Will Aamir Khan’s son Junaid join the film industry?

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has said that he isn’t aware if his son Junaid will join the film industry and try his luck as an actor.

“We don’t have any command on our kids. What will he do, when will he do, I have no idea. He doesn’t tell me anything,” Aamir told reporters soon after launching the trailer of Heropanti.

He went went to the extent of asking the media to ask his own son about his plans.

“You please ask him and tell me about his plans,” he added.

Aamir Khan talks to the media

Aamir Khan talks to the media

Junaid Khan

Junaid Khan



  • @indicine,Can You say how many clean hits aamir has?he has only 9 hits in 30 years of long career as i know.Rajpal yadav has more hits than aamir khan.

  • @Real Champ
    Aamir has 3 ATBBs in 5 years, which is more than enough to call him a megastar.
    He also has the Top 2 highest grossers in Overseas, which shows his position in overseas.
    And Most Importantly, All 3 ATBBs
    are from
    1.Different production houses
    2.Different directors
    3.Different actresses
    4.Different supporting actors
    5.No cameo/tribute
    6. 3 Idiots and Dhoom 3 had ZERO promotion overseas, still they became the highest grossers beating globally promoted MNIK
    Aamir Khan is the ONLY common thing between ATBBs 3 idiots, Ghajini and Dhoom 3. That shows everything.

    And before talking about Talaash, know it was an offbeat non-comedy suspence drama. It is the Highest Grosser in its genre.
    Ask your SRK to give ATBB which he failed to do in 15 years.

  • @true fan,SRK Has 3 ATBBs In India,10 ATBBs In Overseas.While Aamir has 3 ATBBs in india,2 in overseas(thanks to dhoom brand,yrf and Raju hirani).you can check indicine…
    Aamir has total 9 hits in 30 years while SRK Has 27 Hits in 22 years.aamir took 13 years to cross DDLJ’s domestic collections & took 11 years to cross DDLJ’s overseas collections.

  • i think he will be good director like Rohit shetty coz he doesnt have any potential or looks to be an actor

  • @true fan
    Every one compares success of their favourite actor with srk success. that’s the success of srk. topic closed.

  • True Fan — The ATBBs which AAMIR delivered consists of —

    (1) h South Remake.
    (2) Dhoom Brand.
    (3) Huge Free run.
    (4) Promotion in the name of SRK.
    (5) Highest number of screens and ticket price.
    (6) Number one actress.

    While SRK achieved it with 6 days free run only and with an actress who made her debut with him.

    Talking about overseas 3IDIOTS released twice to match up with MNIK and CE is the first masala film to earn 100 crs.
    6 out of top 10 highest grossing overseas films are of SRKs.
    Veer Zara is the first film to earn 50 crs overseas.

    And believe me if RBDJ would have got one more free week or CE would have got that then 100 crs and 250 crs records would have been in SRKs pocket.

    Feeling petyy that whenevet TAALASHs comes up you all are always up with genere and non maslad topics but always forgets those things whenever RA.1 and DON 2 comes up.

    Its only SRK who have the star power to clash with a masala film that too with a 3 hr long romantic film and earn 100 crs…..Aamir dosen’t have that bro.

    Thats why he again leaned to another succesful book already made into films and releasing it in X MAS that too in solo release to create record.Lollllll

  • SRK has zero ATBB in 15 years
    Aamir has 3 ATBBs in 5 years
    Aamir is a megastar.
    SRK is a doubtful star and 100% not a megastar.
    Case closed.

  • @Real Champ
    No need to feel sad that your so called global king doesnt have a single film in top 2 grossers.
    SRK was dethroned forever by Aamir in overseas. Aamir is now the Global King.
    I know you feel very bad about it but remember SRK’s overacting couldnt save him for long.

  • Junaid should become a director and help save Srks remaining career. Srk is struggling to give hits.
    17 hits from 57 films is very bad record for Srk.

  • aamir fans gonna crazy now a days,their mind might not work so this is a list how much hits actually ammir holds and KING SRK holds.sorry,@True fan,to hurt you,whether you know about this,15 UTTER flops of amir:


    THIS IS THE CAREER LIST OF 3KHANS IN LEAD ROLES(supporting character films excluded).


    super hits-qsqt,,fanaa,tzp
    above average-ishq,dhkmn,rangeela,sarforsh,talash
    below average-dhobi ghat,ghulam,dch

    atbb-raja hindustani,ghajini,3idiots,dhoom3

    so total movies in lead roles (with dhoom3)-39(lead roles)
    blockbusters-0 films
    international bb-8 films
    super hits-3 films
    hits-4 films
    above average-5 films
    below average-3 films


    hits-Deewana,pardes,KANK,josh,,DEVDAS,chalte chalte,DON,MNIK,Ra One,DON2
    above averages-RBGG,anjaam,ram jaane,koyla,yes boss,duplicate,baadshah,hum tumhare hain sanam
    below average-swades,paheli

    atbb- DDLJ,KKHH(salman in cameo role 20minute in 3:05 length movie),CE

    total-55 films
    blockbusters-7 films
    international bb-23 films
    super hits-6 films
    hits-10 films
    above average-8 films
    below average-2 films

    blockbusters-karan arjun,partner,ready,bg,ett,dabang2

    superhits-saajan,hddcs,hssh,no entry(special apperance)
    hits-pktdk,biwi no.1,wanted
    above average-love,jeet,msk,hum tumhre hain sanam,cccc,mpkk,tere naam,jai ho
    below average-hdjpk,sanam bewafa,judwaa,andaaz apna apna,elel,bandhan,jpkhh,garv

    atbb-mpk,hahk,dabang (in lead roles)

    total-64 films
    blockbusters-6 films
    international bb-5 films
    super hits-4 films
    hits-3 films
    above average-7 films
    below average-8 films

    aamir has 16 flops(42%) out of 38 films (lead roles) in 25 years.

    SRK has 18 flops out(32%) of 55 films (lead roles) in 22 years.

    salman has 32 flops(50%) out of 64 films(lead roles) in 24 years.

    so 19 hits and amir is a joke,lol.he has 8clean hits and 4bbs while KING KHAN has 17 hits and 10bbs.so amir fans are you’re living in a world of illusion?lol.

    so @True fan SRK’s 3 ATBB from different productions:YRF,DP,RC.

    but the difference is that each bb of SRK has only SRK as lead while amir’s all bbs and almost all hits are multistarrer.while SRK’s 2ATBB are from debut director,lol.also raju hirani gave already 2bbs before working with amir and his movies doesn’t need promotion.

    MNIK globally promoted?another illusion from amir fan.also talash is not highest grosser in it’s genre because there are many thrillers which collection is far more than talash like.

    SRK has 23 international bbs while amir has only 2.so no matches with KING KHAN because losers will always remain losers,lol.

  • AAMIR ATBB with 1) h South Remake.
    (2) Dhoom Brand.
    (3) Huge Free run.
    (4) Promotion in the name of SRK.
    (5) Highest number of screens and ticket price.
    (6) Number one actress.

    SRKs CE ATBB with just 6 days free run.


    AAMIR relreleasedreleased 3IDIOTS TWICE to go past MNIK.
    D3 grossed that much because of DHOOM BRAND.


    CE first masala film to earn 100 crs overseas.


  • Just see the record-
    SRK Has 38 hits out of 53 movies while aamir has 6 hits out of 39 movies.

  • 8 hits in in 38 films is really pathetic for amir and his fans or we can call amir as 1decade active star,even darshil safari overshadowed pathetic amir in tzp which was a superhit while amir’s great films like lagaan,rdb are just hits.thanks to muruggados,raju hirani,dhoom who saved tingu’s career in this past decade.also all 90’s actor depended south masala films to give hits only besides THE KING KHAN SRK.

  • @navo-i know you are not navoday das,but you are an srkian,but truth is srk has 17 hits in 57 films with 6 disasters and 15 flops while aamir has 19 hits in 37 films

  • ATBB. BB Super H H Semi H AA A BA
    MPK Partner Sanam Bewafa Jeet Terenaam HTHS HDJPK Lucky
    HAHK Ready Saajan Judwa MPKK DHL CCCC Veer
    DABANG Bodyguard Karan Arjun PKDK JPKHH Kurban PKP AAA
    ETT No Entry HSSH Bandhan Baaghi Khamoshi
    Dabang 2 Biwi No.1 MSK J Ho
    Wanted HDDS

  • @hrithik thanks bro
    @queensrk and @srgayfan true lolz
    @Real champ and @sss
    I know it must be really hurting you all that AAMIR THE KING has emerged the indisputable #1 in overseas thats why bringing out 20 year old films lol
    Did I mention Maya Memsaab? Where was his stardom? lol
    AAMIR is THE KING becoz:
    1. He has never stuck to any production house or genre. Unlike Srk who was afraid to do non-romance films in his early career.
    2. SRK tried to copy AAMIR THE KING’s success with Lagaan and failed miserably with Swades lol
    3. He has won two National awards as an a.ctor while Srk has ZERO.
    4. He has 4 ATBBs in 4 Different genres

    Highest grossing action film- Dhoom 3- (AAMIR)
    Highest grossing romantic comedy- 3 Idiots- (AAMIR)
    Highest grossing scifi film- Krrish 3- (HRITHIK)
    Highest grossing suspence drama- Talaash- (AAMIR)
    Highest Grossing masala- SRK- Chennai Express- (SRK)

    AAMIR has Padma Bhushan+Padma Shree.

    Secondly noone remembers the 2nd but only the 1st.
    But in overseas AAMIR is the 1st as well as 2nd! lol
    SRK is out of Aamir’s competition now.

    AAMIR is THE KING! wakeup @sss lol

  • Lolllll……57 films……6 disasters. …..ROFL…..Please dont include SHAHRUKH BOLA TU KHUBSURAT HEY or a late release YE LAMHE HEY JUDAI KE as SRK disaster. :-D

  • @true fan aka nolan,lol…stop giving fake data.
    See now-
    1)SRK Has 38 hits out of 53 movies while aamir has 6 hits out of 39 movies.
    2)SRK has 4 ATBBs while aamir has 3 ATBBs.
    3)SRK has 27 Overseas Blockbusters while aamir has only 3 Blockbusters(thanks to dhoom brand,yrf and raju hirani).
    4)SRK has 247 awards while aamir has 42 awards.
    5)SRK has 9 filmfare best actor awards while aamir has only 2.
    6)SRK has 2 national awards while aamir has zero.
    7)SRK has 14 overseas ATBBs while aamir has 2.
    8)SRK has 6 flops out of 53 movies while aamir has 26 flops out of 39 movies.
    9)SRK has 0 disaster out of 53 movies while aamir has 18 disasters out of 39 movies.
    Biggest hit in romantic genre-DDLJ.
    Biggest grosser in masala genre-CE.
    Biggest grosser in romantic genre-JTHJ.
    Best masala movie-MHN.
    Best romantic movie-DDLJ,VZ
    Best rom-com-KHNH.
    Best action thriller-Don 2.
    Best sports movie-CDI.
    Most popular movie of indian cinema-DDLJ.
    Best movie of indian cinema-Swades.
    Best performance in indian cinema-SRK In MNIK.

  • @true fan yes bro these srkians are still in those passenger train CE which was crashed by Aamir’s BMW in 10-11 day worldwide i.e. Till 31st dec 2013 but still passenger of that train is under the bmw bike and our driver Srk and Deepika left those passenger to celebrate happynew year while the passenger is still on the track between the wheels of Aamir’s bmw in the hope that soon BMW will become parashute and they will free from that harmful journey so people like Fakechamp,kinshuk and @sss who is drinking complan regularly but still not able to get energy so he can become free and celebrate HNY with Srk by counting 3.7 billion fans of him.they are trolling like never before. Fact is when Aamir did remake Ghajini than it become highest grosser worldwide and still not of a remake got that success and public appreciation. When he did sequal he break record everywhere except Mumbai circuit which also held with Aamir’s 3I which released 4 years ago.fact is Aamir left all king behind when they are in top form.

  • @farjicamp Leave DDLJ behind our srk not able to cross Raja Hindustani 48cr collection which released in 1996,so forget about His Ddlj he even not able to cross Aamir’s RH till 2006 when Aamir himself break RH collection twice with Rdb and Fanaa and none was remake or holiday release. Lol, @kinshuk don’t dear still Aamir screw you mind than on his son article you are talking about Aamir stardom. Don’t worry Aamirs biggest achievement was 3i which is the biggest lovable film since Sholay, even die hard haters of Aamir loving that film, that film was commercially and publicly accepted film which none of any actor film can dream too. Srk’s ddlj loved by many people but 3i is loved by more than 90% people, on its release time it become first film to cross 200cr, in overseas beaten Kank collection which srk waiting to break till Mnik and still waiting to break Mnik record in overseas i hope soon Kjo will direct a film with srk which will shoot in America and srk will detained there again for promotions in srk stle

  • @sky no need to give this debate,lol.why are you comparing SRK starrer DDLJ with sharman and madhavan starrer 3idiots,because they together took more screen space then amir from start to end,if you have any doubt then watch it again,lol.

    because THE TRUTH lies all in the my CAREER LIST.how many times peoples like you will remain in an illusion world I don’t know but still SRK has 10+ bbs while amir has only 4.it seems SRK’s 22year career far bigger than amir’s 24 year career.

    so no need to waste energy you complan boy because you couldn’t get energy/height even after drinking it,lol.CE is far bigger hit released in 3600screen than your puny dhoom3 which has 4800 screen,so stop giving your non sense comments.if a star will got dhoom brand with so much screen with holiday with so many open weeks still couldn’t cross 300cr.what is the value of this stardom?what a shame!!!!

    It seems you’re so afraid of HNY,this year whole India will see who will be the winner.yes SRK has 3.7billion fans any doubt?,lol,now I need not to say anything,because both amir and salman are not consistent like SRK through out the career,sallu and amir raised after dabang,ghajini similarly SRK after CE,so it’s just begining dude,when HNY will release it gonna f**ck all films and both amir/salman couldn’t break this record in their rest career ,so only wait and watch.

    @True fan,you didn’t have any knowledge about films and only knows this boring pathetic meaningless comparison.let me rectify you,in whole 90’s only SRK proved himself versatile in DARR,BAAZIGAR while other 2 only stuck with romantic movies and gave so much flops.amir couldn’t have the ability to play a real villain character like DARR,BAAZIGAR and performance in MNIK is out of reach of opportunist amir.he acted in some sensible movies after 2000,lol.another one is,SRK was not lead actor of maya memsaab because he got entry after interval and before climax that’s all,while other actors like FAROOKHJI and raj babbar also main lead of maya memsaab.now got it.beta,acting main KING SRK baap hai amir ka,14 FILMFARE winner hai.amir only got national award for tzp as director/producer not an actor lol.also national awards are fixed because even saif got for hum tum instead SRK for SWADES.also remember lagaan and 3idiots 1st offered to SRK not amir,lol.while your amir couldn’t do film DARR due to his DARR to play such roles and from that onwards YASHJI understood this guy amir is useless infront of SRK and he didn’t took him in that way great industries like YRF/DP made by SRK’s power.

  • Lolllll……thanks for accepting that AAMIR needs remakes and sequels with high brand value to gain succes………..hey said SRK was finished in 1993-94
    when he did some negtive and supporting roles
    but SRK broke all the records as a leading actor with dil wale dulhaniya le jayenge.

    they said SRK was finished
    when aamir khan gave all time blockbuster raja hindustani
    but SRK broke all the records with kuch kuch hota hai.

    They said SRK was finished in 2000
    when hrithik came and stromed the
    Box office, but SRK broke all the
    records with devdas

    they said srk was finished in 2007
    when akshay gave 4 back to back hits and amir
    gave made records
    with films like fanna and rang de
    but SRK broke all the
    records with om shanti om

    they said srk was finished in 2012
    when amir gave 3 idots the biggest atbb of hindi
    cinema while salman
    gave 5 back to back bb.
    but SRK
    came and broke all the records one
    by one with chennai express in less
    than half of the half time they took
    to make it.

    each and every time they compared their favourite stars to SRK
    but everytime SRK proves them wrong..

    now aamir made records, and they again compare
    SRK vs aamir
    actually its not SRK vs aamir, its SRK vs all actors

    now keep calm and wait for next SRK starrer
    and he will broke all the records..

    SRK ko ainwai KING ni bolte..

  • And talking about aamir s stardom discussions in his son s article just one word for you — LOLLLLL.
    SRKs star was discussed in VARUN DHAWAN s topic…..

    SRKs MNIK was the highest grossing film overseas which AAMIR broke by releasing a film copied from uncredited Raju Hirani s book twice.
    SRKs CE was the first masala film to enter 100 cr club overseas which AAMIR equaled by using DHOOM brand created by YRF, popularised by JHON and HR.
    SRK s CE entered into 200 crs club with just 6 days free run which AAMIR did with 3 months free run and 21 days free run respectively.
    Talking about most loved film SRKs CDI was loved by 100 % people and it also triggered INDIAs succes in 2007 both in HOCKEY and CRICKET.

    Dont woory AAMIR has again found a book to copy(already made into films numerous times) and got it a festive release with huge open weeks…..so HNY s record have possibilities to be shattered…..if not then AAMIRs 3rd brother will return as the main villain in DHOOM 4.

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