Most watched Bollywood film?

Most movies are a pain to sit through, some others are a good one time watch but every once in a while there comes a film that can be watched not once, not twice but many many times. Instantly movies like Sholay, DDLJ, Lagaan, Koi Mil Gaya, Chak De India come to mind..

If you had to make a list of your most watched Bollywood movie ever, which movies would make it to the list and why? Is it due to a particular actor, the songs, the magic moments in the film?

Dont forget to mention the number of times, the particular movie was watched. Submit your most watched movie list below in the comments section.



  • Not in any particular order.. But here is my list…

    1) Hera Pheri I have seen the most number of times I think.. More than 15 times!
    2) Oh course Sholay, lost count so many times on TV.
    3) Kaho Na Pyaar Hai 9 times in theatre!
    4) Hum Aapke Hai Kaun – many many times on TV
    5) Andaz Apna Apna – 50 times!!!!
    6) Jodha Akbar – 6 times in Adlabs :D
    7) Jaane Tu – 4 times
    8) Krrish – Dhoom 2 both thrice in theatre many times on TV
    9) No Entry – I loved this film… Anil Kapoor rocked!!! About 10 times
    10) Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar many times
    11) Dil Chahta Hai – Loved this.. Many times
    12) Lagaan – Long still watched it 3 times in theatre.

  • phir hera pheri -13 times
    om shanthi om -7 times
    rock on -more than 8 times
    bunty aur babli -6 times in theatre and 3 times in dvd
    raja hindustani-more than 14 timess
    guru -6 times
    luck bychance -4 times
    dus -5 times

  • 1.Hum Aapke Hai Koun-many many times on TV
    2.DDLJ-whenevr time available
    3.Jodha Akbar-6 times
    4.Hera Pheri-12 times
    5.Jab we meat- 15 times
    6.chupke chupke-7 times
    7.Maine pyar kiya-8 times
    8.Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam-5 times
    9.Sarfrosh-25 times
    10.Deewana Mastana-40 times
    11.Gulam-10 times

  • Beta-50 times
    2.Dil-50 times
    3.Chandni-50 times
    4.Hum Tum-5 times
    5.Kyunki main jhooth nahi bolta-15 times
    6.Hum-15 times
    7.QSQT-20 times
    8.Hum Hai rahi pyar ke-15 times
    9.Lamhe-25 times
    10.Baaghi-10 times
    11. Pathar ke phool-10 times
    12.Mujhse Dosti Karoge-25 times
    13.Sajan-6 times
    14.Sajan Chale sasural-10 times
    15. Hero No. 1-10 times
    16. Tejab-5 times
    17.Jamai Raja-15 times
    18.Khalnayak-30 times
    19.Thanedar-6 times
    20.Jab we meet-25 times
    21.Mujhse Shandi karoge-10 times
    22. Dosti-10 times
    23. Rafu Chaakar-5 times
    24.Amar Akbar anthony-10 times
    25.Nasseb-5 times
    26.Namase London-10 times
    27.Khuda Gawah-5 times
    30.Sathiya-6 times
    31.Hum Dil De chuke Sanam-5 times
    32.Golmal-10 times
    33.Namak Halal-30 times
    34.Sharabi-10 times
    35.Shaan-10 times
    36.Sita or Geeta-5 times
    37.Sholey-50 times
    38.Main hoon Na-5 times
    39.Hum Sath sath hai-6 times
    40.Mohabatten-15 times

  • 1.Devdas (i even dont remember how many times)
    2. Veer Zaara (yeh bhi )
    3.KKHH (it must be 10-15 times)
    4.KKKG(9-10 times, i think)
    5. KANK ( 10 times, i think, maybe more)
    6. OSO (6-8 times)
    7. Jab We Met ( 6-7 times)
    8. Black (5 times)
    9. RNBDJ (3 times – it ll be more, i have just downloaded it :D)

  • 1. Ek Duje Ke Liye- 15 times. (It is my most favorit movie from my childhood )
    2. Bhootnath ( Big B is a miracle!!!)
    3. Pinjar (Because I love Manoj)
    4. Pyar Ke Side Effects (Mallika and Rahul is a lovely couple!)
    5. Namastey London
    6. Kitne Door Kitne Paas ( Lovely film. I like Fardin.)
    7. Umrao Jaan( Rekha!!!! Goddess!!!)
    8. Chandramukhi
    9. Ab Insaf Hoga
    10. Dharam Veer
    11. Roti
    12. Lagaan (Bravo Aamir!!!)
    13. Chak De India (Super Film!!!)
    and other…

    3. JAB WE MET – 4 TIMES
    8.DHOOM – 7 – 8 TIMES
    9.DHOOM – 2 – 8 TIMES

  • mujhse shudi karoge -15 times
    dostana -10 times
    kkkg -20 times
    partner -25 times
    fanah -20 times
    no entry -30 times
    meni pyar kyu kia -35 times
    pyar kia to darna kia -40 times
    kkhh -40 times

  • Om Shanti Om
    Main Hoon Na
    36 China Town
    Kismat Konnection
    Jodha Akbar
    Dhoom 2
    Rab Ne Bana di Jodi
    Koi ..Mil Gaya
    Bachna Ae Hasseeno
    Cant recall number of times but they were the lighter ones, usually more fun ones, cathcy music and the more Westernised. Quite a few of them got the cliches and salutes to other genres very cleverly too.

  • My most viewed movies are;
    1. DDLJ ; shahrukh nd kajol were excellent-more than 15x
    2. K3G ; 20+more:)
    3. Sholay-5x
    4. Andaz Apna Apna ; 5x
    5. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ; 25x
    6. Khiladi ; 3x
    7. Main Hoon Na ; 10x
    8. Phir Hera Phiri ; more than 30x
    9. Hum Apke Hain Kaun ; more than 50x
    10. Hum Saath Saath Hai ; thee beest ! more than 30x
    11. GOlmaal ; more than 10x
    12. Sandwich; Govinda, ur the beest nd the funniest=) more than 25x
    13. Baadshah ; SRK <3 more than 15x
    14. Devdas ; again more than 15x
    15. Mohabbatein ; more than 10x

    aaaaannd Waaaaaay MooOre=)

  • koyla 30 time on computer
    dilwale dulhanya lejaingy 10 on computer
    devdas 9 time on computer also 4 n theatre
    omo many many time on computer and n theatre
    dhadkan 6 time
    chakde india (super film) 7 time
    phir be dil hai hindustani 12 time
    done 3 time (srk film)

  • If I post my long list (from 1970 – 2009 April) here, then it will be needed to update to a new website with new domain name…so better I should not post it here

  • The most Indian movies (old) which I watched since I was 14 years old till todate:

    Aradhana ( 9 times), Sangam ( 7 times), Do Raaste ( 7 times) Bobby, Hero & Betaab many times. The reason: just good movies, good scripts, good performances, good songs, good actors)

    Then Shabana Azmi’s movies: Arth, Masoom & Bahavna – watched each 5-6 times since the release date.

    Sharabi & Khuda Ghawa – many times, best of Amitab Bachan

    KKHH, Dil se, Mohabbetain, Deewana, Koyla, Veer Zarah, Kal Ho Na Ho ( each 7 – 8 times) best of Shahrukh.

    Ek Douje Ke Liye ( 6 times) a wonderful romantic movie with very nice songs.

    Dil Chata Hai- 6 times, best of Aamir Khan

    And many movies each watched 3 times but can’t list them down as they’re many.

    But the only 2 movies which I watched in 60 days from the release date were: Aradhana & Rabne Bana de Jodi. I watched Aradhana 9 times in cinema in a month! and then on some video tapes 3 or 4 times.. and Rabne is a new movie.. I watched in 2 months 4 times in cinema and one time on a dvd.. means 5 times so far and it’s a new movie, released on Dec. 2008.. 5 times in 4 months! Time also has to be counted.. how many times we watched any movie and in how many years.. that’s also important.

    If I watched Rabne movie 5 times in 4 months.. so in 10 or 15 coming years ( if I was alive) I might watch it more than 20 times which will score the highest no. of times and the most interesting indian movie so far.

    But there’s also a fact.. what’s interesting for me might not be for others and vice versa, as I was surprised that some of the readers listed down some movies which I consider them the worst in bollywood e.g. Golmaal!!

  • actually the films i have watched many times are mostly amitabh films. not because i want to, but because i grew up around these films. everyone everywhere had amitabh films at thier homes, so i got to see them many times by default. but i do have a few amitabh favourite films in any case, which i love and have watched many many times.

    also, the other thing you must take into consideration is , all of us have certain films on dvds at home. so by default we will obviously watch these films more than others. so the list of films you have watched the most is not necessarily a reflection of the films which are your favourites.

    here is my list anyway:

    1. sholay – probably over 60 times ! reasons: one of my favourite films, first film i ever saw, made me cry, emotional, well made, different, great actors, amjad khan as the immortal gabbar singh. each character well crafted, the film is greatness itself.

    2. muqaddar ka sikandar – about 40 times. reasons: one of my favourite films. excellent. genuine cinematic experience. classic songs. great actor pairings – amitabh/rekha, amitabh/vinod khanna, amjad khan. solid film. meaningful. the song ‘rote huye..’

    3. amar akbar anthony – about 40 times. the best entertainer ever. you can never get bored of watching this film. puts a smile on your face everytime. thoroughly enjoyable. great actors. great songs. an example of popular bollywood.

    4. naseeb – used to watch this film every other day when i was a child. probably watched it over 50 times. again a great entertainer, excellent cast and great songs. bollywood potboiler at its best. as a child i can remeber the songs of this film were really popular everywhere.

    5. tezaab – about 30 times. reasons: a part of my childhood. very first time i developed feelings for a woman – madhuri dixit. i thought she was the most beautiful woman on earth. wanted to marry her. a great entertaining film nevertheless.

    6. disco dancer – about 20 times. reasons: again, a part of my childhood. this film was a rage in those days and mithun chakraborty was a hot actor. girls used to go ga ga over him, and boys used to envy him. he was the coolest and the most modern and fashionable actor in bollywood at the time. more importantly the songs were a rage at the time. people went crazy over the songs. i loved the songs, they were way ahead of the time. the film was also very different and an excellent entertainer.

    7. karma – about 25 times. reasons: another film a part of my childhood. i just loved this film because it was very macho and one of the best action films ever. and it had the then no.1 actor anil kapoor and dilip kumar together.

    8. bhagwaan dada – about 25 times. reasons: i had this film taped for me on vhs, because i loved this film so much. i was a child, but it was the first film i owned on vhs, and i loved the songs so much. more importantly i loved the film because of rajnikants acting. i thought his style was cool. i wanted to be like him. a very good film nonetheless. great songs especially ‘aaya aaya pyar ka zamaana..’

    9. dil – about 30 times. reasons: madhuri dixit. one of the best romantic films ever. and the song ‘mujhe neend na aaye’; my feelings for madhuri grew after watching this film. i was in love.

    10. saajan – about 25 times. reasons: madhuri dixit. a great emotional film. sanjay dutts acting. the songs. this is the only film songs that i have listened to the most. i just love the songs so much, especially ‘mera dil bhi kitna paagal hai,’ and ‘pehli baar mile hain’.

    11. hum aapke hain koun – about 20 times. reasons: i was totally in love with madhuri dixit and had decided to go to bombay and marry her. i had just turned a teenager, so it was possible ! but the film was the most purest form of entertainment i had ever seen. the film made me aware of what life should be all about, and struck a chord in me. i experienced pure love. a great film, and great songs. i went crazy over madhuri dixit and the song ‘didi tera devar deewana’. but this is one of the very best films to come out of bollywood and typifies indian culture and what bollywood should be all about.

    12. laagan – about 15 times. reasons: very well made and very different. technically brilliant and gripping from start to finish. a true cinematic experience. excellent film.

    13. kabhi haan kabhi naan – about 15 times. reasons: very simple film, nice songs, very pure and innocent. you forget about the real world and experience simple human interactions and innocence and entertainment in one go. one of my best shah rukh khan films ever. it may not be everyones cup of tea, but i urge everyone to watch it from start to finish. you will love it. and the song ‘deewana dil deewana..’

    14. dil to pagal hai – about 15 times. reasons: madhuri dixit, great film , very well made. excellent songs. the pairing of madhuri dixit and shah rukh khan. reminds me of my college days, when i was the man.

    15. qurbani (feroz khan/zeenat aman) – about 25 times. reasons: wow. this one is a classic. great film. was way ahead of the time. hollywood style. and the song ‘baat ban jaye’.

    16. ishq vishk – about 15 times. reasons: again, an example of innocence and everything that is fun and good. great songs. and oh yes, amrita rao !

    ok. that will do for the time being. iam sure i have missed a few out. oh yes, crap, i forgot amitabhs films ‘don’ and ‘deewar’. must have watched them over 20 times each.

  • I love reading your comments Spiderman. So informative and always a great read, thanks.

    Talking of BIG B films. I have seen Don so many times, just love Bachchan’s acting as Vijay. If you compare that to SRK in the new Don, it just shows how much a better actor Bachchan really was.

    Anand is one other Rajesh – Amitabh movie I loved. So so many times I have watched it.

  • i have seen sunny deol each movie more than 500 times..

    gadaar ek prem katha – 100 times
    Border – more than 300 times
    Ghayal- 200 tims
    Ghatak – 90 times
    Ziddi – more than 90 times
    Jeet more than50 times
    Lootere more than 100 times
    Apne more than 50 times
    damini more than 50 times
    Betaab more than 400 times…..

    sunny ke saare movies i have seen more than 500 times………………………for me only one superstar in bollywood that is sunny deol…………………………………………I love sunny deol movies So so many times I have watched it.

  • i normally dont watch the same movie many times but the once which i hav more than once are
    Sholay may be 3-4 times Legend
    Andaz Apna Apna 2-3
    Hera Pheri 4-5 Cult classic Comedy
    HAHK 2-3
    Golmaal(New) 2-3
    KNPH 3
    DCH 3 Cult classic
    Lagaan 2
    Sarfarosh 2
    Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander 2
    Agnipath 2 Brilliant acting
    Amar Akbar Antony 2
    Fanaa 2
    Bhagham Bhag 3 (Unexpectedly very funny)

  • I love watching films but i watch them on the basis of actor and actresses and the music…I have some list of those films which i’ve watch more then one times..and they r:-
    1. Devdas(more than 12 times)
    2.Main hoon na(more than 10 times)
    3. Jaane tu ya jaane na(i think it’s been 6 times)
    4.Ghajini(3 times)
    5Kabhi khushi kabhi gum(more than 15*)
    6.Hum dil de chuke sanam(7 times)
    7.Hum saath saath hain(more than 10 *)
    8. Rang de basanti(5 times)
    9.Partner(more than 5 times)-Salman and govinda ne mujhe itna hasaya..itna hasaya k sabd nahin mil rahein hai….ha…ha…ha.
    10.Bhulbhulaiya(more than 4*)
    11.Mujhse shaadi karogi(more than 10*)
    12.DDLJ(more than 8*)
    13.Dostana(5 times-Just to watch John and hear music my desi gal n jaane kyun…)
    14.maine pyarr kyun kiya(12*)
    15.Jodha Akbar(6 times)
    16.Koi mil gaya (11 times)
    17.Krrish n dhoom n dhoom 2(more than15*)
    18.Bhagam bhag n Welcome(ha..ha..ha..that’s all wat comes in my mind when i hear these names,,,more than 8 *)

  • Sometimes we watch the movie so many times that we feel so glad n talk about it so many times but sometime we forget to mention anything about it..I think it’s been like that to me too.I ‘ve already mentioned so many films that touched my heart but I forgot to mention two most wonderful films which i’ve watched more than 10* and they r-Namastey London n Jab we met…Likewise ,,OSO and Hum aapke hain kaun n also Saawariya r those films which i’ve watched several times..

  • 1.ddlj
    4.goal shanti om
    7.hello brother
    8.corprate entry
    11.singh is kinng
    12.hum apke hai koun
    13.namesty london
    14.garam masala
    20.munna bhai mbbs
    21.laghe raho munna bhai
    22.koi mil gaya
    24.bhagam bhag
    25l.jodha akbar
    28.razz the mystry
    30.devdas. d
    33.maih hoon na
    34.kal ho na ho
    35.chalte chalte
    36.kismat konnection
    37.jab we met
    38.tu khiladi main anari
    42.rang de basanti
    43.rock onnnn

  • SUNIEL, i agree with you. anand is a brilliant film, and one of my favourites too. the pairing of rajesh khanna and amitabh was dynamite, and worked very well. probably one of the most meaningful films ever in bollywood. extremely sensitive. and the songs were brilliant too, especially ‘kahin door jab din dal jaye…’ wow ! what a song. brings out the human side in you.

    i have seen this film a few times too.

    another one of my favourite films i have seen a few times is jo jeeta wohi sikander. also, the shah rukh khan film baadshah. this one is a very underrated film and is not given enough credit. if you watch the film from start to finish, you will realise it is one of the best shah rukh khan comedies. and a very funny and entertaining film. although it flopped at the box office (cant see why though), it really is a very good comedy. probably shah rukh khans best comedy film ever. everyone should watch it.

    out of the recent releases, i have watched chandni chowk to china and ghajini the most. for some reason i find chandni chowk to china entertaining, bar a few scenes.

    anyway, from all of the above comments, it appears the unanimous decision for the most watched film goes to:

    hum aapke hai koun !

  • Jodha Akbar–many times,once every two weeks
    Koi milgaya–once a month
    Fanaa –many times

    I watch them for Hrithik Roshan’s superb acting and the movie itself, excellent direction and music.

    Fanaa for the stars and the music.

  • 1) Namaste london more than 40 times.
    2) Rehna Hai Tere Dil Me more than 30 times.
    3) Hum Dil Chuke Sanam more than 20 times.
    4) Ishq more than 15 times.
    5) Kal ho na ho more than 10 times.
    6) Mohabbatein more than 8 times.
    7) kaho naa pyaar hai more than 5 times.
    8) kisna more than 3 times.
    9) Chak de india more than 2 times.
    10) kameeney yet to be watch…………………lol

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