YJHD Box Office Collections: Huge second weekend

YJHDRanbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani continued its ‘blockbuster’ run at the domestic box office, as the film was unaffected by this week’s release Yamla Pagla Deewana 2. The film crossed the 130 crore mark and looks set to do business in excess of 150 crores in 2 weeks.

In 10 days, the film has collected Rs 136 crore making it the 6th highest grosser of all time after 3 Idiots, Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2, Bodyguard and Dabangg. The film surpassed the lifetime collections of other major grossers like Rowdy Rathore (which released during the same weekend last year), Agneepath, Ra One, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Ready and Housefull 2.

YJHD is expected to do overall business of around 175 – 180 crores by the end of it’s theatrical run in India.

YJHD Box Office Collections – First Week

  • Friday – 19.5 cr
  • Saturday – 20 cr
  • Sunday – 22.5 cr
  • Monday – 12.7 cr
  • Tuesday – 11.8 cr
  • Wednesday – 10.6 cr
  • Thursday – 9.5 cr
  • First Week Total – 106.6 crore

YJHD Box Office Collections – Second Weekend

  • 2nd Friday – 6.9 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 10.2 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 11.25 cr
  • 2nd Weekend – 28.35 cr

Total Collections in 10 days – 134.95 cr

Verdict: Blockbuster



  • Wow! Its great to see this! I want more actors of bollywood to pull these numbers cause then only will we see great movies. when there is only one star who does it all the time, the competition is low and the quality gets low! But this is certainly good. now the stars like SRK need to really step up!

  • Not surprising to see YJHD annihilate the collections of ‘Raavan Returns as Ra.one’ and ‘JTHJ I’ll Play DON Until People Take Me Seriously’ as those collections werent much to shout home about…! ;-)

    So Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2000 an old evil King ruled the Indian Kingdom and controlled the emotions, thoughts and movements of his depressed/ suppressed people (some though liked to manipulated like xzone) but now a young exuberant fresh looking brash prince has arrived and is laying his stake to the Kings dilapidated rustic throne. The King is dead, long live the King- King Ranbir…!

  • In the top 5 grossers every where is salman he is 4 place on top 5 and now ranbeer take 1 place but over all salman rocks and srk shoks

  • In the top 5 highest grossers srk is no where now he is going to out of top 10 and the end of year he is going out of top 15

  • Dont worry.
    YJHD lifetime will be crossed by Krrish 3, Dhoom 3, PK and Mental by a HUGE margin.
    Then YJHD will fall to the 8th place.

  • It’s amusing how half the people here are celebrating JTHJ’s low collection instead of YJHD’s wonderful run… Well as they say… you can’t do the right thing without earning some enemies…. happy for YJHD… but will always love SRK….

  • if YHHD has collected this must imagine how krish3,dhoom3,mental,thuppaki remake,boss will have collection

  • YJHD is on course to cross 150cr+ this week and with 1 more weekend to come with no noticeable competition then it could do 20cr+ in its third weekend. Im thinking it will get close to 190cr and remember Aashiqui2 did 7cr+ in its 4th weekend so YJHD may hang around up until its 4th weekend so the possibilities are endless. Good film so deserves the business its made/ making…! ;-)

  • @nolantigee You stating the bleeding obvious dude, remember last yr and the business RR did in its second week and we thought that was gonna be hard to surpass but as the yr went on those numbers were surpassed and by huge margins too by ETT…! ;-)
    I know D3, K3 and Mental will cross 150cr+ by their 2nd weekends and put up huge lifetime figures but my thoughts go out to Srk and his fans…!
    Poor Kings movies are struggling to past Readys 3 yr old record of 123cr so forget about YJHD as buddhas jawaani came and went decades ago…! :-P

  • alot of idiots have a big prob with SRK They are happy to see ranbir breaking their mental star records just to abuse SRK, while srk fans are happy to see the good actors having what they deserve, we are happy to see a new super star who can realy ACT geting his chance, It has been along time since we saw that, the last 1 was hrithik , Now BT has a new super star after “SRK, Aamir & Hrithik” who know what the word Acting means not only how to take his shirt off :D

    It is a great thing for bolywood lovers

    So SRK haters i just want you to know that there’s no medicine for hate, insecurities, double standards and black hearts so you will end committing suicide :D

  • Wow!!!wow!!!wow!!! Congo 2 ranbir. . . . . . . .but i am happy as well as surprised that it crossed the life time collections of rawdy rathore and agneepath. . .

  • Why are people so concerned about srk . Ranbir film is breaking records of salman films. Salman s frustrated fans cannot abuse ranbir because they know how good quality actor he is but simply speaking about jthj collections to console themselves in such situation where records of salmans are in danger.

  • Brilliant.

    I take back my words that it will not break REady and Rowdy record.

    All the best to Ranbir and YJHD team to go for 150 cr now.

    Ab koyi aaya hain takkar ka. Ab khel me hoga mazaa.

    Bring it on.

  • @Gewone. Sharukh khan doesn’t have any haters. Almost all the people in film industry loves him except few like salman khan, who had fight with him and Aamir khan, who is jealous of him. Even these peoples who is spreading negativity are not haters, they are jealous souls bcuz SRK has been compared with almost all the superstars so they are insecure about their stars. I think we SRKians are the only fans who dont feel jealousy over any star. The only think we do is defend SRK. We SRK fans accepted salman as no.1 after he give bumper opening with body guard and we also accepted ranbir as no.1 after YJHD where as salman fans still didnt accepted ranbir is ahead of salman now. That’s the difference between SRK fan and salman fan. So be proud to be SRK fan and live life without jealousy

  • @soroop i know that, I dont talk about film ind , I am talking about the fans,
    All the stars love SRK especially the females becuz he is a gentlman and so charming person knows how to respect them.
    All the directors love SRK becuz he is the only superstar that give them their hard work bk even more , when his movie become a hit all the credit goes to the director and when his movie become a flop all the credit goes to the the hero ,
    he is so amazing person ,
    he promots his directors more than him self
    KJO, Farah khan , and now rohit shety

    while the others are drawing a fake pics that their movie become a hit only becuz of their star powers and there is no mention to the director, the story, the lead actress or even the Promotion banner , they only remember them when the movie become a flop like “joker ” , “me or mrs khana” and “himatwala” the flop become the director mistake only , the stars have nothing to do with it :D , But in SRK case the flop become his mistake and not any one else mistake

    I am totaly proud of the man who can face such double standards and rise above them all ,
    As we know little minds are tamed and subdued by Its sectarian and sectional but great minds rise above them all

    I am 1000% proud of my king

    BTW only insecure ppl feel jealousy

    And there is no need to say that i am so proud to be one of his fans becuz if there is any one is not proud to be one of his fan, that 1 Is an idiot :D
    Also i thank him for giving me the chance to know my other fav stars like HRO in k3g , SAK in khnh , Rani in kkhh, Kajol in karan arjun, DP in oso, AS in rnbdj.

    I knew them becuz of him.
    my love 2 bolywod started 14 yrs ago with the mute shanker, in koyla which was a flop in india :D So i dont care about their reviews I only care about ours :D

  • @Gewone. “All the directors love SRK becuz he is the only superstar that give them their hard work bk even more , when his movie become a hit all the credit goes to the director and when his movie become a flop all the credit goes to the the hero” I totally totally agree with this statement of urs. Farah khan is not a good director but still jealous ppls says bcuz of her MHN and OSO became hits.
    Think about Yash chopra, he didnt given huge blockbusters for years. Darr, dil toh pagal hai, Veer zara and JTHJ all were hits and superhits before that few of his films flopped such as Parampara, Lamhe etc. And look now where he is, he is considered as father of contemperory cinema!!. I am not saying SRK was the sole reason but SRK made huge contribution for the immense respect that yash chopra is getting now. Aditya chopra and KJO became powerful brands with their first films. But look at others like Sooraj barajatya, Anees bazmee, Abhinav kashyap, Siddique(bodyguard), Kabir khan etc. Most of them dunno who are they!. Even Raju hirani needed 2 blockbusters and 1 ATBB like 3 idiots to became a powerful brand. See now every one is talking about Rohit shetty.Chennai express is promoted as Rohit Shetty film.
    Director is the captian of the ship. Only SRK give due respect or perhaps more to the captian of the ship. This is the sign of good human being so I am very proud to be an SRK fan and will be one forever.

  • @Gewone : I dont like srk n proud to say it!! what a joke every1 likes or love srk. hahaha. Please meet Sunny Doel, Aamir Khan, Aziz Mirza (who was the one who mentored srk), Manoj Kunar n to some extent Big B and ask their personal opinion sbout your inspiration called srk the fake king. You will be shocked to know what kind of jerk is ur hero. Now Dont say all these stars are jealous of srk n liars.

  • Everyone love srk but they don,t watch his movie because he don,t know acting he alawys do overacting srk is self made king because king is always on the top but he is no where in top places

  • Joke Of The Day

    “Everyone Loves Srk”

    Lol so hard- wonder what bhai jaan will think when he reads that farcical statement. In reality it goes something like this:- “Everyone that is important loves Salman bhai…!”
    This excludes Srk as hes now a man who used to be important Once Upon A Time In Mumbai…! :-)

  • @hrithik. Do u know the difference between jealousy and hatred ?. If u hate the person then u tend to ignore the person most of the time but in case if u are jealous of the person then u try to belittle the person most of the time. Now I hope u understood in which category u r in?. I don’t talk much about Aamir khan bcuz I hate jealous person like him but as an actor, he is good but I am not his fan but i liked his movies like fanaa and 3 idiots. But salman is not a bad person neither good but he is a criminal. I like him in Wanted but I would choose sharukh over salman any given day bcuz salman is nothing in front of sharukh for me.

  • @soroop: come out of JTHJ coma n see the reality. Jealous of srk?? my foot!!! It is better to be in Jannat (heaven) than Mannat coz only ch@tiyas stay there. Thats your opinion n you have right to like whoever u want. But Salman have more friends in bollywood than srk now. you will be a biggest fool if u deny this.

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