Weekly Box Office Report: February 24 to March 2

It was a disastrous week at the box office (February 24 to March 2). The best performing film was Akshay Kumar’s 3-week old, Jolly LLB 2, followed by The Ghazi Attack.

Rangoon: The industry wasn’t surprised at the way ‘Rangoon’ opened, but the trend over the weekend and the massive crash during the weekdays has left the trade in a state of shock. The collections are scary because ‘Rangoon’ will finish with less than half the collections of Vishal Bhardwaj and Shahid Kapoor’s first film together ‘Kaminey’ which released in 2009 and went on to collect Rs 43 crore. A film that had landing costs of 80 crore plus, will finish with lifetime business of less than 20 crore. Disaster.

The Ghazi Attack: It was a film that released both in Hindi and regionally. The Hindi version was expected to sustain and perform at the box office, as the word-of-mouth was good at metro cities. However, the collections and the trend is very similar to ‘The LunchBox’ which also collected Rs 12 crore in the first week. While that film finished with lifetime collections of 22 crore, the Hindi version of The Ghazi Attack will finish with around 18 crore. Overall, the film is an ‘Average’ grosser.

Jolly LLB 2: The Akshay Kumar starrer managed to collect about half of what ‘Rangoon’ did, even though it was in the 3rd week of its run and had already collected more than 100 crore. Occupancy-wise Jolly LLB 2 managed to beat ‘Rangoon’ at multiplexes on some days. The film will end its run with the release of ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ next week. It has collected Rs 113 crore in 3 weeks and should add around 3 crore more, to finish with lifetime business of Rs 116 crore. Hit.


Running Shaadi: In the first week, the Shoojit Sircar produced film was released on around 750 screens. It was poor in the first week, with collections of 98 lakhs. The film ends its run with net collections of 1.05 crore. Flop.

Irada: The film was released on fewer screens than Running Shaadi, the collections and occupancy of both films was similar. The film ends with net collections of 85-90 lakhs. Flop.



  • I think you should constantly post the lifetime collections and verdicts of movies . The Ghazi Attack is still running in the 3rd week and has performed well considering exams, negligible star value and no promotions . @ Indicine You should add the Tamil and Telugu collections of TGA and then post the final verdict next week . Jolly LLB 2 has done well and by next week it will be out of theatres . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Airlift – Superhit

    Housefull 3 – Hit

    Rustom – Superhit

    Jolly LLB 2 – Hit

    Toilet –

    Robot 2 –

    Padman –

    Next – Another Sequel ?

  • Till now its a mixed bag for Bollywood. Even though 3 superstars released their movies so far only jolly managed to get clean hit as Rae’s n kaabil got semi hit verdicts..

  • Krrish 3 producers figures were inflated as per this paid site…..wt is the proof tat bajrangi bhaijaan and sultan were 300 crores grossers….can anybody say with100% guarantee tat their collections were real…is it possible for sultan and bajrangi bhaijaan… tat it managed to collect 30 or 35 crores plus for 5 consecutive days..don’t any body feel fishy here. God knows whether fuuultan & bajrangi buisnessman bhaiyyajaan collections were real or inflated…we will never came to know..

  • What is the actual verdict of kaabil…flop,average,hit…what ?

    Rakesh uncle calculator made me confused ?

  • Thi guy aman kapoor always cry.. One evry article he bash indicine.. Itna problem hai to don’t come and comment

  • The ghazi attack- brilliant movie.
    There was very few movies which brought tears in my eyes. TGA is one of them. When those 3 Missiles missed INS vikrant i was smiling & tears was rolling down my eyes.
    Waiting for the day when we will stop running behind stars & start liking movies which are made from hearts.

  • Low ticket prices, elections in 4 states, exam period, no holidays..still akshay kumar pulled audiences to theatres..incredible..I t h ink mow akshay needs to challenge aamir and salman if content is strong…jolly on xmas would have done 150 cr and stopped dangal below 300. ..

  • @chamankapoor : You need a treatment, idiot !!!!! Keep ranting nonsensical stuff no one will pay heed to it.

    BB & Sultan manipulated : by Hrithik fan sounds like Baba Atma ram calling innocents as r@pists !!!!!! Lol

  • Krrish 4 collection in 2018. First film to cross 500cr or 1000cr based on taklu roshan’s calculator.

  • @3:53pm A’woman’ Tapori

    Abey idiot both films that you mentioned had an actual physical audience buying tickets on those days not like when Jadoo 3 released where the only ppl inside theatres after 5 days when the film was tanking were the theatre staff scratching their heads wondering where all the kindergarteners had gone…!

  • I will not retaliate back to bhaiyya.buisnessman criminal fans as they have become blinds; deaf ;dumb; mentally tortured after going through painfully exercise of watching his classical films . some say tat I cries too much .lol see I m laughing at every article on u pity salman fans…..I pity and laugh on all these navina aunty or @hrithik .lol he still has not changed his id name ..and stick to being @hrithik.. i think he is shooting bullets at hrirhikians from the head of hrithik..kaise fan ho salman ke….my point is I have thought deeply and analysed why salman fans call him “”golden hearted bhaijaan””.. yes they r right ..in my opinion salman khan has not golden heart but he has “”” diamond heart…he is diamond hearted global bhaijaan….here are 5 biggest proofs…

  • I will not retaliate back at salman fans . they say I cries on every article .lol they don’t even knows tat I m laughing at stupid salman fans directly or indirectly tat how bhaijaan is making fool of people like navin or @hrithik by giving them garbage films…..I pity on them ..I have full sympathy for such people…

  • I’m also confused about Kaabil collection. Why Hrithik roshan manipulate so much…he is continuesly manipulating his every movie collection from Krish 3

    Searoulsy this is ridiculous…he should be banned

  • @Navin abe oldie idiot, check your brain ir consult a doctor. Jolly llb 2 is first super hit of 2017. Just like last year airlift was the first superhit that too on non holiday. Akki is a king of non holiday and true king of bollywood. Your star depends on big festivals. But khildai doesnt. Because khuladi can pull hige crowds to the theaters even on non holidays and helps the exhibitors and the industry with most profitable films.

  • @Khiladi the king of Jokers : If Salman and Aamir make movies as same budget as Akki movies and release on non holiday then every movie of them will be Blockbuster or ATBB. Badi soch badaa soocho, sooch badlu halat badley gein !!!!!!! This is a bitter truth for you whether u accept or not these two Megastars can pull twice the number of audience compare to Akki movies being watched by audience. I have nothing against your idol but replying in your own logic.

  • @Chaman Kapoor : You keep laughing & pity but everyone on Indicine knows who is behaving like a retard. Salman’s name in Saajan was ‘Aman’ should I ask you why shamelessly you are using this id ? STFU n get your treatment done, you are still in trauma after Kaabil’s manipulation.

  • @hrithik lol u don’t even know the difference between keeping. Names in movies and using name in one’s ID… I m proud of hrithiks kaabil…but. I think u r not proud of sultan otherwise u would have put ur name as sultan ..lol

  • @hrithik listen moron, my reply was to that dumb moron @Navin who alwyas lived in foolish paradise and said all movies this year flopped. What does he even mean? Isnt jolly llb 2 first super hit? It was reoly to that dumb head. Search on google, the true king of bollywood and you will see many articles where akki is called true king of bollywood and many exhibitors say that akki is very important for them for the whole year to survive. Akki does 4 or 5 films a year and all of them are profitables so obviously he is the most watched superstar every year.

  • @Chamankapoor : Are you or your idol holding the copyrights of this name ? Do you think in the entire world or entire India there is only one ‘hrithik’ ? Dont be a moron !!!!!!!!

  • @Khiladi the king of Jokers : Woh saab theek hai but why did you bring festival release thing ? The same trade who said Akki is important for BO business (Which I also agree) prefers Salman/Aamir movies on holidays and not Akki movies. I just told you the number of audience Akki pulls with his four movies are being pulled by one movie of Salman and Aamir. Ab moron tu hai ki main ??

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