Why be negative about the 100 crore club?

Article by film critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja

Strange are the times in Bollywood and strange are many out there who make a living out of it. There was a time when films used to make 20, 30 and 40 crores and when the 50 crores barrier was first crossed, it was a reason to rejoice. Then came the times when talks started centring on best first week and slowly boiled down to best first weekend. It was but natural that with maximum moolah coming in the first three days, lifetime collections of a film would be visible sooner than later and hence it was about time that a 100 crore club was formed. ‘Ghajini’ started it all and today, the latest entrant is ‘Barfi!’.

Chalk and cheese, shall I say? Or would it be more apt to say – Blood and gore v/s sugar-n-sweet?

I for sure am happy that ‘Barfi!’ has managed to enter the club. My personal reservations around the film notwithstanding, I am just plain and simple happy with the fact that the club won’t be frowned upon anymore. I am all for the films that made it to the club in the past. They found a place because they deserved. If there are enough people who bought tickets amounting to 100 crores, there must have been something to pull them once. And then perhaps even twice.

However I did have a grudge that most of the films that found a place there were equated to ‘trash’. Names were called, right from being ‘rubbish’ to ‘senseless’ to the kind that was made ‘just for commercial gains’. The only film amongst the dozen odd ones that escaped such ‘charges’ was ‘3 Idiots’ but keeping aside that exception, almost every other film was panned by one or more segments of the industry as well as media. Especially those who could not do even 25% of such business had maximum complaints again ‘such cinema’ and ended up creating a slot of ‘we’ v/s ‘they’.

It was almost like a third world country cursing America and Americans, just because they had managed to make it big.

Thankfully, ‘Barfi!’ should change that perception now. The film’s mighty success has proven that even an offbeat film stands a good chance to find sustained audience, provided it is really made well. Yes, the common argument would be that the film starred Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Still, try asking even them if they ever felt that the film had any chance to score so big and their reply won’t be surprising.

The film’s super-success should now keep the mouth shut of those who have ridiculed the ‘100 crore club’ of being the territory of only the ‘cash rich’ (in Bollywood parlance).

For many a filmmaker out there, a door has been opened. A drive has been set. A roadmap created. Now if you have it in you, then go out there and find your way through. If you have it in you, you would be there eventually. But for heaven’s sake, stop ridiculing those who are there.



  • Yeah.. There are too many crap movies like ready, bodyguard, roudy rathore etc which entered in 100 cr club but very few films realy deserved…. And these few films are ghajini, 3 idiot and now ‘barfi’.. Barfi is a genuine film.

  • Very few films realy deserve to enter in 100 cr club… And yes .. A film like barfi realy desrve… A genuine film after a long time

  • Very few films really desrve to enter in 100 cr club… And yess.. A fil like barfi really deserve to enter in this club.. Barfi is a genuine fil.. After a long time in bollywood.

  • There are too many crap movies like ready- golmal 3- bodyguard- roudy rathore and many more that enterd in 100 cr club… But very few films realy deserve to enter in 100 cr club.. And these few films are ghajini- 3 idiot and now ‘barfi’..
    Barfi is realy a genuine film.

  • barfi is shame on indian cinema..cocktail of hollywood movies..we should appreciate the performances of lead actors thts all..

  • Don,t forget dabang that was original script and that is also deserve to cross 150crs and one thing salman,s fan following are unmatchable.

  • @wasím. . . Also mention ra one nd don 2 crap film s entered 100 cr club . . Nd more thing if Barfi didnt gone to oscar then its collection would be surely less than 100 cr . . Nd also Barfi is shame to indian movie industry wen foreigner watch in oscar . .

  • so mr. Joginder Tuteja you r here bcoz of ‘barfi’ juz write smthng abt ‘paan singh tomar’
    Why ‘p.s.t.’ is not in oscar?

  • Selfis srk @ thnks to point out.. Yeah bro.. U are right.. Ra.one is really a crap movie.. Worst movie of indian cinema..
    I like srk as an actor.. But ra.one is really a bad film.

  • box office collection is the department of producer so we have nothing to do with collection of film..
    As an audiunce we want quality movie.. Lyk 3 idiot.
    Not crap movie lyk bodyguard- ra.one- ready- raudy rathore- golmal 3 and many more.. :)


  • Audiance hav nothing to do hit – flop… If a film satisfy us then it is our profit and if a film make as ill.. Then its our loss.
    Audiunce want only satisfaction .. Hit- flop is for producer..
    All genuine people can undstand my words.

  • dear @indicine , i think barfi is shame for bollywood industry to enter the 100 crore club for some reasons.
    Although most of 100cr club movies are crap but also there is good movies such as DON2 , AGNEEPATH & even RA.ONE ( ro.one is appreciated very well in oversees ).

  • Audience not care that film is hit/flop.
    It earns 100 crs or not nothing.

    Today everyone enter into cinema halls for Entertaintment only.
    They dont care who directed it,it is a class or mass,the performance of actors etc etc.

    Entertaintment is prime need & which film entertain more it collects more at Box office.

    Bodyguard,Ready,Rowdy Rathore are entertaining films & hence collected more,calling them crap is nothing but satisfying own mind.

    Yes you should call Ra.One crap because its the only film from 100cr club which worked for 3-4 days due to hype & then not picked single time.

    Don2 was a suspense drama which has a limited audience & its work upto its capacity.

  • One humble request to all SRK fans,you may say Dil Se or Swades a good film,but pls don’t say Raone is a good film.

  • wassiim is the biggest idiot i have ever seen in my life, he is saying audience has nothing to do with hits n flops,hah when audience likes film they go to watch it in cinemas and pays to watch it therefore MONEY gets earned by cinemas and producers…it is just common sense…go get some education or kill urself loser………………

  • deserved candidates for 100 cr club
    1.3 idiots
    2.don 2
    3.ek tha tiger
    rest are 100cr grossers due to hype or big star or stupid south remake like agneepath,bodyguard,ready,ra one,ghajini,golmal3,housefull2,rowdy rathore

  • films expected 2 break 200cr barrier are chennai express,sher khan,kick,dabangg2,pk,dhoom3,happy new year,jthj….hrithik fans who think krish3 to break 3idiots record will be slapped as cry sh3 is another kites frm 6 finger man
    akki also has fair chances in 200cr club

  • @wasiiim – yes barfi was a really nice movie.. but 47 scenes were lifted in barfi from cinemas across the globe.. my point is that dont ridicule other movies that have made it to the 100 crore club.. there is a section of the audience which like a golmaal.. there is a section of the audience which like a barfee.. and there is also a section of the audience which like both.. if u didnt like a certain movie its fine but dont ridicule it.. YE PUBLIC HAI YE SAB JAANTI HAI!!!

  • Ranbir kapoor se kuch salman fans ko isliye zalan hai kyunki katrina ka ranbir se affair chal raha hai salman se nahi to kya karoge salman khatam hai yaar ab ranbir ki success se jalo mat

  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ will be the
    24th BLOCKBUSTER of SRK. Mind
    you, his all seniors combined
    (Aamir + Sallu + Ajay) don’t have
    even 20 BB.!

  • In which world srk has 20 BLOCKBUSTERS..maybe in his or his fans dream world…..u stupid above commenter…srk has only 2 BLOCKBUSTERS i.e DDLJ and KKHH ….whereas SALMAN BHAI has 6 ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTERS i.e MPK , HAHK , KKHH , DABANGG , BODYGUARD and EK THA TIGER…please verify ur facts before commenting ..OK .

  • wait…wait…indicine…WAIT!!!just updating with B.O. collections upto todays shows, OMG oh my god..inches closer towards 100 crore..they just have to score another 25 which will be done in next 2 weeks for sure. the way movie is running to packed houses all over india…barfi is nothing in front of it..wait n watch.

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