Welcome 2 Karachi First Look Poster

The first look poster of Arshad Warsi’s ‘Welcome 2 Karachi‘ has been released. The film also stars Jacky Bhagnani in yet another film produced by his father Vashu Bhagnani.

‘Welcome 2 Karachi’ has been directed by Ashish R Mohan, who last directed Akshay Kumar in ‘Khiladi 786’. Mohan has previously assisted Rohit Shetty in the Golmaal series of films and others like ‘All The Best’ and ‘Sunday’.


The film is a political satire which revolves around two Indians (Warsi and Bhagnani) who land up in Karachi and are trapped into a web of Taliban as they try to get back to India.

Welcome 2 Karachi is scheduled to release in theatres on 21st May, 2015.

Welcome 2 Karachi First Look

Welcome 2 Karachi First Look



  • Flop movie + this movie will be banned in Pakistan for sure. Stop making such movies , which will just spread hatred between these two countries. Why didn’t they named it welcome to Afghanistan/America/Africa? Why it has to be pakistan everytime? movie .

  • @don
    agree with u.
    in our country people like indian movies and generate good revenue still they make movies against our country why

  • guyz chill…itz just a political satire.
    A light hearted comedy..I dont think they will show pakistan in a bad light.

  • Now some Budha will come and start calling his “Youngistan” team “Welcome to Karachi team” as they are both made from same producers

  • Looks a gud light comedy… jacky is a gd actor. I hope this movie work foe him and they dont make fun of pakistani peoples

  • I will watch this movie for two reasons one is Arshad Warsi and second is that movie is belong to my city’s name Karachi, and after watch this movie i’ll show u guys that what makers made about Karachi

  • yar what the hell!!!!!
    Indians,,, please stop doing such movies ,,, It will just spread hatred between your and my country …. We love Indian movies ,,, so please don’t try to convert this love in hate -_-

  • well said @ don !!!!!! Indian media n Bollywood is heading in wrong direction. We expect Pakistan to be friendly n fight against terrorism and we make films which portrayed them as terrorist. I know this country is going through tough times n some terrorist are taking advantage of it but Not all pakis are same !!!!!!!!

  • it could be similer to arshad warsi and john abhraham starrer Kabul Express. that was directed by Kabir kjan and produced by yashraj films

  • Jeet Gungul and RDB wow
    Now i can hope that music confirm will become the Hit Album of 2015.

    Jacky Bhagnani is very talented actor but he always found the Bad Luck don’t know whats the matter with him, but i am sure if he get the right director story he will definitely give his first Hit

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