We will wait for Sanjay Dutt – Munnabhai makers

Filmmakers Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra, makers of the popular “Munna Bhai” franchise, say they will wait for the real “Munna Bhai” Sanjay Dutt to come out of the prison after serving his sentence to make the third film.

Sanjay, who is due to surrender for serving his sentence in the 1993 Mumnbai blasts case, has also expressed a desire to return to forthwith return to the “Munna Bhai” once he is set free.

“Just two days back Sanjay called and said, ‘It’s tough to be in prison but I’m ready to go there because when I come back, I will experience freedom in its true sense. I will be rid of this monkey who has been sitting on my back for the last 20 years and scaring me’. When I walk out of prison, I want to walk straight onto the sets of ‘Munna Bhai’,” Hirani and Chopra said in a joint statement.

Hirani and Chopra, who made “Munnabhai M.B.B.S.” (2003) and “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” (2006) with Sanjay in the lead, are ready to wait.

“The reel ‘Munna Bhai’ will wait for the real ‘Munna Bhai’. He will indeed walk on the sets of the next Munnabhai as he comes back to us free,” they added.

The 53-year-old actor, who has films like the “Zanjeer” remake, “Policegiri”,”P.K.” and the next “Munna Bhai” instalment in the works, was charged with illegal possession of arms and sentenced to six years in jail in 2007. The Supreme Court March 21 handed him a reduced term of five years.

Hirani and Chopra said the government can show some leniency towards the actor.

“In our understanding, jails exist to reform people who have erred, not to wreak vengeance upon them. The Sanju that we know is a fully reformed and responsible citizen.

“We believe that it would not be wrong at all to take into consideration the demonstrably reformed self of this man. To show leniency towards such a citizen upholds the spirit of justice and does not in any way undermine it,” they said.



  • they should be, because no one can replace Sanjay dutt if you talking abt Munnabhai series, its better to not produce Munnabhai rather than casting other actor for this iconic role…….

  • This is not surprising to see or hear because you would expect nothing less from the Dynamic Makers of Indias Biggest Movie ever, 3 idiots. Clearly Raju and Vinod follow what they preach. ‘
    A friend in need is a friend indeed’ and ‘Friends for life.’
    Great camoraderie between the 3 amigos and you know the third film will be well worth the wait when it does come out.
    PS I just want to say something before the moronic ape ‘@sach’ and barbaric savage ‘@TS’ show their ugly heads:- “Pardon Sanju babu now”! Justice is flawed if it punishes a man for trying to protect his family. Silly lawmakers are jailing a man for 5 years when he hadnt even fired a bullet is totally unfair, especially when criminals get less for firing bullets in gang wars with innocent bystanders in close proximity and walk out of prison in less than a year. Great justice indeed- go after the real criminals but we all know that that aint gonna happen anytime soon. :-(

  • wait noproblem….keep on waiting. and give him grandpa’s roles when he comes out of jail. because by that time he’ll be 60!!

  • Why these guys waiting for a criminal sadne do
    sale ko.and support the law to put salman in jail
    than raju you become a great director.

  • The news makes me happy and sad! Happy that Sanjay Dutt will not be replaced… but sad that we have to now wait longer! But I’m glad it’s not stopping them from making the movie altogether :D

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