Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Review

The marketing campaign spanning months will finally come to an end. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has released today! So was the film deserving of the marketing campaign devoted to it? Did Ayan Mukherji deserve such a big budget after just one film? Has Ranbir been able to deliver another award winning performance? Let’s dive straight into answering these questions and more.

Story, Screenplay and Dialogues: YJHD is about 4 friends Bunny, Naina, Avi and Aditi played by Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Kalki Koechlin respectively. The first half of the film is set in Manali, and the second half’s in Udaipur. There’s not a full fledged dramatic story to be found here. It’s just about the coming-of-age of these 4 friends and how they realize that happiness comes from within – your career, your location withstanding. The film rests on this one resolution.

Direction: For the most part of this 160 minute long film, Ayan Mukherji manages to tidy the languid script up with his dialogues, even though they are ol’ skool. The film lingers along but the hefty cinemtography makes you not feel the length of the film. Ayan deals with old Hindi film stereotypes here, but we seldom feel we are watching something we have already seen before, because his treatment is young. Having said that, after delivering such a fresh film on his debut, a ‘different’ story was expected from him. This lack of newness might bother a few, though.

Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Movie Review

Miscellaneous: As has been already mentioned, the scenic locales and the appropriately stunning cinematography are two of the film’s major high points. The art direction of the film shines in the film’s glitzy song sequences. There’s a grandness about it which shows the director’s vision and ambition.

Music: The music of the film was an nstant Hit. Badtameez Dil, Balam Pichkari, Dilliwali Girlfriend, and Ghagra are all huge chartbusters now. Pritam is on fine form once again. Pritam’s been very lucky for Ranbir once again after APKGK and Barfi. Even the sombre tracks like Subhanallah and Kabira work very well. Kabira does remind you of Saibo and Iktara, and that’s not a bad thing at all. All in all, the groovy music makes the film a lot more fun to watch and to listen to.

Acting: Ranbir Kapoor is always good. Always. He hardly ever misses a beat, and this role must have been a cakewalk for him compared to his last roles. He stays well within his comfort zone as Ayan Mukherji knows his friend’s strengths very well. Ranbir accentuates the bohemian Bunny very comfortably. He lights up the screen when he’s on screen with his sheer charm. Deepika Padukone does a fine job, as the nerdy yet adventurous Naina. Her dialogue delivery has certainly gotten better with time. And, the fact that she looks like a million bucks, obviously helps.

Kalki and Aditya Roy Kapoor have pretty important characters to play in the film and they do the job really well. Kalki is a surprise. She acts out the free-spirited Aditi without ever ‘acting’ it out. Aditya is getting better with every film and his growth curve is taking a turn for the better. Farooque Sheikh and Tanvi Azmi are always brilliant. They impress in their small roles. Poorna Jagannathan and Kunal Roy Kapoor are also there in the film. Madhuri Dixit shows with her item song that she has still got it when it comes to dancing and nazaakat!

Conclusion and Box Office: If you were expecting a film like Barfi or Wake Up Sid, please get real. The promos promised a fun film with a bit of philosophy. And that is what the film delivers. There a few hiccups yes, but the climax manages to redeem all those loose points. The film managed to bring a smile to my face and that is what matters at the end of the day, doesn’t it? Keep your expectations in check and you won’t be disappointed.

The film’s taken a thunderous opening all across India and the weekend could even touch 50cr. Having seen the film, I think it will just about manage to cross the 100cr barrier but the languid pace may take a few crores off the collections. Eitherway, it’s established Ranbir Kapoor as an opening Superstar.


  • The gorgeous locales and the beautiful camera work
  • Ranbir Kapoor
  • The chartbusting music by Pritam
  • The climax
  • Grand sets


  • The languid pace
  • Lack of a story
  • An easy resolution to a life-changing decision

Rating: ★★★½☆

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Review by Zayden



  • i thought ranbir need 2 or 3 years to come into top 5.he is already in.
    first day yjhd will be 16+cr

    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has taken a bumper opening across India at multiplexes. The opening at multiplexes can be compared with Ek Tha Tiger which was a holiday release. It is practically opened 90-100% across the board and multiplexes which tend to start slow have also started strongly.

    It is not a holiday release so the film will slow in the late afternoon as this sort of pace is normally only kept when it is holiday. The film was always expected to open huge in the metros but the multiplexes in Rajasthan, CP Berar and CI have also opened to excellent collections.

    The single screen opening is also likely to be very good though not like the multiplexes. The opening is sure to be the second highest non holiday opening of all time (beating films like Ra.One, Don 2, Rowdy Rathore etc) and the record non holiday 19.50 crore nett figure of Dabangg 2 is also not safe but that will depend on the range of contribution from single screens.

  • Good reviews all over. Didn’t expect it from the average trailer. I wanna watch it desperately after reading the reviews. With this movie doing so well at the opening I guess this could be the 1st 100 crore movie in 2013.

    I am now convinced that Ranbir is a superstar. This is enough to prove that.

  • 3.5 stars from Indicine means that the film is thoroughly Entertaining.Films which got 3.5 stars like
    SOTY,RR,Dabangg2,Aurangzeb,Agneepath,Jannat 2,Chashmebaddoor all were entertaining flicks.

  • Top 10 actors list after 31st may
    8.Emraan Hashmi
    10.Imran Khan

  • @Khans beware,Ranbir is here!!!, how in the hell did that rating came to your mind ??? according to box office, salman khan,akshay kumar and hrithik roshan are the top 3 stars right now. then shahrukh khan, aamir khan and ranbir kapoor.

  • @sumeet
    How come acc. to you Akshay and hrithik are above SRK and aamir?
    Akshay last 3 movies are not 100cr

    Hrithik’s last 2 movies

    Srk last 3 movies
    All 100cr

    Aamir last 3 movies
    And u know well about 3idiots and Ghajini.

    Akshay is not consistent enough,while HR has only one 100cr .

  • @Khans beware,Ranbir is here!!!, how many films hrithik has done since 2011 ?? only two and znmd was released in very very less screens as compared to these films and it was a class movie not a mass movie, still it collected close to 100 crores, agneepath was released much less than 3000 screens, still got record breaking opening. akshay kumar has proven his worth time and again, whereas ranbir’s barfi was totally a word of mouth business, yeh jawaani hai deewani got opening due to ranbir-deepika chemistry and hugely due to popular music, we have already seen such things with aashiqui 2 where music made the film success. the reviews say its just an ordinary film, nothing new as expected. ranbir is not in the big league, he has a long way to go. and don’t worry the biggies krrish 3,dhoom 3,ouatima are waiting to thrash all these collections.

  • @Khans beware,Ranbir is here!!!, aamir khan’s last two films were dhobi ghat and talaash, how come he is in top 4 ?? and srk’s films which release on such huge no. of screens , still struggle to cross 100 crores, and you are saying he is at no. 2 ?? no offence, but i just said the facts. no offence to any fans.

  • It is a good movie.i enjoy
    @khanbeware u dnt mentn Ajay Devgn in top 10 are u serious? He is
    Last 3
    i m nt sying tht he is in top5 bt he just neck to neck.upcming Devgn flicks Satygraha for critics
    Prabhudeva’s next for ppl lyk.

  • Guys..yjhd had everything going with it..second big budget commercial movie after race 2..there ws himmatwala,but it ws a mass film..and except aashiqui gud movies wer released..and dat wasnt a commercial people vit obviously go to this movie..hit music..summer its nt greatness of ranbir..its de perfect timing of the release..

  • Xpectation fullfill from da direction point of view. Well done evry1 . . . . Aayan deserve nxt filmfare. . . .!

  • I Loved it,though it does not have a good story,Ayan has done a great job to connect to audience.Its a movie more of Friendship than hardcore love,a bit philosophical too.
    Some People were saying it would be like DDLJ,but its nowhere close to it. Ranbir’s performance is plus point, and he will gain huge fan following after it.
    He is superstar now.
    Huge publicity helped this movie a lot.
    It can be a blockbuster for sure.
    For me,It doesnt deserve more than 3/5.

  • bakwas movie
    deepika looks worst than al of her past movies

    go for the film only if u want to see good camara work
    nothing new

  • simply to say: I didn’t like the film.. no soul.. no content.. a boring in fact.. it’s like the movie ( cocktail) which u would watch, and then u would leave the theater and saying: nah.. not that great film. ( the best in this film was 2 songs: Madhuri’s and battameez dil) and the last 15 minutes was interesting.. that’s all


    This is a motion picture which concentrates on character development with good efforts. The Movie relies upon emotions between the lead actors and delivers to viewers. Ranbir Kapoor is good and performed well, Deepika is just OK, her acting skills are not up standards but such flaws have been covered by Ranbir. Music was the strongest feature of this film which carries the film forward. The film is enjoyed by all age groups. Though the movie initially looked like a typical boy-girl-romantic but this notion will not be correct, the film manages to create a delicate balance between the emotions as it changes with developing themes converting into a fine piece of entertainment. The dance number “Badtameez Dil” captures the audience and even noise-maker fellows in the cinema hall had to remain silent to view this enthralling number. The opening song with Madhuri was also fabulous with display of finest choreography. The supporting cast with Farooq Sheikh does a decent job and gives lasting impression. It may be a romantic film, but treatment of subject, blended with comedy, and good performance of lead stars, skillful film-editing, makes this movie a standout. We have a strong feeling that this film would be nominated for an award. Hit for sure. –7.5/10:

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