched it in really liked it especially farhan n abhay are fab……n spcly abhay senorita dance when he say ” mujse nazar na fero…..”

  • Dont take anything away from Hrithik though. The kind of audience the film is getting, it was only possible with his presence. And thought, he acted very well too. Just that Farhan got the better lines, quite obvious when he’s written the dialogues and his sister is the director, he’s walking away with the accolades :)

  • @indicine hrithik was bit on the negative side also abhay n farhan having a strong role….so it little suppress hrithik n katrina but overal gud movie n katrina as usual looking pretty

  • the same happen during “newyork”. its neil whose having major part in the movie but he was sidelined n john got the major limelight.

  • Nikhil.. same with Rang De Basanti. Thought Siddharth had a slightly meatier role than the other actors including Aamir. But then, Aamir only had a item number in Delhi Belly still walked away with all the accolades.

  • @Indicine… I told u this would be a blockbuster which will collect more than 100 crore..but u didnt agree.. If Ready which is just a avg.comedy movie can collect 70 crores y cant ZNMD go beyond that.. also i told u tat this wil be this decades dil chahta hai ..but u told its delhi belly… but remember dil chahta hai was a clean movie which can be watched by family…delhi belly can never be compared to this becos i dont think parents and children can sit and watch DB together…any ways seeing the boxoffice and craze among people do u agree with me tat ZNMD is this decades DCH…

  • With out any doubts best movie of the year. U can see the popularity of the movie is increasing day by day

  • definitely the best film of the year znmd… all the previous hits lik ready n others all full of pathetic jokes.. whereas znmd has excelled in all lik humor, adventure, emotion etc… already eatched it thrice … plannin to watch it twice more…best film ofthe yr so far!!!!! and distractors hv a very bad movie taste…

  • I’m itching to watch this movie cos of all the positive reviews & comments. But can’t watch. Really disappointing.

  • I have seen the movie three times and I am going again today. It is one of the best hindi movies I have seen, Hrithik is incredible. His transition from a determined, goal oriented character to a carefree, loving guy has been portrayed so beautifully. His chemistry with Katrina is sizzling and boy are they gorgeous couple!!!

  • 2 read all the article n response i m vry excited n very hopefuly abt agnipath n krissh2 which now will broke the 3 idiots record i am very sure for it bez historical paani is now on floor hr u r a best actor n dancer

  • THIS MOVIE IS DEFINITELY MOVIE OF D YEAR MATERIAL………….evn if HRITHIK ROSHAN IS D PROTAGONIST i doub if anyone will get d bst actor award frm this movie as it would b too difficult 2 judge these 3 MANTAL GUYZ!!!!!!BUT STILL HRITHIK WAS D BEST!

  • All the box office predictions are proved to be wrong. 36 crore for the first week? It has already crossed 36.5 crore in 5 days and looking to gross 75 crore neett

  • I hope so ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA can earn above 70 Crore but not sure as we have another awaiting film even bigger than ZNMD named SINGHAM !!! It is releasing on tomorrow guys and i am not able to predict anything, it’s original one was fab, so if this film come out as the original or better than it then there is no ray of hope for ZNMD to earn more than even 50-60 Crore !!! So it is difficult to tag this film as a SUPERHIT and at this moment ZNMD is quite away to capture the status of BLOCKBUSTER !!!! Overall the movie is fantastic and more than well written it is well directed …..

  • not a good movie waiting for bodyguard hrithik doesnt have a x factor to make a movie hit on his shoulders his all home banner films is only hit and one yashraj banner dhoom2 and now zmnd will be only average as the budget is high

  • its an outstanding creation, an amazing n awsm roadtrip, that would really take your breathe way n its worth praising n worth seeing…..if u miss it, u ll defntly miss an awsm part of ur lyf…..:-)

  • Zoya Akhtar proved a good, fresh, entertaining movie can be made without Farts, Shit and Gaalees. And wonder of wonder there is no item number in it. Well done Zoya …keep it up.

  • I like this film really very much, I really enjoy, its an outstanding creation, an amazing n awsm roadtrip,
    u can learn many thing from this film. hrithik u r really rocked

  • ZNMD….. IS THE BIGGGEST Movie beco it maded for friends and to how get funs in real life ….makes jokes playing diff.. games ….. and hirthik rockss

  • ZNMD has collected around 58 crore in 10 days. Despite the release of singham it has performed well on multiplexes and c6llected 13 crores ouer the second weekend

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