Yuvvraaj Trailer Video

After the success of Taal in 1999, Subhash Ghai is all set with yet another musical titled Yuvvraaj. Produced by Mukta Artís limited the movie stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Zayed Khan and Anil Kapoor in the lead. High expectations are pinned on this movie as Subhash Ghai is making a strong comeback after a line of failures with an elite cast line.With music by A.R. Rahman, Yuvvraaj is slated for release on November 21, 2008.

Check out the trailer of the movie and drop your comments below.




  • I’m sure this movie would be a great one, I trust Subhash Gai and most of his movies were good.. I won’t say were (successful) ’cause the word (successful) isn’t given to any movie according to the critics, but the box office which is sometimes so stupid!.. million of stupid audience watch sometimes some great movie and downgrade them ’cause of their (stupidity!).

    Let me talk about Subhash Gai, this man used to do best of commercial movies and they used to win at the box office till he did his movie (Kisna) the only mistake he did that he hired ( a bad actor) which was Viviek Oberoi and he ruined his movie. The movie was very nice, but Vivek’s acting was poor, the british heroine’s acting was so good, so the movie.. failed! I don’t know the main reason but while watching I assumed that it’s because of the actor’s perfromance which didn’t please the audience, as the movie was good, interesting, and didn’t lack anything.

    Aishwariya’s success was after the movie (Taal) and I’m sure that this movie too would take Katrina to the top ( but.. but.. if Salman perfroms good at this movie, cause I don’t like his acting, he did good in Pher Milenge, Lucky, but the rest.. in those pure comedy movies he did, he was overacting).

    Subhash Gai confimed during one interview, 2 or 3 years ago, that the success of any actor/actress isn’t based on their acting abilities only, but it’s the movie they do.. successful movies at the box office will make them win including their acting, mostly is the movie, that’s the main reason for them to win.

    And this trailer says it.. that the movie is great.

  • After a long n long time Subash Ghai is giving us a good n tasteful musical entertainment. I most hopefully would watch this without any single doubt. The trailer seems to be quiet interesting n delivers us a promise to be a total entertainer.
    I wish all the best to its release.

  • Everybody seems to goodand fancy.hope this movie can do wounders to katrina and Mr ghai.
    A.R.Rheman is always in his best.so we can expect somethg from him…
    best of luck
    hope it will be good one:)

  • the song “TU HI TOH MERI DOST ” is the best song KETRINA and SALLU looks so sweet in this song. i will definately see this movie on first day first show

  • i’m just wish this Salman’s this movie would b one one of the greatest hits….i will watch the movie First day first show..no doubt…

  • seeing the traliors of d movie are fantastic , then d movie is going 2 b a super-duper hit . And i just luv d
    acting of katrina, she is fantastic. And i’m dying 2 watch this movie. i wish all d best 4 this movie. i also liked d song , TU MUSKURA .

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