Yashraj ditch SRK for Ranbir?

The media is abuzz with news that Aditya Chopra of Yashraj Films has decided to move on from someone, who is responsible for two of their only major successes (Chak De India and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) in the last couple of years.

According to sources, Aditya Chopra didn’t take it too lightly when Shahrukh Khan couldn’t allot him bulk dates for one of their upcoming romantic films and has decided to move on and sign Ranbir Kapoor for the same role. (Could it be the same Yash Chopra directed film that we reported earlier today?)

Is it the right time for Yashraj to move on from SRK? We think so, here’s why

  • Unlike industries from down south, Bollywood is an industry wherein over-aged heroes fade away quite quickly post 45.. the thinking behind this move could be the fact that SRK can no longer run around tress or play Rahul – Raj kinda roles. He is way too old for typical Yashraj romantic films.
  • One other reason is, SRK isn’t affordable any more – most of his films in recent times have been produced under his banner Red Chillies Entertainment. In movies produced by other banners, he prefers to take a major share from the profit. Wouldn’t it be quite wise for Yashraj to rather invest in someone younger? The likes of Ranbir, Shahid or even Hrithik Roshan?

What do you think? Discuss below



  • news is not completly right…..ranbir has signed 1 more film with yashraj after rocket singh…..movie is a romantic film…bt its nt directed by aditya chopra…in ma opnionnnn..it…is directed by sme other director frm yash raj banner………..

  • i thnk it wil b directed by kabir khan….bcoz after the sucess of new york….adi told kabir to write a romantic script..by thnkg srk in mind….bt he has no dates till 2011…….so lucky ranbir….i guesssssss

  • romance means SRK… so yash chopra is goin to loss again… in the last 3 years their only hit is chakde india and RBNJ…. so they r makin themselves into trouble..and people stil like to see SRK in a rahul-raj kiind of role… if amir is playing college boy in 3 idiots y dont SRK…

  • ranbir is simply lucky dat he SRK dustnt hav dates for mor films……it isnt dat ranbir isnt talented he’s also bt he is way too far frm SRK……he is alwz da KING KHAN n he wud b alwz none can tak his place dats for sure……evn if his age is increasn bt it dusnt mean he forgot actin or he isnt da sam lik b4 he’s bcumin mor charmn n lovin day by day no doubt in it…..poor yash raj dat he cudnt hav SRK in his film…..better luck next tim…..

  • Vinshal :
    there is hell of diffrence bwteen SRK and aamir khan’s look at this time aamir still looks young like 25 – 28 yrs old and shah rukh looks like 40 + coz he is chain smoker , drug addicted , gay , and may be drunky ( i m not sure abt his drinking ) and if u think he is still good for rahul/ raj type roles then why his boy friend (karan johar) signed Ranbir kapoor for kuch kuch hota hai remake ????

  • yash chopra means king of romance the films made by yash ji they all are romantic and hits
    what ever there amitab or shahruck or anil or rishi all films super doper hit
    i am a big fan of shahrukh yash ji make films with srk the film is just a hit
    write now srk is busy with other projects so thats why adi sign ranbir is upcoming hero or super star
    yash ji takes next year in direction after veer zaara it would be srk or any other actor
    thats no a big issue aage aur bhi bahout kaam hain we will weight
    so plz dont make it issuee …………. thanks

  • well,this is rediculuos that aamir is 25….i guess nauman must be a blind…..and i dont have to say anything about the dir. who took amir as a college boys…….well it may be like of that zayeh khan in main hoon naa always failed and stay in a same class for long period of times……after all he is idiots…..

    this time shahid must be the best choice……..for yash raj

  • u r right sazzuta…. how stupid is nauman to say amir looks like a college boy… r u blind mr. nauman…and can anyone say includin Indicine, the names of any other romantic films that can be compared to SRK’s romantic movies…

  • srk looking older???..some sillyboy is making a joke so to all srk’s hater i would like to say don’t be a joke……. before you comment plz wait for MNIK then see and then give your comments…. everyone will laugh with your comment mr. nauman……

    and what the hell is this srk gay???….the one who hate him and jealous of his success always say bad… never mind you dirty nauman….karan and srk is the best fren as well as the best combination in bollywood with large no of mega blockbuster…kkhh,kkkg,kank…and ny name is khan

    dont make urself worthless in this site u all srk haters..srk rockssssss

  • vinshal n suzzuta:
    listen i said that aamir looks 25-28 yrs old and u will see this on 30 oct when 3 idiots ‘s promo will release aamir’s rang de basanti u can see he was looking like sharman or kunal kapoor . and for 3 idiots he realy changed his look u can see just after 1 week.
    and abt SRK then every one knows abt it that he n karan johar has physical relation. u like him so that why u guys wont beleave it. but it is true .
    and dont forget that after 5 yrs shahrukh aamir saifi, akki all will finish coz every one is already above 42 and then ranbir , shahid , emraan , harman , neil nitin , they will be ruler on bollywood .

  • @nauman: r u a kid…if not then plz dont try to kid/joke anymore…it is bcoz….this is bollywood….everyone is after the stars….so today,karan and shah rukh is at the top ..that’s why every body is creating rumours like that..well that’s i am taking negetive…it is just like……abhishek has told in guru…..AGAR KOI TUMHE GALI DERAHA HAI..TO SAMAJHNA CHAHIYE KI TUM TARKKI KARRAHEHO….so fren try to understand this line…

    well these kind of rumour is so common in bollywood…after all he is the king,,,king khan…..

    probably u r fan of aamir…so u lookin him as a 25yrs boy…going to college at this older age…never mind… but we must solute dir. for his darin for this stupid and maddness…after all this is 3-idiot..no need any words

  • To all those keen on Aamir’s role as a College student, here’s what Rajkumar Hirani the director said

    3 Idiots is about students, but it is in two time spans. One is while they are students, and one phase is after they have passed out of college. My requirement was four capable actors, because the roles are not just black or white, they are complex roles. They have shades of grey to them. I auditioned people across the globe. Finally, I found one guy in Los Angeles for one of the roles. Sharman Joshi and R Madhavan are also there. Believe me, now that the film is complete I can tell you there is no one as good as Aamir. Age is the least of the issues as far as the film goes.

  • Bejul news isn’t confirmed. So lets wait and watch.

    And why the word ‘hate’? It has to happen, if not now, sometime later.

  • Hi to all

    i came to khow that yash raj is taking ranbir for his upcoming film. But they should think that SRK is SRK and ranbir cannot take his position in any case. Lucky ranbir that he got a chance to work in that film coz srk has no dates. But i think the film will be flop coz srk is not in the film. I think that Adi should wait for srk. No one can create romance like srk.


  • Nauman Grow up, I spoted u giving rubbish report of success of BLUE & now you are telling such bad things about KING KHAN the real one SRK.

    About ruling bollywood Mr. Bachan is much older than SRK, Amir & Salman but still he rocks, so how can u tell that after 5yrs this all stars r going to end.

    I think nauman u r been paid for writing this rubbish things. I respect all actors when they do really good movies & sent some good message to the audience that they love to indulge that msg in there life. But, when a good actor like akshay kumar does such nonsense movies backtoback 5 then need to give them msg that we as a audience are fedup, pls akki do some movies like khiladi – thriller, Dhadkan – Romantic which had made Akkis good image in bollywood. Out of the 5 flop movies of Akki it have watched 8×10 tasveer & blue on theather other movies on television but was thinking that if i would have watched Tasveer & Blue on TV it would have been my money saving. We as a Audience want our some time of daily rusty life to be in peace & enjoyable for which I go to watch movie.

    Really speaking do not give false report to fool people & fill ur pockets.

    SRK, AMIR, SALMAN R the real ruler of bollywood from last 18-19 years. But if they do not give good movies like AKKI did then they will also lose there kingdom in bollywood which i think wont happen.

  • For SRK being gay NAUMAN u might have a good studies on gay people which might be ur experience too. SRK has 2 kids which gives a clear msg that he is.

    Do not insult any actor – they do make mistakes, but they give some smile, emotion touch, peace on our face through their roles.

    I do watch many movies of every star from which SRK, AAMIR, SALMAN r the favorites of all.

    NAUMAN STILL I WILL SAY ONLY ONE THING TO U DEAR ” JUST GROW UP ” & then one day you will write what is true instead of false & rubbish reports.

  • FOR yashraj films if they are looking for Ranbir kapoor instead of SRK then it will be there personal thing which would might not have worked.

    Even when SRK did DDLJ there were many senior actor in bollywood who were succesful. But destiny will never change whatever happens, happens for only good reasons.

    RANBIR KAPOOR can never be SRK, but he can do good romantic roles which r depending on his hardwork & movie choosing.

    STILL SAME ————————————– ” GROWUP NAUMAN”.

  • Chirag: sensible comment frm you.. really i appreciate you…its not good to say such things as Nauman said abt a huge star as SRK.. but wat to do nauman’s standard is only upto tat… no need to respect and love SRK but atleast stop sayin such cheap comments… bcos everyone reading Nauman’s comment knoe tat he is saying such things to support Amir…just remember one thing Mr.Nauman… the name King of bollywood is givn to SRk, not anyother stars…

  • Nauman is not a great movie viewer, he is gay himself.

    If at all u r Amir Khan’s fan u r wrong bcoz he is very good actor & does sensible roles through which people get to know my things, but atleast his big fan Mr. Nauman has not learnt anything from Amir.

    NEW ONE FOR NAUMAN ” get well soon nauman maamu ” here maamu means chaakaa.

  • SORRY NAUMAN, but for a second u would felt very angry what i said on the comment above, so think if nobody knows u and u felt that u r insulted in front of many viewers of this site how bad u felt, the same is with this actors to whom not only India many nations people like.

    Do not waste time in writing fake reports. Be positive & write what u really felt.

  • SRk leads the way to gutter ….right twany?? n ppl like you follow :) so dont generalize.

    ppl tokin bout dates ..bla bla bla..ooo SRK didnt have dates..bla bla bla…hey guys r yu SRK’s PA?? how do you know so much bout his “DATE BOOK”??? is it published somewhere????

    i read some one sayin .. Yash told Kabir to write a script keepin SRK in mind bla bla (again..) .. yu guys srsly.. were you sittin next to em..when they had this convo..

    srsly..free webspace and freedom to blog doesnt mean yuz can bore the hell outta others and leave nuisance comments.. SRSLYYYY…grow up pppllll….

    SRK cant do all the YRaj films all the time, hez not that talented. and life goes on, moves on. audience is growin n becomin smarter so r businessmen or movie makers. they knw SRK cant cater to GEN-X. hez too old and washed out. his acting style is same as it was 20 years ago, no change.

    i read a reader’s comment in some western website, right after the SRK detention COMEDY/HOAX/DRAMA

    that SRK’s acting skills are average at BEST, and i had long convo wif that person discussin about our movie taste. TRUELY, moving forward, bollywood has to find new talent. with the current brigade of actors (Aamir, Srk, Salman…etc etc) bollywood is down in dumpster. AKKI is an exception, he cant act but he can do some gud daredevilry n i think hez the only kind in indian cinema. we need actors who are specialized in action or dance or other skills as well.

    a good director/artist can make a statue, say million words (not literally you morons)

    YashRaj made SRK…. simple. and with no competition he thrived but now scene is changing. and YashRaj pretty much knows that.

  • I think Vick ur parents made you to read & write by educating you, but if you were not interested in doing that u would be in a gutter. Hardwork makes man reach any where he wants what SRK has achived.

    You r a looser Vick. If Akki is not good in acting as mentioned by u in the above comment ask him in which part he is good, never compare Akki with Srk, amir, salman. Akki is looser same as you r vick.

    So, u growup & if you r Akki’s fan just open ur jeans button & unzip it in front of your family & then u will understand how daredevil u & Akki image is in front of ordinary people.

    Sorry Vick, but Akki in other sense is really daredevil for giving backtoback 5 nonsense, idiotic, foolish, boooring, time wasting, money wasting movies.

    Definetly Akki is the king of gutter by doing daredevil stunt in ek hasena ek khiladi which was seriously a big gutter disaster. Vick if u want to know more about Akki’s daredevil image then revert, i am gonna show u the way to go in the ass hole of ur king akki.

  • hai chirag,bejul, nauman,sazzuta frnds dnt fight . i think amir srk both r awesome and ranbir is the rising star of bollywood . it is right that ranbir is going to work 4 yrf . then whats he is new talented boy wait 4 that movie. i think it will rock.

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