Would vote for Ranbir Kapoor as Best Actor: Ayushmann

Ayushman Khurana Ayushman Khurana, who successfully grew from being an anchor to an actor with Vicky Donor, says awards are important for a newcomer like him.

“I have just made my debut so, I think, it (awards) will mean a lot to me. Having said that, this is the year of debutants, it’s not just me, there are other people as well and I feel there have never been so many debuts in a year as there have been this year,” the former Roadies winner said at the People’s Choice Awards on Thursday.

“So, I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing but definitely, cinema is looking beyond nepotism. I am an outsider and I am just taking my baby steps in the industry, it will mean a lot to me, for sure,” he added.

Asked which actor he’d vote for Best Actor this year, Ayushman said: “I think I would like to vote for Ranbir Kapoor. He is the superstar of our generation and he was brilliant in ‘Barfi!’ and ‘Rockstar’.”

“In fact, during the shooting of ‘Vicky Donor’ I went to see ‘Rockstar’ and I think it was very inspiring as an actor and as a performer,” he added.

Ayushmann Khurana is currently working on Hamara Bajaj and Nautanki Saala.



  • Barfi is a Shameless Rip off of all the Classics all over the world. This movie should be banned. Nothing Original. Shame!

  • this guy is lucky more than talent media, critics are behind him to push to superstar status…barfi would have collected 75-80 crore but nominating it oscar got extra mileage crossed 100 crores…even sites BOI are so excited to report it but for ETT BOi is dead silent to release exact figures and manipulated given 186 crores..wah wah india

  • Ranbir is good actor no doubt.but most overrated actor of bollywood.rockstar also lack of contain so boring movie ya i accept ranbir acting is damn good but movie not upto the mark…..barfi also copy movie mute and duff.acting also goood but on sab tv malegaon chinto also same…….

  • becoz awards are always scripted for ppl lik srk,ranbir,hritik 2 get awrds..dumb bollywood awrds..barfi is cocktail of so many movies still ppl lik amitji praising becoz rishi is gud frd of amitji

  • completely agree with ayushman, RANBIR is by far the best actor & will win all the best actor awards this year as well.

  • Srk learn from ranbir natural acting kaisi ki jathi hai. Woh tho abi b bacha hi hai, lekin acting ke mamle mei he is ur baap. Shame on u srk. Ur fans who r the most cheapest & shameless fans in world,hamesha pekthe rehthe hai ki srk is d greatest actor. Even shahid kapoor is better than dis 3rd class bak was srk. Ranbir, man ur next big superstar & legend in making n u deserve dis year’s all the best actor awards.

  • @Dear Rajend,what srk is achive r8b now is dream 4 rk..yes in future he will….if u judge any actor only on 3 to 4 years carrer.it is so bad srk having best actor award that is record…..he working from 20years and deliver good movies and what he achive till date that’s g8t from last 2 to 3 years media nd some foolish people want to pull down him but rember that god what give him no one can take 4m him…..he is bazigar,badsha and don of bollywood…rk is chalid infrnt of him either acting or boxoffice.ex.oso nd sawariya…,ya u will tell me that that is his first movie ya but hi second movie bachna ae hasino release infrnt of ur bhaijan god tusi great but he is winner..but 4 first cond.he is star kapoor’s son but for 2 condition his actor having 1st movie is dist…..so srk is king and no one can challenge as an actor….

  • And srk having very good compititor like amir.sallu.akshay.ajay.and hr.but now days in new genr..media promote only ranbir…….other r not only underrated but also most underrated.i.e emraan,imran,ritesh,niel,etc.emraan and imran last 6 movies r hits but media not prmoting them as compair to rk…also ritesh given 3 hits in this year 1solo.1 2 starere and 1 multistarer…..but media have no time for him if u have doubt regarding his acting than watch only his first movie tujhe meri kasam only

  • ranbir is a gud actor bt nt the best at all. He didnt deliver all kinds of roll yet, if he deliver then w’ll definitely vote for him.

  • I think Hrithik is the strongest contender for the Best Actor Award till now for his acting in Agneepath…
    And also his znmd..he acting very well…but hrithik not got any award for znmd…..it was so sad…..

  • Ranbir shud b the best actor this year,.! upto now he is the best in 2012. All RK haters, if u cant digest his success better to keep quiet rather than bashing him with jealousy.. he is the best actor in this generation..all the success and popularity he has now, he deserves all these..

  • I would vote for him as best actor. He is so natural and becomes the character. His role in Barfi was
    superb. He is the next crop of great BW actors.

  • If I had to choose for best actor it would be paresh rawal for OMG for most natural acting, just because ranbir acted in a disabled role even though he wasn’t tht convincing as the death guy, doesn’t mean he should win best actor award. Barfi was good but many scenes was stolen, OMG had strong thought provoking script and strong message. Akki should win the best supporting actor for his fabulous performance as lord Krishna.

  • who is best it’s people choice on BOX OFFICE not just some people SELECT in a room and decide to give awards for those are their friends or took something under the table.

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