With Aamir and Shahid as competition, I didn’t expect to win: Vijay

Kannada actor Sanchari Vijay is on cloud nine after winning the National Award for Best Actor in a lead role. Talking to the media after the list of winners were announced, Vijay said he was shocked since he didn’t expect to the win against stalwarts like Aamir Khan (PK) and Shahid Kapoor (Haider).

“I am shocked. I didn’t expect the award. I never expected the award as stalwarts including Aamir Khan and Shahid Kapoor were also in the race.” said Vijay.


National Award winning Kannada actor Sanchari Vijay

He won the award for his performance as a transgender in the Kannada film ‘Naanu Avanalla Avalu’.

“Spending a few days with transgender people helped me in developing my character in Naanu Avanalla Avalu” he added.

Here’s a brief introduction of Vijay to those who haven’t heard of him. Via Wikipedia:

Sanchari Vijay is an Indian film actor in Kannada cinema. He started out as a theatre artist from “Sanchari”, a culture centre and unique theatre, which is also popular as an elegant drama troupe.

Vijay won the 2014 National Film Award for Best Actor for the transgender role in the film Naanu Avanalla, Avalu. Similarly Harivu, another Vijay film, won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film for Kannada language.



  • Congrats to him,but I think National Award jury ignores bollywood male actors for the best actor…

  • Congrats Vijay! !

    BTW, When we talk about films of down south, many people only consider Telugu and Tamil films ignoring Kannada and Malayalam films.

    I haven’t watched any Kannada film! Can anybody tell me which films are better among Telugu,Tamil,Kannada and Malayalam films?

  • He was way more deserving .. good to see national award did justice this time unlike before (during Swades)

  • “Spending afew days with transgender people helped me in developing my character…”

    Special mention must therefore go out to ‘triniman’ and ‘nipun’…!

  • Aamir Khan must be expecting a mom like Saif ali Khan’s who was a head of the Indian Censor Board during swades time , influenced the decision of the jury & gave a national award to Saif Ali Khan for Hum Tum instead of SRK’s Swades which was 100 percent more deserving. Good to See National award’s Jury gave the award to deserving one this time. Congrats.

  • I would like to see our King remake this film n fulfil his lifelong ambition to play himself on the big screen.. !

  • Still disappointed to see our ‘charlie’ hasnt been truly recognised for his great performance during the most patriotic movie off all time, according to our Hyderabadi Engineering Genius Complan Boy that is Crappy New Year..’

  • “Spending a few days with transgender people helped me in developing my character in Naanu Avanalla Avalu” he added.

    Special Mentions should definitely go to “Navin Bhojpuri”!

  • Now Aamir should stop living in India & #BanNationalAwards

    Like he stopped attending award functions after losing to Shah Rukh Khan in 1995 Film-Fare.

  • Mean while We Salman Khan fans Are Going to Trend #UnfairNationalawards because our Bhai Didn’t Win National Award For his extraordinary performance in Jai Ho !

  • Looks like Salman/Aamir Fans are too angry. Don’t worry Bhai Fans and Aamir Fans.. it is totally cool if Saman & Aamir didn’t get national award for Oscar Worthy performances in Jai Ho and overrated PK after all both Salman , Aamir have ” Ghanta, Kela & Baawra Ho Gaya Hai Ke Awards ” which are enough.

  • Extremely sad to see Aamir didn’t get award. how can they do this with Complan boy ? at-least it Should have won ‘‘Buying Black Tickets’’ award. the Complan Boy Boycotts awards when he does not get it, this time he should Boycott National Awards too..!!

  • @iamakn Swades was a good film, but flopped and also Srk’s performance was just so so. Srk didnt deserve any award for that. He tried to copy Aamir’s success with Lagaan (both critical, awards and commercial success) and failed badly.

  • what is happening here in india…the distribution of awards are copied too..??
    watz tough in playing a transgender???
    matthew macoughney won for dallas buyers club for playing a transexual..huhh that doesnt mean india should follow the same.
    shahid should have won for haider for his impeccable performance..or even aamir knowing he attends national awards…playing the role of pk was quite challenging

  • @Aman

    What about Swades gentleman? Momma’s boy Saif won ahead of well deserving SRK. Got pissed off at that time, right? What do you have to say now?

  • Now v want our king to cast vijay for dilwale it can increase the hype and our king can learn acting too

  • This oldie navin uncle deserves few punches n kicks from me…
    He talks shit most of the time,he’s just a frustrated loser who has been kicked out of his own house.

  • @Navin

    I love the way you support Aamir, but seriously, your repeated reference to nipun being transgender is really really hurtful! To both Nipun and transgender community. They are already boycotted by society and considered a curse of humanity. And when you make such mocking references to Nipun, it is more than just a personal insult.

    We are all movie fans here on Indicine who want to enjoy films. When you make such hateful comments, it practically saps the joy of visiting this site. It feels more like a Firstpost article where the comments are nothing but hate speech. Sorry for such preachy talking, but calling someone a transgender is not funny. At all.

    Irony is that, Aamir with SMJ is trying to eradicate homophobia but his admirers are using it as a tool of hate speech! Sad :(

  • Hmmm even he thought that Aamir should have given the award but selection committee aap mahan ho agr mile to murder sure this is not first time with Aamir he was best in the movies sarfarosh, 1947, mangal pandey, lagaan , tzp, rdb, 3i, and careers best pk i don’t know what the problem of selection committee with aamir he should have atleast 3 awards everyone knows that

  • @gj007,so you’re thinking amir is deserving even more than Shahid,right?very well or you’re comparing pk with SWADES?after all to whom I’m asking.these types of thinkings only can be expected from peoples like you!

  • @babaji ka thullu
    Dont worry about Navin.he is frustrated soul after looking at the acting and boxoffice performance of salman bhai he often needs to hide behind Amir khan..He is doing this for many years that is the reason of his frustration..If he can calm down his soul by this Shit Bakwas then allow him to do this

  • @thullu carrier

    And you have been kicked out of Bhojpur, Paglapur and now are on the verge of being kicked out of bed sorry Jaadulands only Kindergarten
    by head boy Nipun Kumar after your flirtations with other boys has irritated him nonstop….! Nipun needs your undivided attention 24/7 but you want more than his regular whinings about Lootera being shunned at every awards function this year and constant moanings about Bong Bong being a better movie than Knight & Day according to his not so strict parameters. Stick to what you know old man which is giving out wrong numbers and manipulated advice to gullible fools…!

  • @gaurav

    I have told you before so despite feeling this is like de ja vu let me once again tell you in the kindest way possible not to offend you but I wont lose any sleep over it if I did- I DO NOT need advise from a chameleon no matter how well it is intended…! I rather take the words of a loon like complan boy over a chameleons- end of discussion. You have absolutely no idea about how long I have been knocking ten bells out of those pair of losers (kShitij and nipun) so dont worry about me hurting their feelings or the feelings of their wider transfender brothers community. They call me names and I call them back names- you can rest assured that they arent hurting as to hurt you need a heaet/ soul/ conscience which are 3 traits those losers are severely lacking. They are the oldest chameleons on Indicine who sold their souls to Sauron yrs ago in order to attend his school of treachery so dont worry about their feelings. Keep yourself out of our rivalry and remember that I wont need much of a reason to come after other chameleons on this site should I feel the need to do so…!

  • @kShitij

    You been playing with the eye of sauron that you can see from over there in Manipulationpur to whats happening over here in England it seems…. Well thats nice coz nipun of late has felt you been playing more with yourself than him but now the truth has come out that you were infact playing with saurons mystical all seeing powerful eye…. Glad you cleared that up for him old man

  • 3Idioty, PC films unworthy to show publicly in a civilized society – in India deserve the National Award? Your concepts of morality, human dignity?

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