Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Box Office Collections: First Day

Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniThe post-IPL weekend has always been record-breaking for Bollywood; New York (2009 – Super Hit), Raajneeti (2010 – Blockbuster), Ready (2011 – Blockbuster), Rowdy Rathore (2012 – Blockbuster) and the trend continues with this week’s release Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

Early estimates suggest that the film has collected approx 17-18 crore on it’s first day at the box office. The film has done well in Mumbai circuit (around 6.75 – 7 crore), Delhi/UP (4 crore), Rajasthan (1.3 cr), East Punjab (1.35 cr). Other territories like Mysore, Nizam, C.I, C.P vary between 0.75 cr to 1.3 cr.

Released on 3050 screens, the all-India average occupancy of YJDH on it’s first day is around 65-70%.

Most films with wide releases tend to drop marginally on Day 2, but premium multiplexes where YJHD is performing exceedingly well generate maximum business during the evening/night shows on Saturday. If it sustain well today and shows decent growth in business on Sunday, it wouldn’t be surprising if Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani crosses the 50 crore mark in it’s first weekend itself.

Finally, with the second highest non-holiday opening, Ranbir Kapoor has slowly but steady climbed his way to the top bracket of A-list superstars. He joins Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar in the ‘top league’. It’s worth a mention that he is 9 years younger than the second youngest superstar in the Top 6.

Note: The figures above are estimates based on the net collections we have received from a few centres. Actual figures will be published tomorrow. Stay tuned to Indicine!



  • Box office collections of YJHD dont mean a thing. What should mean the most to Ranbir is the love that he is getting from the audience at such an young age. He has such a long way to go and the fact that he balances commercial films like Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani with off-beat films like Barfi and Besharam and Bombay Velvet means.. he will survive the test of time.

    Superstar of the future and I am sure he will be the next Shahrukh Khan.

  • 9 years younger does not make sense now. Now days with such a huge screen space it is not difficult to get such numbers.Many more youngsters will follow . But Salman,Shah rukh aamir have all done that long time before with MPK HAHK DDLJ etc. The Box off collection of these films then is more or equivalent to 100cr club now. So your comparision of age makes no sense.

    Stardom of SRK Salman is not easy. Even at this age they are ruling. Ranbir’s real test would be when he will be at their age. will he be able to sustain stardom then????

    So wait for the final Product before making any judgement.
    As far as YJHD is concerned it’s a hugely & perfectly marketed film. UTV really knows how to market their product well which is evident in their releases. Though the film YJHD has nothing great about it.It is more of a mixture of too many things. Great Time pass,good entertaining movie.But not a master piece.It is more of a Karan Johar type of film and less of Ayan. Ayan’s previous movie Wake up Kid was much better. so lets see how much buisness this movie gets!!!

  • its achievement for Khans and not for Ranbir – that the comparison is being made
    they are 47 for god’s sake

  • Dont forget Salman,Srk & Amir had got SuperStar status in their first 3 years.They gave Maga Blockbuster like QSQT,MPK,HAHK,KaranArjun,DDLG.while Ranbir in his 6th year in Bollywood has not given a single Mega Blockbuster.

  • Aamir Salman & Srk is why we watch films at first place..plz dont compare them with Ranbir kapoor at any stage bcoz they are mini gods..Ranbir has only done one decent film out of his so called super career which was ‘Barfi’ and wake up sid was also good to some extent but Khans fit in any genre..let Ranbir do a ‘Lagaan’ first or A Dabangg or a Swades then i will accept him..He can always play the second fiddle till khans retire bcoz after khans its Hrithik & Emraan Hashmi who have the best acting skills to rule hindi film industry

  • Indicine, you say “Ranbir Kapoor has slowly but steady climbed his way to the top bracket of A-list superstars.”. But I don’t think his rise is slow though steady. Within 7 years at such a younger age I don’t think anyone in the hindi film industry has achieved what Ranbir has achieved. He has QUICKLY climbed the ladder of super stardom more than anyone else. I hope he wouldn’t misuse it unlike others and ruin it.

    Good luck Ranbir! Way to go! Keep it up! ANd all the best with future work.

    • Anupama, Hrithik was a A-List superstar right from his first film and even though some of his films flopped after Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, he has sustained his stardom with each release after Koi Mil Gaya. Even Lakshya and Kites opened to 90-100% collections.

      Also, Shahrukh Khan. DDLJ released 3 years after he made his debut in 1992. Has been consistent ever since.

  • every one knows that ranbir is far behind from khans but this is reality that after khan and akki,hirithik ranbir is only actor that can does every type roll and he is also future sharukh khan no doubt

    i like ranbir becoz his acting skill is awesom even at so young age hatts off

  • yeah thats right khans fans, hrithik became overnight superstar right from his debut film as rightly said by indicine, everyone knows that he was a phenomenon right from his first film, nobody in the history of indian cinema has ever done that and nobody can ever repeat it ever, its not a child’s game to be shot into the big league from the debut film itself, but hrithik did that, he also won the best debut as well as best actor award in his debut year, which is a record that nobody ever did. and you say ranbir is new to this ?? he took 5-6 years but still in the process, he will be in bi league in coming years though, but you all are overrating the khans, Srk has seen a rough patch before DDLJ,kkhh etc . Salman is ruling now, but we all know in which condition he was before dabangg happened , aamir is somewhat consistent, akshay kumar achieved his best form since 2007 after almost 15-20 years of his debut, he is not consistent because he is doing alot of movies, he should be selective now.

  • @niks, aamir and salman were’nt superstars right from their debut, even SRK wasn’t, but the TRUTH is aamir became a star soon after his debut, salman too was recognised as a budding star with maine pyaar kiya, but shahrukh took many years to be taken seriously as star , only after DDLJ, people called him star, so in way aamir and salman were ahead of srk, but srk got full support from Yashraj and Dharma camp whose movies shot shahrukh as romantic hero of bollywood.

  • ranbir would rule this whole decade. he is the no.1 right now in endorsements . he is too likable. has proved his acting skills and box office stature both. and we all know how well can he dance. Mr perfect of bollywood .

  • A. bachan was and is the only true shehnshah of bollywood. even at this age he is up there on top . no body can come close to his stature :)

  • even ajay devgn’s debut movie was superhit but he was not able to keep consistancy on bo, otherwise he is too in toplist right from the begining of his carrier and salman has given blockbuster with maine pyar kiya’
    How can someone forgate him and skief from the list as he is rulling boxoffice right from the begining. But people don’t have gut to accept that he is bigger than some hypocrite haklu, so caaaled superstar.
    I wonder if someone takes other haklu’s name before salman bhai…

  • Wait for shahid kapoor film release its early to say ranbir is no1 next decade not forget new generation of khans will debut on 21st century, then we just wait and watch who will be next 3 khans.

  • Even with 15% less screens it beat dabangg is the best.Looks like BADTAMEEZ ranbir ne PICHKATRI maar ke sab hero ko KABIRA FAKIRA kar diya.i’m gonna dump my DILLIWALI GIRLFRIEND for deepika and buy her expensive GHAGRA.SUBHANALLAH…SUBHANALLA…bahut acha film banaya hai ayan mukerji ne.

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