When Salman Khan was reminded of Karan Arjun

Salman KhanBollywood superstar Salman Khan admits that while shooting for an inner wear ad (DixcyScott), he was reminded of his film “Karan Arjun”.

Directed by Rakesh Roshan, 1995 release “Karan Arjun” featured Salman and Shah Rukh Khan together, who were among the top actors of that time. Also starring Raakhee as their mother, the film featured Kajol and Mamta Kulkarni as the female leads.

“Karan Arjun” was a blockbuster.

One of the scenes of blockbuster “Karan Arjun” where Durga, played by Raakhee, says her sons (Karan and Arjun) will come back, was shot in the Mehboob Studio, the same place where Salman has shot for the inner wear ad.

“It (shooting for ‘DixcyScott’ ad) reminded me of ‘Karan Arjun’. I was shooting for ‘Karan Arjun’ in Mehboob Studio and there was also the same ambience during my introduction scene in the film. It was the same (ambience for ad film) and I was reminded of the scene, ‘Mere bete aayenge, Karan-Arjun aayenge, dharti ka seena phaadkar aayenge’ and then I enter the boxing ring,” said Salman.

Salman is looking ‘fit as a fiddle’ in the ad, although he has put on some weight recently, but said: “I am just getting back into shape.”

He added: “Arbaaz has the worst body among all of us (Salman, Sohail and Arbaaz) and Sohail is the fittest now.”

Salman is currently busy shooting for Sohail’s directorial venture “Mental”.



  • Karan-Arjun was a good movie but the only scene i don’t like in the movie was when the villians were beating Srk at that time Salman remembered everything about his last birth and he saved Srk as always.Salman was the real hero of the movie who did very good action while Srk’s job was just to run here and there in his dhoti.lol.Karan-Arjun was blockbuster bcoz of Salman khan only.

  • Salman is not physically fit as well as mentally. Salman kept right name for his movie. I think shud be his personal story were aishwarya bachan is involved. I wish minthal becomes a big success

  • Sallu u r not getting in shape mr fatty…
    Luk at u…ur tummy seems like u r carrying 5 months baby wid u.hahaha lol

  • Awww bless Salman bhai as I too remember ‘Durgas’ anguish fir her sons. Memirable scene.
    The difference is when Srk reminisces about Karan and Arjun then his only thinking about that ‘wild drunken’ night in Dubai with Karan Johar and Arjun Rampal…! :-P

    Poor Dubaians are still trying to forget the night when alot of Golden Kelas were hanging around all over the place being mercilessly sucked dry…….! :-P

  • @soroop So I guess you didnt get a role in ‘Minthal’ huh??? Maybe Sohail bhai saw your audition and thought you were so goot at playing a psychopathic mental patient that you perhaps were really ‘minthal’ after all so suggested you go to an Asylum to be pshchologically examined.
    PS let us all know how you get on and say ‘Hi’ to ‘xzone’ if the doctors let you mingle with other patients…! :-P

  • @IMAM correction- Karan and Arjun + KKHH were also ‘dumbs and mindless craps’ but were due to the grace of God saved by Salman bhai. If you dont believe me then seek Rakesh and Karans confirmation. They will openly admit that Srk nearly destroyed their careers if it was not for the industrys ‘bade bhaiya and bade dilwala Salman bhai’…! ;-)

  • @sachin11 lol you’re right bro. If Rakesh Roshan made that movie today and they were shooting that particular scene again then we both know what would happen this time around.
    I bet Salman bhai would call up Mahesh Manjrekar, Sonu Sood, Vidyut Jamwal, Pradeep Rawat and maybe afew more notable baddies and tell them to go on set and bash up Srk abit more just for good measure. After 30 mins or so then Salman bhai will listen to Rakesh ji, cool as a cucumber bhai will take of his shirt and rescues the gollum creature/ smeagol looking buddha srk…! ;-)

    End result will be- picture hit hai boss and srk will get another BB courtest of our bade bhaiya…! :-)

  • @soroop : u kid of a lifebuoy, illiterate it is Mental not Minthal. The movie is about cheap mentality of people n Salman changes that mentality of society by playing good samaritan n bashing baddies like u n IMAM.

  • @IMAM : people like u never wants srk n Salman to be friends again. Btw was it you or your srk who acted in MPK, HAHK, Tere Naam n Dabangg? Loser srk believes in some stupid numbers n have gone crazy. What a shame, ur king is more relying on numbers than Almighty Allah. He is a Mushrik.

  • Now with salman’s endorsement, It is a given that the sales of dixcyscott will increase manifold (i am expecting atleast 40% increase in sales).
    @soroop. I will tell you why the movie’s name is titled ‘mental’ : the crappiest, silliest, kachra movie of all time, ‘crap express/ cheap express/ chindi express/ chichora express/ cheddi express / chimpku express/ chipkali express or chennai throat-press CE will UNFORTUNATELY release alongside the much awaited OUATM2. It is a guarantee that after watching the crappiest ‘crap express’ atleast 60% of the audience will lose their sanity, either completely or to some extent (this figure is only for the hapless & unfortunate non-srk fans, rofl…. we already know the mental state/stability/ equilibrium of srk fans, so they LOSING SOMETHING WHICH THEY HAVE ALREADY LOST IS OUT OF QUESTION). To put it short, crapstar srk’s crap express will surely make atleast 60% of the non-srk audiences become mental patients, so in such a scenario it is apt for the ‘people’s most loved megastar’ salman come up with his movie ‘mental’, so as to provide atleast some ‘mental relief’ and some ‘mental healing’ to those unlucky brains. So Guys ‘mental’ is for those who became mental after watching the most crappiest romantic movie of all time JTHJ and for those people who are sure to become mental patients after watching the crap of all craps, the crappiest ‘crap express’.
    God please save us all from this crapstar srk’s crap express!!

  • @Damnnn…!…PS Salman was unwell but no need for you to be concerned about his tummy bulge- trust me it wont be there for much longer. When bhai jaan gets back to top shape then hes gonna smash up all those foolish arrogant ‘Mental Patients’ who risked their sanity by watching Chennai Depress…! I hope you are one of the first patients Salman bhai cures back to some state of normalness but I suspect you were always retarded but thats better than currently being a psychopathic maniac and a moronic ape like caveman…! :-P

  • cmon yaar, v would hav got enough oppurtunity 4 bashing. this was an good oppurtunity 2 spread smile instead of hatred.
    evn salman nd srk wont like our behaviour.

  • Today in the news at TOI SRK remove Juhi borther from Red Chillis the person who develop the company since long that’s SRK such a selfish person, what he want is money and fame in his life nothing more.

  • @ Imam, Thanks for recognizing KKHH & Karan Arjun as SK’s films. Beside, we do not expext imam bukhari to like SK’s fims.

  • Breaking newz : Sulaiman bhai’ starring minthal wll have another addition to its cast. It’s none other than imam siddiqi who became nations craze wth bigboss 6. Grapewine suggest that Imam siddiqi have parallel role to sulaiman bai. Now countries biggest mentals in one movie, the film have to be extra special for both their fans.


  • SRK dumped Salman after getting all the supports from him to establish himself, next is Saurav Ganguly after getting his support and buy the KKR he kicked him from the team very next is Shirish and now Juhi Chawla so the bottom line is SRK is very selfish and cheap guy.

  • @aki wat were u doing whn toi was publishing news on salman’s court cases???
    once toi has also published about wht salman did 2 aishwaiya.
    bt 4 u, salman will remain saint.

  • @beingsallufan : what u were doing when Gandhiji was shot? When US bombed Japan? When 9/11 happened? When 26/11 happened? Stop exaggerating about past n come back to present or reality. Keep barking about salman past coz u know he is a much better person than before n more succesful than ur demented king !!

  • @hrithik i nevr wanted get into an1s personal lyf. bt look who started it.
    btw, i wasn involved in any event tht u mentioned, neithr was srk.

  • @hrithik mor successfull???
    bbc news nd la times reffered srk as biggesr filmstar on earth.
    as far as our bhai is concerned, evn toi didnt said so.

  • Where is the “NEWS” in this article. People talk about so many past things when they visit places. Nothing great.

    The whole of media is talking about whether srk will replace salman in big boss, what happened between srk and juhi etc., But this site is silent about it. wonder why?

  • @ Being Sallu Fan:

    If you talk of foreign media. Then Amir is no. 1, as he is invited by the Presidents, Ex-Presidents, Prime Ministers, Queen of United Kingdom for Lunch / Dinner with them.

    If you consider, Indian Janta, ATBB Khan is no. 1.

  • @nilesh the president nd prime minister r politician nt media. amir was nevr invited by thm, go through the headlines properly. nd indian janta doesnt mean only u. tel ur salman bhai 2 giv a hit without masala script nd item numbers.

  • @ Being sallu: Why I should tell Sallu to keep away masala when I and other fellow Indians like it. If you do not like it do not see it, simple.

    Any way, what about “Ready Steady Po …………..!”

    If you do not want to tell your remake khan to give a hit film without masala genre & item songs, then accept that SRK is the biggest & greatest star/actor in the history of indian cinema worldwide.

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