Yaariyan First Weekend Boxoffice Collections: Hit with the youth!

YaariyanYaariyan has emerged a hit, as the target audience of the film (the youth) took to the film big time ensuring that the makers end up with decent profits.

However, the word-of-mouth of the Divya Khosla Kumar directed film was poor, which meant that the all-India business on Saturday and Sunday was either lower or about the same level as Friday.

The costs including print and advertising is around Rs 20 crore, out of which around 15 crore was recovered from Satellite rights, music and others. The film is expected to finish with All-India distributors share of around 11-13 crore, making it a profitable venture for T-Series.

Yaariyan will be remembered as 2014’s first success.

Yaariyan Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 5.43 crore
  • Saturday – 4.97 crore
  • Sunday – 5.62 crore
  • Weekend Total – 16.02 crore


  • Baarish is undoubtedly the best song since Tum hi ho.
    Allah wariyan is also awesome.
    BTW,i haven’t watched it yet.

  • Yaariyan is the best movie ever made in Bollywood history. Steven Spielberg wanted to direct it after reading the script, but Divya Kumar refused to let anyone do it. Ultimately the film turned out to be a timeless masterpiece.
    Lots of luck to Yaariyan at the Oscars and may it win Best Foreign Language film…

  • Great collection,critics report are bad,don’t know about Public but because Sunday collection is less than friday,means public report are not appreciating for the movie,sadly a well made film suffer due to this movie.

  • Tum hi ho was the best song of 2013..
    And Baarish will be the best song of 2014..
    Both music composed by Mithoon..And Soulful song sung by Arijit and Irfan..Love both songs..

  • But Dedh ishkiya is a superb movie…it should have gone to become a HIT,but managed only 12crs over the weekend…
    It has got 73 on indicine review scale and 8.1 currently on IMDB…

  • @indicine – why did you add satellite rights? in that case every film is a profitable venture.. no offence but i dont agree with adding satellite rights

  • @blockbuster salman_Jai ho will be a blockbuster, there is no doubt about it. BUT it would still be a faltu movie if we see the recent track record of masala hits. A blockbuster doesn’t always mean a good movie atleast in last five years. The last blockbuster which was also a very good movie was 3 idiots as far as I can remember…

  • Yaariyan is like the worst movie ever. Go and watch the songs on youtube,why pay extra bucks to see them in theatre.

  • this is what i said. indian audience turning big time idiots. wom poor ,still a hit. movies which are good in all possible ways, loses in collection. wats happening, whats the future of indian cinema??????????

  • Yaariyaan is classic case for Targeting a segment of audience and preparing your product fit for that segment #ClassicMarketing.
    P.S Movie was horrible.

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