Youngistaan Box Office Collections

Youngistaan has collected around 4.6 crore in its first 4 days at the domestic box office. Even though it was the only film last weekend to show decent growth over the weekend, it wont even get close to recovering its costs.

The problem for all three releases was the clash. When the audience is spoilt for choices, with not just multiple releases every week, but also other sources of entertainment like the ongoing cricket world cup, they would only be willing to shell out for a costly multiplex ticket if the film is worth a watch in theatre.

With Ragini MMS 2 doing well at single screens and Queen doing reasonably well in its fourth weekend, all three new releases were received poorly.

Youngistaan will collect around 6 crore in its first week.

Youngistaan Box Office collections

  • Friday – 1 cr
  • Saturday – 1.4 cr
  • Sunday – 1.65 cr
  • Monday – 0.6 cr
  • Total – 4.65 cr


  • @rand Ur name suits your profession best and also Salman, Aamir and spoonfed Hrithik. And SRK made Yrf not the opposite, if you study the state of Yrf before and after SRK.

  • guys according to this retarded LOKI, lungiwala made yrf LOL! that means lungiwala was present in kaala pathar,silsila,lamha,dhoom 2,dhoom 3 etc lol he must have been the spotboy in those films.

  • @punk — Lolllll…..its only SRK who can guarantee YRF a sure shot success without of any brand name, established actress, strip dances, bikini clad girls, huge hype ,festive release,20 days free run etc but with new actress, no heroine, no festive release, no multiplex release, no free run, no item song etc :-D And also not to forget on the backdrop of MUMBAI BLAST.

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