Win Rs 5 Lakhs contest by Ram Gopal Varma

After the failure of Sarkar Raj and Contract (we’re not even bringing up Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag), Ramu has devised a new way to promote his next film, Phoonk. This hardcore horror flick is set to release next month. And Ramu claims that Phoonk is the scariest of all his horror films.

So much so that now Ramu and Azam Khan, his producer, have, rather immodestly, announced a prize money of Rs 5 lakh for anyone who can dare to see the film all alone in the theatre. Darna strictly mana hai.

Azam Khan says, “We’re confident that the film is so scary that it will be extremely difficult to watch it all alone in a theatre. We will be running a contest and giving out details on our website about how to participate in it. Right now we have decided that we will screen the film for the winners of the contest a few days before the release of the film, that is on August 22. At the moment we have planned four trials that we will screen in a preview theatre.”

The condition is simple – anyone who wants to win Rs 5 lakh has to watch the film from start to finish, without getting out of the theatre . The contest will be well-publicised . We are now working out the logistics of date and time.”

Although Ram Gopal Varma remained unavailable for comment, his close friend says, “Ramu is very confident of the film and knows that he has made one of the scariest film on black magic and that’s why he is ready to challenge viewers.” Any takers?

Source : Mumbai Mirror

Our take on the contest – We feel RGV will hand pick a few contestants from Mumbai, who will then watch the movie alone! If more than one manage alone till the end, the winner will be picked through a lucky draw.

More details will be updated here shortly!



  • A new history from Bollywood!!!

    This is 1 of the silliest action taken by any filmmakers for advertisement n promotion of their film. Verma already lost his creative talent n less chance to get back.
    Listen all audiences, this is just a process for more than ‘paisa wasool’.
    His old films Raat, Drohi, Bhoot n Naina were nothing scary at all, which once I watched in hotel room alone. So what is this?

  • Bhoot was a bit scary, and it wasn’t a flop movie. Urmila won an award as a best actress for this movie. And Sarkar Raj was a good movie too, the original was a super hit, the sequal wasn’t although both were good.. so why?!! I don’t think that we can judge any movie in terms of direction & production according to the the box office ’cause there’re many reasons for any movie to be a hit or a flop, sometimes some good movies flop and vice versa.

    And I loved his movie “Darna Mana Hai” but Darna Zaroori Hai was a crap, a bad movie.

    Let’s wait and see if Phoonk would be a good one I think – and that’s my opinion – if people while watching this new movie ran away from theatre that would be a prove that the movie is really a scary one and would indicate that RGV succeeded in doing a horror movie

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