What if Salman Khan’s Mental clashes with Krrish 3 or Dhoom 3?

A few box-office related questions, answered by Indicine Critic and Trade Analyst Joginder Tuteja.

Q. It is a hypothetical question. If Salman’s next ‘Mental’ (or any other film) clashes with ‘Krrish 3’, who will win the first day, first weekend and first week? And if it clashes with ‘Dhoom 3’, the same question? – Arjun Singh

A. Whether it is ‘Krrish 3’ or ‘Dhoom 3’, both would have taken a better opening had Salman’s next clashed with them. Reason being that the Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan starrers are franchises which benefit from the recall value. Moreover, not just are they much loved set ups, they are much awaited as well for years, hence making one long for them to arrive. On the other hand Salman’s next has only one major credential – Salman! Now if Salman was to come with a ‘Wanted 2’, it would have been an altogether different story.

Q. Recently we saw ‘Barfi!’ was out of Oscar race for the Best Foreign Language film. Which Hindi movie of 2012 do you think would’ve made a better contender for the same? Because I think, from critical acclaim perspective, 2012 was perhaps the best year for Bollywood in the 21st century. – Sekhar Barpanda

A. Yes, 2012 was superb as far as some critically acclaimed films enjoying good commercial success is concerned. Best contender last year for an entry into Oscars was undoubtedly ‘Kahaani’. The film had everything which goes with the territory as far as art meeting commerce is concerned. It is sad that the film didn’t make the cut. The other film that could have been a possible contender is ‘Paan Singh Tomar’. Though a few tend to believe that ‘Vicky Donor’ could have been an ideal candidate, it wouldn’t have covered much distance since Hollywood comes up with such fun stuff in dozens and it was a novelty only in India.

Q. Is John Abraham better placed than Shahid Kapoor in the list of top actors today? Asking this because Shahid hasn’t delivered a hit for long and John hasn’t delivered a flop for long. – Mohit Singh

A. As of today, yes. John has been playing quite consistent at the box office and success of ‘Race 2’ and ‘Housefull 2’ has consolidated his position further. On the other hand Shahid has been suffering from major flops like ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ and ‘Mausam’. The fight is close though since John needs to now deliver a major solo success after his multiple multistarrer hits. While his ‘Shootout at Wadala’ is all set to enhance his stardom, even Shahid could catch up soon with interesting films like ‘Phata Poster Nikla Hero’ and ‘Rambo Rajkumar’. End of 2013 would pretty much put things in the right perspective.

Q. Has the controversy helped the prospects of Vishwaroop at the box office? – Venkatraman

A. Yes, it has helped for the Hindi version at the least. The film is doing better than ‘Robot’ which had Rajnikanth, a much more popular superstar across the country, as the chief attraction. Also, ‘Robot’ was much more massy and commercial with Aishwarya Rai adding to the glamour quotient. Still if ‘Vishwaroop’ is finding an audience, it has a lot to thank the controversy. Let’s not forget that when the film was slated for release early this year along with ‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’, it was hardly creating any buzz. For a film that was seen as just one of the releases, it suddenly found itself to be in news after it’s many delays.

Q. Has Ameesha Patel managed to make a comeback with ‘Race 2’? This is first big hit in a very long time now. – Mauli Sharma

A. Yes, ‘Race 2’ is a success but even Ameesha Patel would agree that she cannot take major credit for it. The film helped her to be visible in the B-town but a true comeback would count if her ‘Shortcut Romeo’ does well at the box office. This is the film where she is actually a lead antagonist and since indications are that the Neil Nitin Mukesh starrer take her back in the ‘Humraaz’ days, it would be interesting to see how she plays it out. She would require ‘Shortcut Romeo’ and a couple of more successes to be back in Bollywood in a major way.

Q. Will Ram Gopal Varma make a comeback with ‘The Attacks Of 26/11’? The promo looks fantastic.

A. Well, promos of most Ram Gopal Varma films are good and hence ‘The Attacks Of 26/11’ is no exception. However this is one film which holds a lot of significance due to the recall value of the subject. His last few films like ‘Bhoot Returns’, ‘Department’, ‘Not A Love Story’ or ‘Rakh Charitra’ were the kind where audience couldn’t relate to at the face value itself, and hence there was neither much of an opening nor critical acclaim. Since ‘The Attacks Of 26/11’ would be much in news around the release, good content would only help it further strong. Moreover low costs would help its cause too since Eros has played it smart by keeping it all under check to safeguard everyone’s interest. So yes, Ram Gopal Varma should make a comeback with ‘The Attacks Of 26/11’

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  • interesting answers..even star power can not give big opening.it needs good promotion,very good trailer, huge hype,atleast average-above average content to be huge opener.

  • foolish assumption….first of all….salman has not enough “guts” to clash with others…he can only enjoy the “scene” from behind the curtains….the most recent example is sos vs jthj…but in that case…if salman didn’t get any single choice except releasing it with k3 or d3, then mark my words.. he’ll struggle for 50 cr…let alone 100 cr or blockbusters…bcoz both are better actor than him and both are bigger franchise than this south “crap”….

    so sallu will forget his “stargiri” when he ll release it with either d3 or k3…:P

  • Ok.. Mr.Tuteja then lets make a clash between Mental and (Krrish 3? or ‘Dhoom 3)
    but before it releases just wait for the look in Mental of Salman Bhai
    iam sure Mental will be the winner for 1st day and for 1st weekend boxoffice

  • Salman can easily take on with srk or akshay with any kind of movie.But he cant do the same to Aamir or Hrithik atleast with the remake but yeah had it been a original action drama it would have collected more(1st day) becoz of salmania.

  • I disagree with you indicine becoz still we don’t know the concept of mental and don’t forget the star power of salman khan carrying now and how the promotion of the film.

  • @ xzone.i don’t know in which world u r living or u r in denial mode.do u think that if salman want to release his film with k3 or d3 he will come with ordinary product,forget it he know how to entertain audience when they enter cinema hall that so his film earns double than ur so called actors.and moreover I will turn the scenario ask d3 or k3 producers to release their film with salman’ s mental.reply now.bolti band!

  • @xzone because ppl like you made salman bigger thn ever before…thanks…mental if it is satlin remake defintely a winner stalin is such wonderful script tailor made for salman khan — social message, political confrontation, action if clash with krissh-3, dhoom-3 also succeeds with content… instead 150 crores it will collect 130 crores..thts it..

  • Salman khan and Aamir khan r close friends so the clash of “mental” and “dhoom 3” is impossible but if “mental” releases with “kriish 3” then both will get same type of opening and if “mental” clashes with “chennai exp” then “mental” will destroy “chennai express” easily

  • Who is this critic lol
    Let’s c salman movies realese which movies collects more k3/D3 or mental
    Sure Salman is king .. Guess Amir D3 will b competitor but hell no k3
    Mental is about social masses movies it ll be 2013 no1 movie

  • hahaha… what a silly question that is.

    @ salman haters, salman is never scared, in fact the whole of industry checks out first the date of salman’s movie and keep release of their movies two weeks later to that date.

    as not only the stars, but the financers don’t want to risk their money only to face loss.

    for eg., check out how salman’s movie in eid made the date famous, and now since salman’s next has been getting the delayed, the first and foremost to pounce upon it was Ekta Kapoor to release Once Upon a Time on that date, and now rumours of srk wanting Chennai Xpress to be released on that date.

    If there ever is a possibility, i bet Krrish and D3 makes would back off, with one two weeks earlier and other two weeks later.

    accept it or not, salman is enjoying just the same stardom as Amitabh in his stardom days, as none of the others dared to clash with Big B during that time.

  • @Rohit.A look of salman bhai will not change.it will be like his daily look.

    coz “mental” is actually bhai’s biopic :-D

  • It will never happen simply because of the good camoraderie and mutual respect Rakesh Roshan, Salman and Aamir have for eachother. A silly question but a more realistic question would be “what will hapen if CE released alongside Mental?”
    Ofcourse we all know the answer to that question, Mental will cause a catastrophic derailment of CE, the train driver SRK will actually be ‘rocking’ all over the train including his G.one casual walk on the side of the train and all the CE passengers would suffer memory loss and be certified as clinically depressed. Bhai would stand on the track shirt open looking hot and without barely a scratch on his body. Next you will see three passengers appear unharmed from the train wreckage, Mr Govinda, Anil Kapoor and Prabhudeva and audiences will rejouce as we would get Jalwa part 2. Happy days indeed.
    @xzone You need another set of electrical shocks you escaped mentalist. :-P
    @star your SRK depressed for not winning a Ghanta. :-)

  • Salman fans don’t act like Srk fans,I know mental will be a success but its not gonna be that huge.If any of you have some knowledge about cinema than go & read the story/plot of stalin from wikipedia.I didn’t find anything good in it or you may simply call it average.BTW I feel he should have gone with Kick as its gonna be a sure shot BB.With a movie like kick he can take on anyone it’s either Hrithik & Aamir but thats not the same case with Mental.So he wont clash it with anyone.

  • A silly question but a more realistic question would be “what will hapen if CE released alongside Mental?”

    @Navin, LOL…..btw I thought the same while reading this article.

  • @some 1 bhai stalin is average grosser in telugu but concept helpin people is beautiful and thoughtfull in these days and if it is promoted well it is goin to huge..but sohail made good film like pyarr kiya darna kya and made duds like hello brother…now salman is involved in his projects nothin will go wrong..

  • Salman fans this year will decide the supremacy of Salman Khan as Dhoom 3,Krrish 3 and Chennai Express are pure commercial entertainers.They are not like class films like ZNMD,Don 2 and Talaash.At the end of the year we will see kaun kitna paani mein hai.SRK is way ahead in overseas and worldwide both Salman and SRK are neck to neck.


  • Salman dnt have guts to release his film with srk,becoz everytime he thinks of clash he reminds the clash of 2006,while srk is never afraid of anyone,he is a loyal person,nt like salman who doesn’t everything at the time of jthj indirectly with ajay’s film

  • K2 and D3 can not even break the opening day record of ETT… this year will once again prove this, opening record will belong to salman, but lifetime k2 and D3 may b ahead..

  • You know what at the time of release D3 and K3 will have the hype like never before and we all know what a high hype can do for a film at least in 1st weekend same that happened with Ra.one.

  • hrithik,aamir r far bttr actors dan salman, n krrish 3 n dhoom 3 r far bttr movies dan mental !! dose who r sayin mental will b d winner, dey shud thinbk salman is on d success of post dabangg n south remakes, once he experiments wid his genre, he vl fall flat on his face !

  • MENTAL will get a 100% better opening than Krrish3 or Dhoom3 and the lifetime income will also be bigger if its clashes with any of these 2 flicks, reason is very simple –> EK THA TIGER got 32.93cr opening which is actually a dream like thing for other stars, they dont even have a 25cr opening so forget about competing with Salman power..
    And now to those people who is saying that DHOOM 3 will be a bigger hit than KRRISH 3 .. you all are kidding actually.. dont forget that DHOOM 2 was just an average film which had too much of hype and Hrithik saved that movie otherwise it would had been a flop.. on the other hand KOI MIL GAYA & KRRISH both films were trendsetters during the time of their respective releases and there was kinda madness that gripped the nation that time.. believe it or not but KRRISH 3 is the most awaited film of 2013.. i am a hardcore Salman Khan lover and watch all his fpost Ready 2-3times in theatre, but still i want KRRISH 3 to be the biggest hit of 2013 because i recall those childhood days of KMG and KRRISH and i have been waiting for this film since over 6years now..
    For me persoanlly MENTAL & KRRISH 3 will be the top 2 biggest hit movies of 2013, DHOOM 3 will be 3rd.. and what about CHENNAI EXPRESS? Well it doesnt even stand in top 5 list Lol.. it wont break the lifetime collection of JAB TAK HAI JAAN.

  • Salman? You mean the one who has won the ghanta award for worst actor just a few days back? It’s so ridiculous to even compare this guy with the likes of aamir khan. Geez stop fooling yourself, indicine, by coming up with these kind of stupid articles.

  • @velocity : i know u r a hrithik fan, i respect him n his fans. This is 2nd time i am requesting u stop abusing salman else i have to forget that u r a hrithik fan.

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