YJHD Box Office Collections: 2nd highest grosser of 2013

YJHDYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is on a historic run at the box office as the film collected Rs 12.71 crore on Monday. The 4 day total cumulative total stands at Rs 74.81 crore. At the speed at which it’s going, the film is likely to cross the 100 crore mark by the end of it’s first week itself.

On Tuesday, the film crossed the lifetime business of Aashiqui 2, which was until now the 2nd highest grosser of 2013.

YJHD Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 19.5 cr
  • Saturday – 20.1 cr (3% growth)
  • Sunday – 22.5 cr (12% growth)
  • Weeeknd – 62.1 cr
  • Monday – 12.71 cr (43% drop from Sunday)
  • 4 Day Total – 74.81 crore net

The film is still running at 50-60% occupancy at multiplexes, with evening/night shows running to packed houses at several cinemas. Tuesday box office collection is likely to be around 11 – 11.5 cr.

While the final lifetime business is difficult to predict at this point in time, YJHD has a good chance of crossing the 150 crore mark if it remains steady in Week 2 (it has Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 as competition).

The film is almost certain to go past major grossers like Agneepath, Don 2, Ra One, Ready, Housefull 2 and Rowdy Rathore. But the big question –┬áCan YJHD beat some of the biggest hits in recent times like Bodyguard (145 cr), Dabangg (140 cr) and Dabangg 2 (153 cr)? Tell us what you think!



  • The new KING is here…all hail SIR RANBIR KAPOOR…at such a young age he has achieved what the khans and akshay kumar achieved after 15-20 years…Ranbir will rule from hereon for the next 20 years…Hrithik is the only competition for him…RANBIR and HRITHIK are the future of bollywood now…

  • Mark my words everyone it can’t cross 124cr ready lifetime collection and ppnh col more than yjhd as bhai jaan doing a small role in the film and salman fans never miss to watch this year on big screen.

  • Watched the movie. Deepika and ranbir’s on-screen chemistry is awesome, i mean really awesome. I think some magic connection was there between them like SRK- Kajol couple. Deepika had really matured as an actress. Ranbir done his role quite brilliantly as usual. Kalki koechin is the suprise package, she made quite an impact with her role. Aditi roy kapoor role is similiar to his role in Ashiqui but he tried to behave differently in this movie. Who said second half is not up to mark?. Second half is as entertaining as the first half. But In second half, there is more emotional scenes. Emotions scenes was there only for last 20 mins but were very touching. In my opinion, movie was full of fun until last 20 mins or so. Special mention to Farooq Sheikh as Ranbir’s father in the movie, he is a class actor. He was there only for 5-10 mins but I am sure u will feel for him when u leave the theater.

  • omg! i’m still wonder why people r going gaga over this film, is that means Ranbir is now a superstar like Akki,Salman n Shahrukh which their fans going gaga over their films indifference of d cinema quality.

  • @Zahid Ali, seems u 4got Salman Khan has a all time blockbuster in maine pyar kiya which is being consider his debutant movie and made another all time blockbuster 5 years later. So Ranbir has long way to go b4 he ll be start comparing with this big superstars. But its a fact he is d rising superstar no doubt!

  • YPD2 is releasing on this friday. if YJHD sustained well through the 2nd weekend, then it’s a real winner and will become 3rd highest grosser ever after 3 idots and ek tha tiger.

  • Top five highest grossers of the year 1.dhoom3 2. Krissh3 3.ouatim 4. Channai expess 5 yjhd . if mental release this year he will be in top 2 so still more to come so wait and watch

  • @g if mental release undoubtly it will be the top position but it release 24 jan, create a record joining 200cr club despite non holiday realease. What is k3, it will be a another ra1. And ouatima class entertainer like 1st part. The heightest grosser of the year ce or d3, and i bet with every one rambo rajkumar col more than yjhd. The king is back in chennai express

  • Now the current Ranking goes like this

    1. Ranbir ( Besharam is certain to get huge opening. So high chance of retaining no.1 position this year)
    2. Salman khan ( Dont have any release this year. So he is certain to be no.2 and will go down to no.3 or no.4, if SRK OR Aamir movie exceeds 3 idiots lifetime)
    3. Shah Rukh Khan ( If Chennai express beats 3 idiots then he will retain his old position)
    4. Aamir khan ( If dhoom 3 exceeds 3 idiots then Aamir will be no.1)
    5. Hrithik Roshan ( Krish 3 shud break all the records plus shud exceed 3 idiots lifetime then he can be on no.1 position)
    6. Akshay Kumar ( No chance. Suppose OATIMA or Boss becomes blockbuster then also no chance to be no.1 but have chance to be in no.3 position)

  • It takes 7 years for ranbir to give first solo blockbuster nd you dumb guys already declared him no. 1 superstar, i just wants to tell u tat forget all biggest star
    Aditya roy kapoor has given solo blockbuster in his very first movie nd he was also their in yjhd so is it really ranbirs solo release or not think once but still i have had mentioned movies ranbirs solo release

  • @sachin11. Is der anything wrong in expecting thakur’s passenger train to cross 3 idiots 202 crs?. We are not telling it will cross 500crs or 1000 crs or 20 crs morning show like u said for salman Dabangg 2. Now how much mental will collect, 2000 crs or 3000 crs?. Sky is limit for Mental fans lol

  • Aamir make new trend in the bollywood he made it two times by ghajni and 3iditos so this year he made new trend 250 crore by dhoom3 so wait and watch

  • I think the way MENTAL create the buzz and the story line with social issue with big action impact any other records are in danger in the early next year 24-Jan will be huge day for indian cinema .

  • I am eagerly waiting for Mental. Like Soroop, I too have my opinion: Ranbir is No. 11 today, as No. 1 to No. 10 is one and only ………………….! Yes u are right.

  • The film opened to Ranbir’s star effect, but the effect is not “yet” as huge as Salman, srk or aamir, to sustain in the second week. But, that is the only positive about the film and to an extent the music, but none of the co-stars or the direction have the effect to pull people to theatres.

    The film has not got great reviews.

    Remember, the first weekend is all about star power, and then it is a combination of both star power and content.

    Here, Ranbir is still to catch the Khans. He is the rising star, no doubt, but the star power is not as huge as the Khans, so far, and the content is a let down.

    So, with Ranbir’s current star power it can stretch to a few days, but the content is not helping it, and hence the fall in the collections.

    If the film picks up the coming weekend it can get in to the 100 cr club, , but the word of mouth is not positve overall, and hence it is doubtful it can break Rowdy or Ready’s record. Lets wait and see.

  • although yjhd is not as gd as barfi , or rockstar but far better than dabangg2 or bodyguard … so it really deserves 160cr + but kya kare dosto ye india hai jahan kisi ki acting ki kadra ho na ho bt action aur faltu ke dialogue ko dekh
    ne log dus dus bar jate hain aur record ban jata hai….. but phir bhi shukr hai ki 3 idiots ka record abhi bhi barkarar hai jo ummeed hai is bat ki aaj bhi sachhi mvis ke sachhe fans exist karte hain

  • indicine
    whats wrong in my comment

    if ouatima and boss will become blockbusters ,then also there is no chance for akshay to become no1.
    but with single blockbuster srk will be no1.these srk fans gone madeven before the release of ce,
    what will happen to them after the release.srk was not there even in top5 last year.same thing will happen this year also.
    this year top5

  • @boss. SRK and Aamir are megastars not over rated superstar like akshay kumar. Even if salman had few avg film from now on, he need just 1 blockbuster to come back to no.1 position bcuz he too is a megastar. First know the difference between superstar and megastar.

  • @soroop first of all don’t club srk in amir and salman position.amir and salman are MILES AHEAD then srk right now.
    secondly,,the whole world knows that who is OVERRATED so no need of talking about it.(even not a single big hit from last 5 years,,still his fans and paid media calling him “king”?????)
    thirdly,,what is the need of giving salman’s example in srk related topic??salman is a megastar we all know..don’t use his name for your cheap examples to prove srk bigger.
    current ratings
    1.salman(5 bb)
    2,ranbeer(huge opening of yjhd)
    3.akshay(1 bb,2 sh,critically acclaimed sp.26 in 1 year)
    4.amir(2 atbbs in 4 years)
    5.hrithik(2 sh)
    where is srk???who doesn’t have one superhit and his fans thinks he can be no.1…LOL…

  • @Samar. How can be salman in no.1 position?. He lost it and it’s tym for u pplz to accept it. Ranbir had beaten salman’s record convincingly. Salman was never miles ahead, if he was then how come ranbir destroyed his record that too with 650 screen less. I agree that Aamir is miles ahead that he showed with talaash lifetime. Ur telling sharukh didnt had big hits for 5 years!!!. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, yeah ur right he didnt had. His movie for respective years were
    My name is Khan – 9 crs opening , now compare MNIK with Special chabbis opening, both are slow paced so U can see the difference
    Ra one – Broke bodyguards weekend record
    Don2 – broked ready’s non holiday opening record and held its record till Dabaang 2, isn’t it?
    JTHJ – it’s never meant to be enternaing movie. Its an emotional movie. It didnt clicked with audience in india so underperformed but still crossed 100 crs but miles ahead wala aamir’s talaash couldn’t able to
    I always agreed that salman was no.1 after bodyguad but Aamir and akshay proved they are behind sharukh with Talash and special chabbis or khiladi for that matter. Now put ur jealosy behind and accept ranbir is no.1 star in India now

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