Zarine Khan replaces Kangana Ranaut in ‘Divine Lovers’

Actress Zarine Khan, who made her debut in Salman Khan’s Veer and was last seen in ‘Hate Story 3′, has been roped in for director Sai Kabir’s next film ’Divine Lovers’ starring Irrfan Khan. The film was first offered to Kangana Ranaut.

“Yes it is true. She fit the bill perfectly as we wanted a girl with Pathani looks” Sai Kabir confirmed in a statement.

Sources say, Kangana opted out of the film because of date issues.

Zarine will undergo training for two months, after which she will begin shooting for the adventure comedy in September this year.

‘Divine Lovers’ revolves around the lower middle-class section of society and is set in the heartland of India.



  • Good choice. Zarina is very gorgeous lady and she acted very well both Veer and Hate Story 3… Failed to understand why didn’t she get a big offer yet?!! . Shame for Bollywood.

    Btw, anyone else getting tired of Kangana?

  • Zarine Khan replacing Kangana Ranaut is like Saif Ali Khan replacing Aamir Khan. She will be a joke in front of a powerhouse like Irrfan. Anyways wishing Zarine All the Best and I hope that the film does well.

  • These people seeing only glamour but they are forgetting that acting-wise, there is no match to Kangana ??

  • Zareen and Kangana is heaven and earth. Absolutely untalented Zareen and mega talented Kangana, unequal exchange. The filmmakers thought? But on the other side. Kangana is now a very popular and it simply does not have time for all projects

  • Any movie with Zarine is more watchable than one with Kangana… I used to like her in her past:Gangster, Woh Lamhe, but then surgerys ruined her face, and she started to be on front page because of the news: she’s better than any actress, she is not paid as she sould be, she is amazing, she had an affair with Hrithik, but latter denind and insult him… so yeah, I’ll go with Zarine and I hope she will do a great job again!

  • OMG!! Zarine is one lady that makes me feel like ….her all the time. She is that hot. I can’t resist. A perfect woman!!

  • Oh no , I want to see kangana with Irrfan . It would had been a treat to watch them together . Dont know what was director smoking that he replaced Kangana with Zarine.

  • This must be a joke, Zarine is a terrible actress while Kangna is very talented. Zarine won’t be able to stand before Irrfan !

  • @Sultan,Saif Ali Khan is an awesome actor and is the best in rom-com as evident from his performances in Hum Tum, Salam nameste,Love Aaj Kal, Cocktail,etc so if saif replaces Amir in this movie, then this really will be right up his alley…

  • Kangana only has like 2 movies in which her performance is praised, Queen and TWMR, you guyz should at least know that she followed Queen with Revolver Rani and it was preceeded by Krish 3…Her acting in both was highly criticised…

  • @sultan yeah and that very not talented saif ali khan is a national awardee which your mr perfaketionist is craving for from the past 20 years.
    jokes apart saif is way more talented than what is being reflected from your comment. though he is not as good as aamir but that doesnt mean it opens to comparisons with the likes of zarine. saif has a following of his own in metros and overseas.

  • Hotttt Zarine is a lot better than that psycho Kangana…lol who gives a damn about that psycho who plays her own character in movies…lmao

  • @ i am bollywood fan- agree saif isn’t very less than amir in acting. he gave tough fight to amir in dil chahta hai, srk in kal ho na ho, Ajay in Omkara.

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