‘You are making a mistake, don’t do this’ is what everyone said: Aamir Khan

The last Aamir Khan film that failed to recover costs through theatrical business was ‘Mangal Pandey: The Rising’ way back in 2005. Since then, almost every thing that he has touched has turned into box office gold.

However, the superstar says, with every important decision that he has taken in life, people around him always told him that the decision would be a mistake that he would eventually regret making.

But now, after all the success that he has achieved, he cherishes the fact that he lived his life on his terms and conditions.

“This is a fascinating thing that right through my life, every important decision of my life, all people who are important to me, close to me, have always told me, ‘You are making a mistake, don’t do this’. I have always been told that,” said Aamir at the Young Inspirator’s seminar on Tuesday.

“I always listened to them carefully, I never ignored them. But I finally did what I felt like doing and when I look back after 25 years of being a professional, I think that is the one thing that I feel happy about. I lived on my terms.”

“Today, I am successful, but I may not have been successful as well. But I am happy that I never compromised. Whenever I was offered something I was not happy with, I didn’t do it.”

With the P.K poster creating a huge controversy across India and the actor receiving a lot of flak for going nude on the poster, it certainly looks like yet another hugely successful ‘wrong decision’ that the actor has taken.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan



  • Aamir never compromises with quality….he chooses his films so wisely and he may be a boxer in his next…

  • very few people follow their heart completely…..he’s surely one of them…..success etc are different matters…..great way of looking at life!!

  • PK-250 cr

    But next focus is Bang Bang whose collections should do more than HNY. I predict 250 cr for Bang Bang while 185cr for HNY since its trailer is not attractive and today`s business is mostly driven by word of mouth that will be lacking from farah khan direction.

  • He could have easily done a lot of chocolate romance movies, but he knew very well, that it will not sustain him in the long run and risked doing different films starting from Sarfarosh.

    From then on, i guess, only Mangal Pandey was a failure, and D3 was just okay, rest all his films have been pathbreaking.

    People eagerly await his movies and expectations are huge as to what he is upto now.

    Truely a gem of an actor.

  • If Aamir would have listened to them then great movies like Laagan,TZP and 3 idiots would not have happened.

  • Aamir khan ,SRK, Salman……all three are grt..but from the awards, from overseas records where srk has 5,aamir 2, sallu 2…i feel srk is no 1 ….aamir and sallu both came into industry with help of their parents..(tahir and salim)but SRK was smart…he came into industry with his grt acting skills…So in short SRK is king…aamir is good but not the best….

  • Asli Kingkhan not publicised king ……

    Aamir – Darling of classes

    Salman – Darling of million masses.

    Shahrukh – Darling of media.

  • We forgot about DobiFlop and his Talaash is still going on. PK will bring this overrated actor to his senses. It will flop badly. He got lucky with Dhoom brand, in which his acting was terrible.

  • some fools thinks Salman came into industry with his father’s help but reality his father wants to him that he complete his studies. if Salman fail he can choose writer as a stepny it was his intention. he is against of Salman initially thats y Salman did movies with low profile producers and directers initially. kindly note Suraj debutant director at mpk times and rajshree production had only one huge hit dosti before mpk others r just hits.

  • amir-class based actor
    salman-mass based actor


  • Aamir is really true megastar of Bollywood No one can be like him..truly versatile actor..no words for him total speechless

  • Aamir khan sir your always best i love u so much
    iam waiting fora
    p.k 2014
    and dungal 2015
    sarfrosh2 in 2016

  • Aamir was happy and made no compromise even when he did films like Mela, Awwal number, Love love love, Isi ka naam zindagi, Tum mere ho, Jawani Zindabad, Daulat ki Jung..countless rubbish! :D

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