Will Chennai Express be SRK’s long overdue blockbuster?

A super-duper hit from superstar Shah Rukh Khan is long overdue, says the industry. Though his magnetic personality pulls in fans for each of his films, they were not enough to make his last few films blockbusters. Now trade pundits are hoping that Chennai Express would taste box-office success and boost King Khan’s fluctuating fortunes.

Shah Rukh has pulled out all stops to make this one a hit – from onground promotions across states, special appearances on the small screen, having the film’s music played in restrooms of multiplexes and releasing it on an occasion as holy as Eid on Friday – King Khan has steered Chennai Express around all the right quarters.

In the recent past, the 47-year-old has showcased a variety in his roles – if he played a fictional version of himself in Billu Barber, he portrayed Rizwan Khan, a character suffering from Asperger syndrome in My Name Is Khan with vengeance. His Ra.One, one of the most expensive movies made in the country, gave SRK a superhero avatar, while Don 2: The Chase Continues brought him back as the villain, and Jab Tak Hai Jaan gave a window to his most-loved romantic streak.

My Name Is Khan fared better internationally. SRK himself admitted he could have done better with Ra.One. And the fizz for Jab Tak Hai Jaan died soon after it was released.

Such lulls are not new in Shahrukh’s over two-decade-old career. Remember how post – Main Hoon Na, his films Swades and Paheli won critical acclaim, but failed to elicit an overwhelming response at the box office?

Then 2006 release Don punched out the bad phase with its tremendous business, followed by two more blockbusters – Om Shanti Om and Chak De! India in the following year.

Now people are hoping for a winner in the Rohit Shetty directorial Chennai Express, which sees SRK romancing his Om Shanti Om co-star Deepika Padukone.

More so, since it is only Farhan Akhtar-starrer Bhaag Milkha Bhaag which has been holding the fort at the cash registers since four weeks now. Smaller films have come and gone, but the demand for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, a biopic on ace athlete Milkha Singh, has been pacing ahead, crossing the Rs. 100 crore mark on Bollywood’s racing track.

Chennai Express, with its huge marketing campaigns and tie-ups, heavy duty promotions, eclectic catchy music, as well as a grand release of over 3,500 screens in the country and 700 screens abroad, is expected to outshine Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. It is also being dubbed in nine languages – English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Hebrew, Dutch, Turkish and Malay.

” ‘Chennai Express’ is a commercial entertainer and has an obvious and enormous demand overseas with Deepika Padukone’s and Shah Rukh Khan’s fan base,” says Amrita Pandey, executive director, International Distribution Studios, Disney UTV.

Nine months after failing to impress his fans with his true-romantic avatar in “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”, SRK has taken the commercial action-comedy genre route, which is usually the trademark of his arch rival Salman Khan.

“‘Chennai Express’ is a comedy film with a love story, but it’s definitely not like ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ or ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. It’s a family entertainer. There’s a little action too,” SRK stated recently.

Will Chennai Express be Shahrukh Khan’s long awaited blockbuster? The film releases in theatres worldwide on 9th August 2013.




  • srk is finished. it can b hit but blockbuster no chance. even promos and songs are not good. outimd will b blockbuster for sure. eagerly waiting for outimd. Akki rocks

  • we still prefer movies like JTHJ, Don2, Ra-one or MNIK coz anyone can do a masala movie…..even though they were not BB he has tried something new creatively every time and thats satisfying…..a movie like CE once in a while is OK but we want him to showcase his vengeance like MNIK, CDI, Devdas, Swades, Baazigar etc……

  • Blockbuster is looking difficult but i m sure this time Srk’s movie will break Ready’s 123 record.

  • The biggest mistake of srk, signing ChennaiExpress with RohitShetty.

    See the result… ChennaiExpress is the worst movie of RohitShetty’s career.

    Salman, Akshay, Ajay suits this type of full masala entertainer movies… srk is very bad choice.

    WOM of ChennaiExpress is bad.. so only opening will be good and further it will rejected by the audiences.

    Hardly ChennaiExpress will do 120-130cr in India.

    Now considering very high total budget of the film you can decide it is Average or Hit ?

  • I will prefer to watch krissh 3 trailor in home . it is much better than to go fr ce to watch krissh3 trailer in theatre .

  • @indicine is it true that krrish3 trailor is coming with ce in theatre ? i m more excited fr krrish3 trailer

  • Only time will tell. This hype is all media created. Let the people come to theatres in the small towns and like it. If they do, then it will be a blockbuster.

  • #Sumit Suman
    ooh! Are you a film analysist or trade expert who will give advice to rohit what to do or not?

  • Ce got extreamly positive wom from oversease which is unexpected. You tube views, promo, songs doesn’t make a film blockbuster like khiladi786 and jthj. But everything is going on ce way, sure shoot blockbuster in india, but i think it will be blockbuster in oversease too.

  • @Rahul – anyone can do masala movie.

    It is not about movie being masala, crappy romance or action. It is about successfuly reaching the target audience.

    Just because some guys like only over the top silly romance, doesn’t mean you go out and insult others sentiments and likings.

    t depends upon an actor’s ability. Srk has failed to connect with fans of comedy and action, but he is very good at soft romance and infact he is a better playing the wicked cunning villian like Darr.

    Likewise every audience have their own likings and sensbility and hence the actor who connects to them will click. I hate romance, and hence even if Salman is doing a romantic movie, I won’t watch it, cuz i just don’t like romance movies, no matter who is acting in it, but I don’t hate Salman for doing a romance or family movies like HAHK, HSSH etc.,

    So, don’t underestimate or insult other actors, just because they don’t act up to your personal taste.

  • ce will surely be superhit bt it cant be all time blockbuster,srkiyans don’t mind in my speech lets go through logics 1st logic it is realising on eid day 2nd after 6 days its realease ouatimd will come which definately hampers the bo of ce and also hamper their own
    so in my prediction ce 1st day will be 25-27 cr 1st week will be around 80 cr,and total will be around 145-150 cr bt not more than that.and ouatimd 1st day will be 20 cr 1st week will be 50-60 cr and total will not cross 140cr marc.

  • @sumit suman. . Yar ce has nt’ released yet nd’ u already said its wom is bad. . Haha thats stupid alryt. . Haters start saying bad wom even before film releases. . Pathetic fools

  • @Imam

    Film critic ka koi exam nhi hota.. everybody who has experience of movies is a critic.. and I have good Bollywood movies experience and nice IQ.

    @rehmat wait for one day… you will know I am right…. the WOM of ChennaiExpress is bad… it’s Rohit’s worst movie.. :)

  • @anumapa, @tanjil116 dear female fans chennai express is not a crap film like dabangg2 or sos or bol bachan when they become blockbuster then ce 100% blockbuster. Expert already pridict 80cr plusweekned after the advance booking report but acc to me it may cross 90cr in openning weekned. Good wom will decide lifetime figer,srk fan ka duya baker nehi jaye ga, ce will get good wom in india and italready got good wom in oversease

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