Yash Raj Films chucks the demand

Yash Raj Films have come down on their demands. Yash Raj Films have not made any demand for their share of money from mulitplexes for their soon to be released film, Chak De India.

“Compared to other banners that demand for 30-40 percent of money from theatres, Yash Raj Films always asked for 52-60 per cent share as their films have always managed to pool in a large number of audience. Since Yashraj’s films recent films haven’t done too well lately, they aren’t demanding a bigger percentage from multiplexes for Chak De India,” comments an official of a top multiplex in Mumbai.

A Trade Exper adds, “As the theatres will be packed with other movies like Cash, Gandhi My Father, Marigold and Heyy Babyy that are releasing around the same time, for Chak De India Yash Raj Films have’nt made any demands about their shares so far, as there are all chances for multiplexes to quell.”

Devang Sampat, the Vice President of Cinemax, when contacted said, ” Till last year Yashraj Films used to ask for a higher share as their films churned out huge collections in the industry. But the norms have changed now as there was a dispute on the percentage shared on their films.”

When quizzed spokesperson of Yash Raj Films Monika Bhattacharya said, “I m not aware of any such changes made with regard to the share collection from theatres.”

Will they make any demands? Will their new flick Chak De India click at the box office? only time can say.


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