Youngistaan Review

Ever since Jackie Bhagnani made a non-assured debut with his first film Kal Kisne Dekha, he has been appearing in one flop after another. And all of them have been produced by his dad Vashu Bhagnani. Continuing that tradition, Youngistaan has also been produced by Vashu. But will it be able to end Jackie’s flop streak? Let’s find out.

Story: Youngistaan makes for an interesting one line idea – of a young man taking the charge of the country and moulding it according to himself. Youngistaan is about Abhimanyu (Jackie) being entrusted as the interim Prime Minister of the country when his father Dashrath Kaul (Boman Irani) succumbs to his illness. Things become complicated when his relationship with his girlfriend Anvita (Neha Sharma) comes to the public forefront and becomes gossip column fodder. Youngistaan is then primarily about Jackie discovering himself in the process of governing India.

Youngistaan Movie Review

Screenplay and Direction: Syed Ahmad Afzal has written an intricate tale of a person getting embroiled in situations hitherto unknown to him and how he faces them – however ill prepared he maybe. The script has the right political tone and doesn’t lose the desired control completely. The director has shaped Youngistaan keeping in mind the mood of the nation and in particular of the youth. His aesthetics as a director should help him connect with the youth.

The technical aspects of Youngistaan are on the dot and never go awry. The production design is correct and the editing is also above average. All in all, a job well done. The music of Youngistaan suits the nature of the film.

Jackie Bhagnani reinvents himself as Abhimanyu. He comes of age. Somewhat. He is able to emote well and his vocal skills have definitely improved by leaps and bounds. Neha Sharma is a stunner and it is a shame she has not been signed on for bigger films. She deserves better films. Farooque Sheikh keeps the film together with his impeccable acting, you can’t help but miss him and his talent now that he is no longer with us.

Conclusion: Youngistaan makes for interesting viewing, and makes some valid points and also entertains the viewer along the way. Youngistaan should be watched for what it offers and not for what we want it to offer.

Box Office: As expected, the film has taken a below-average opening, but should pick up if the youth take to the film.


  • Farooque Sheikh and Jackie Bhagnani’s acting
  • Neha Sharma is a stunner
  • The entertainment quotient of the film
  • The points it makes


  • Youngistaan loses steam towards the middle
  • Some plot points seem to be a jolt from the blue
Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • I have heard two songs of the movie(sang marmar and title track). Both are nice songs.
    Neha sharma is an extremely beautiful girl.

  • i was thinking that this movie would be bakwass by watching its promo but with great review from most critics, i think this movie would be worth watchable..

  • Youngistan is getting average reviews from critics. But the other two(o teri n dishqiyaan wateva) are getting even worse review than yaariyan .

  • I wish Neha Sharma gets some big films…she is gorgeous as well as talented…

    Why only sticking to Katrina and Deepika????
    Because they are big stars….

    Give her a film opposite any A list star,she will definitely shine….

    Happy for Jackie Bhagnani,he is an improved actor now..

  • I want this film to be a success. But problem is the released date and competition with other films like Mms2 and queen. Indicine you forget Jackie’s FALTU was a successful film. Lets see what happen with this film.

  • Jacky Bhagnani and Hrihtik both are papa-made and papa-fed stars of bollywood.
    Without his papa Hrithik would have 2-3 hits in his 10 year career which would be funny to say.

  • @loki, without yashraj and dharma, srk would be an assitant spotboy at the film sets. Hrithik has kabhi khushi kabhi gham,mission kashmir,dhoom 2,jodhaa akbar,zindagi na milegi dobara,agneepath all of them are success ! he has done only 19-20 films till now.

    yrf is the sautela dad of srk. srk needs rajni’s name,honey singh’s song,a list stars cameo, 1 year heavy promotion to get a hit. shame !

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