Women put in the same effort, but are paid less: Sonakshi Sinha

Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who will be seen in this week’s release ‘Noor’, has said women deserve to be paid the same amount of money as men – because they put in the same amount of effort.

“There should be equality in everything. Women are paid way lesser than men for doing the same work and putting in the same effort, if not more, which is unfair. That should be equalized not only in my profession but in other professions too” Sonakshi said.

Denying the fact that her solo film ‘Akira’ failed at the box office, Sonakshi said it’s unfair to compare a film like ‘Akira’ to some of her other films.

“The film (Akira) did a business of Rs 32-33 crore, which is amazing. The only reason you say it didnít do well is because you are comparing it to my other films, which is unfair”

“I got to work with an amazing director, play a fantastic role, got to learn mixed martial arts. With the kind of business it did, the producers got the idea that this girl can carry a film on her shoulders and promote it all by herself” Sonakshi added.

Directed by Sunhil Sippy, ‘Noor’ releases in theatres on 21 April.



  • I am really fed up with this debate. What they don’t understand that it is not about the amount of hardwork but about how much pull you have at the boxoffice. If Sonakshi sinha or any another female actor wants to be paid equally as male stars then they should show their strength at the boxoffice, give huge opening like the top actors then each and every producer will be willing to pay them equally as the male stars. And if her statement holds true then actor like nawazuddin and manoj bajapyee should be paid equally as big stars because they put more efforts than everyone and every time win accolades.

  • I get what she says, but unfortunately women dont guarantee collections like top male actors do, just the truth.
    P.S:I am not a women hater or something, I respect them but fees should be given to bankable stars, a male actor guaranteeing the same 2-3 crore as you would actually get paid lesser than you.
    Also, actors like Varun Dhawan get paid less than deepika,yet his solo films always perform better.
    Women oriented films only earn based on word of mouth.
    Sorry maam,but it isnt about gender, its like comparing a renowned doctor with a less successful one.
    Both may work the same, but the more renowned one will obviously get more money.
    My humble opinion
    (itna typing kiya abh aur nahi bas?)

  • An actor’s or actress’s fee is decided by the opening that their film get at the box office. If the actress’s presence can guarantee an opening at par with male star then she has all the rights to be paid equally. Not all male actors are highly paid, only those who has wide reach amongst audience and guarantee a big opening get huge pay

  • It’s not about who put more efforts or who doesn’t, it’s business so who brings more audience to theater gets more money.

  • You can’t carry whole film on yourself, producers might have made some profit but distributors lost it so it can’t be called profitable film.

  • No doubt u are good actress u need universal film . Akira was good one time watch film . I don’t know I will watch noor or not . I respect every womens . Ladies ke jeevan se ye dharti foolti hai . Nari ek aatmsanman hai . Lord Krishna said ” Jab Jab striyon ka apman hooa hai tab tab desh ka vinash sambhav hai aur desh ka Vikas nahi hota .

  • In my opinion

    Deepika padukone=20cr/film
    Katrina kaif=12cr/film
    Alia bhatt=12cr/film
    Anushka sharma=12cr/film
    Priyanka chopra=10cr/film
    Kareena kappor khan=8-9cr/film
    Sonakshi sinha=10cr/film
    Sonam kapor=10cr/film
    Ilena d Cruz= 5cr/film
    Jacqline Fernandez=7cr/film.

    You guys agree with me pls. Like my comment.

  • Ghanta, First Prove Yourself at the Box Office You will Get Same as Male Stars One female movie Which Gets Lifetime 30-50 if She Charge 30- 50 cr like male stars Where will go Other Star cast..

    I Think Noor Can’t cross Akira 32 Crore in Life time
    There is a big Deference Between Male and Females workcan You Pull Audience in to theatre as Sallu, Akki, SRK, Amir, Ajay, Hrithik and Others….. IF yes
    You Will be Paid Same

  • This actresses should stop whining, I am a woman, but I don’t agree with them, they should bring in people to the theatre like their male colleagues. See vidyas last week release was a wash out and tomorrow she will say they need increase in pay? The actresses should blame the Indian audience that seems not to be interested in female oriented movies. Sona should pray her noor recovers cost. Even pink and pinku , dear zindagi that did well all have male AB snr and SRK in it to boost collections. Anshuka that is indicine numero uno gave a flop on her solo release.

  • Dear Sona,

    Payment has nothing to do with efforts, It is directly related to the business u can bring in. Neither there is any discrimination on basis of sex. I can give u 2 simple examples to explain this.
    1. In the film Bajrangi bhaijan, Nawazuddin did almost same effort as Salman but do u think their pay was similar???
    2. In porn films, female actress are paid more even though male actors put in lot more effort ;) simply because they are the driving force of business…!!!

  • listen u work wid R madhvan OR R rajkumar or CHunkey pandey i can gurantee u tht u will be paid more …

    The fact is tht superstars gets paid more not actors . stp dispresting our male stars who put so much effort in a movie and only coz of them industry is running…wen heroines will start looking this fees thing in accurate way??

  • Lol…her solo films earns less then 30 cr..and she wants same fees as top male actors…i think she is week in maths….aur kangana has bite her…first save your bollywood career which is not looking bright…

  • Ya we saw the women power in film like Akira, sabana,kaahani2,begum etc..the same disastrous fate is gonna follow with the upcoming film like noor, hassena etc.

  • If she is talking about all the professions , it’s right..
    For cinema industry it’s wrong..
    Many Highly experienced hard working veteran actors are there, charging far less than female leads ..
    The top actors in Kannada or Malayalam gets far less than a Deepika.
    Stage drama artists gets far far less than film stars…
    Dupes takes huge risks and hardwork .. getting far far less than the stars..
    So , it’s not about the hard work , experience , skill, talent or gender .. it’s crowd pull potential .
    I do remember , in early 90s Telugu actress vijayashanthi were charging 75 lakhs per film it was far higher than most of the heroes ( in fact only chiranjeevi , rajnikanth , Amitabh and probably Kamal charged more than her in all India basis ) I still remember the India today report with chiranjeevi in cover with a caption bigger than bachan ( as he was charging more than rajnikanth and Amitabh bachan ) and vijayashanthi described as lady Amitabh for her box office pull.

  • Priyanka movies does better business than deepika’s film over 8 to 10 crores while deepika’s film apart piku werent solo so get real whoever said 20 crore for deepika haha

  • It’s nothing against women but according to you Abhishek bachchan and amitabh bachchan should be paid same…Because effort to dono barabar karte hai……

    No it should not be same…Jo deserve jitna karta hai itna hi milta hai….

  • @Ashish
    Also in daily soaps female is paid way more than her male co star. It depends on who brings is the audience not on the basis of effort they put in.

  • The male stars opening day collection is more then her life time collection….And she is demanding for equal fee

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