Would love to visit Pakistan, want to take my kids there: SRK

At India Today Group’s Agenda Aaj Tak Conclave, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan said that he has very fond memories of visiting Peshawar as a teenager when his father took him to the neighbouring country. SRK also said that he hopes to take his three children, Aryan, Suhana and AbRam to his family’s hometown.

When Pakistan’s former foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar asked him about visiting her country, Khan said “I’d love to! My family is from Peshawar (Pakistan) and few of them still live there. I would love to visit Peshawar and bring my children over because my father took me when I was 15 or 16. I still have some of the greatest memories of the time I spent with my father in Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore. I want to take my kids there”

Khan’s late father, Taj Mohammad Khan, was a freedom fighter, who hailed from the city of Peshawar.

SRK also hoped for a better relationship between the two countries.

“I hope with whatever issues and stresses we have… I hope we become friends, we become friendlier, we become like a family and one together”

“When I travel abroad, I notice it even more, because sitting in your nation you can’t make out. But when I go to London, Dubai or US, you don’t even get to know who is from where – there’s no cultural difference. I think people should forget and continue to be what we used to be”

Shahrukh Khan at Agenda Aaj Tak Shahrukh Express

Shahrukh Khan at Agenda Aaj Tak Shahrukh Express

SRK talks about Chennai Express at Agenda Aaj Tak Shahrukh Express

SRK talks about Chennai Express at Agenda Aaj Tak Shahrukh Express

Shahrukh Khan dances with Koel Purie for song Chammak Challo

Shahrukh Khan dances with Koel Purie for song Chammak Challo

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SRK performances on Lungi Dance along with RJ’s of Oye FM



  • Now some narrow-minded fools will start questioning his patriotism.Before making any derogatory comments just remember that you will be doing it against a Padma shri who has made our country proud and is the face of India in many parts of the world.

  • Its his family matter..We shouldn’t take it as badly even some of Indicine users will take him as a Pakistani, Anti India..etc etc..But its not good..
    He is a true Indian and he is just wanna develop the relationship between two countries..

  • Even Milkha Singh went to Pakistan,since his hometown was there,so we can’t question their patriotic feeling towards their nation…

  • Srk badly wants some Pakistani players in his underperforming IPL team KKR bcoz their foreign players r not performing well along with domestic players.

  • I am also from Peshawar, it will be very pleasant moment for us that someday SRK visit to our city, Peshawar.
    My real name is Irum Khan & i am visiting this site for almost 2years & 7months. Thanks Indicine & Welcome SRK!

  • We all new he is a pakistani…….otherwise which indian will love to visit terrorist county like…pakistan…..shame on SRK……..He keeps on praisking Pakistan……from time to time…..just for 3-4 crores of busines his movies does there……..

  • Srk should live in Pakistan for couple of years and should support their film industry by doing movies like Rawalpindi express,Lahore express etc.lol

  • Friendship with pakistan? lol, and their PM thinks they should attack us the 4th time, only to lose and run again. hehehe

    srk dear, you know, we know, if given a choice of settling in pak, you will never in your lifetime ever agree for that, so why don’t you just peel of this fake act of loving pakistan, greatest memory etc., all silly comments.

  • I was really scared of reading comments.here will also some people will question on his patriotism.I have stopped going to pinkvilla as there some anon always comment rubbish without thinking but they forget their comment shows their mentality .

  • Love u SRK………..
    u are always welcome to PAk Zameen
    billions fan of u in PAk are dying to see u and love u

  • There’s nothing wrong in loving ur father or great grandfather’s birthplace & if he wants his kids to meet wid them I don’t there shud be any problem..He is a Indian a very proud 1.. its not his fault day his dad & forefathers were born in Pakistan & day we were on nation .. We love u SRK u’ve made us via proud all over d Globe

  • There is already a wave that SRK has soft corners for Muslims. There is no Harm in it as he is
    a musalman but problem is that he always denies this fact which for me is totally wrong. You
    should have dare to accept what you are supporting.

  • @sachin11 : If there’s something that needs to leave India…its prejudiced thinking from people’s mind and petty-headeds like you.

  • @Nipun u just showed ur class..
    Ur most disgusting comment till date
    Talkin abt forefathers…. U knw bjp leader l.k.advani belongs to pakistan dilip kumar was born dere even ma grand father was posted in military in lahore b4 partition.then he opted to live india.n he is talkin abt communal piece.any gentleman wil do dat.. None of d indian actors dare to raise dere voice on political issues coz of being targeted by several parties.but srk alwaezz do coz he believes in piece n unity among ppl.he is alwaezz criticised foh dat but neva refrains himself in doin so.actors r national icons dey r supposed to do several activities related to our country.. U cry hrithik hrithik(though no offence to him).. Is he involved in any of d issues related foh public welfare… A big no
    He is just seen at d time wen his movie releases… (Though he is a good human being)
    Actors n Artists r beyond boundaries.. Dey arent limited to a particular section or society.. Even ppl of pakistan loves to watch sachin tendulkar srk salman n akshay.
    @sachin11 shame on ur name. U hate shahrukh datz ok but u seems to me no less dan a traitor foh our country.. Wot u did foh india… Not an inch of wat shahrukh contributed
    @jc I too used 2 hate pakistan but wid time I matured n realised none of d countries promotes terrorism.itzz some ill minded ppl who degrades its status.u shd knw in every month or two pakistan faces some terrorist activities like bombblasts or shootouts. Dey demselves r struggling.. Y d hell dey wil gonna destroy india.only ‘kashmir’ is d problem b/w both d countries.
    I hate ppl who call srk a traitor.. dey demselves r backstabbers.
    One shd knw dat(though I hav heard dis..not 100percent sure) brahmins dravids n tribal ppl wer d only native indians.. Rest all r migrated from somewhere.

  • He should not make such statements in public
    Reason: 50% are narrow minded
    25% will understand but as the hate SRK the y will write / talk shit..
    10% will bring religion here
    10% for them it doesn’t matter what stars say

    and I don’t feel remaining 5% will make any difference….. its like aa bail mujhe maar..

  • I don’t think srk said something controversial or wrong, as he himself said his forefathers were from Peshawar who is now in Pak, so he have connection from there and every person love their native place and want to visit there so what is so surprising if he said the same and he replied when he was asked by former Pakistans minister Hina Rabbani, so he himself not started any topic mentionin Pak on his own. Yes one can doubt on timing because Pak PM is talking about next war between Ind-pak at that time Srk comment come but he can’t do anything for the timing. And being an optimistic person he always want that their will be peaceful relation between both countries and his movie like Main hoon naa and veer zaara speak the same. And bytheway love is better always than war, but being a civilian we can’t do anything because Pak won’t never want peace from India.

  • Hope he does stay there as his ‘backstabbing’ nature and derogatory mannerisms plus filthy characteristics will fit in very nicely over there- perfect match indeed.

  • how narrow minded fools are there you should watch ind vs pak match final of icc world cup t20 where srk didn,t support Pakistan but India

  • when i read the comments… i c there will never be friendship between these two country .
    while people dont hv mercy on their own ppl from india. big shame

  • The Next film i’m doing after #HappyNewYear is very heartfelt & probably will have no songs ” – @iamsrk so it means that rahul dholakia,s movie is confirmed now dammn excited for this movie the story is set in Gujarat, whose outdated liquor prohibition policy has famously resulted in large-scale alcohol smuggling across the state. Shah Rukh is likely to play a small-time bootlegger who subsequently becomes a liquor baron looks dammn good script

  • Mr. SRK …. u have to sing Rahul Dholakia movie… u can can consider ur other options wen u r done wit R Dholakias next.. I hope SRk visits Indicine :)

  • Sorry to say but some people r very narrow minded. Srk is an indian nd in fact srk is the proud of india. He is a global star nd he has fans all around the world. I m proud to be a srk fan.

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